This was the theory that a fight was going on in the body 24-7. The fight was between the germs and antibodies. Even this doctor had his doubts as explained in the statement below.

Now you know where they got this shit about the flu shot. The medical mafia wants you to believe they have a crystal ball. They can predict how sick you will be.

Here is a pro-vax book by Harvard doctors. They have no ability to think. And the same shit is promoted by today's liars, deceivers, and an ignorant lot of medical men. 
Quote. " old-time diseases which for one reason or another have disappeared as civilization has advanced"

      On this page, you will see the difference between a germ and a virus.
Germs are alive- Virus is poison-Pus.

​'Taking pus matter direct from small-pox patients  and putting it in a cow and then taking the cow-pus and introducing it into the blood of healthy individuals."   

​Jenner took the result of small-pox and claimed it was preventative. The pus was the result, not the cause. Doctors still treat the result or symptom of disease and do not remove the cause. The ache, pain, mucus, pus, inflammation is the result of disease. The disease is what caused the ache, pain, mucus, pus, inflammation. The medical mafia has cause and effect ass-backwards. Like a cancerous tumor. They cut it out or try to shrink it with radiation. They treat the symptom and ignore the cause. That is why so many cancer victims develop cancer after the treatment.

Here is a smart but ignorant doctor. The belief that germs were the cause of disease. So they made their vaccines out of germs killed and alive. But the medical profession was waking up to the germ theory nonsense. Doctors like John Tilden, Henry Lindlahr, William Howard Hay, and what I call Healthologist like Herbert Shelton and Paul Bragg were going in another direction. They had a different theory. They believe that toxemia was the cause of disease. That waste products were built up in the body by excessive eating or eating the wrong foods. They were right.

This book was written in 1924. But hard at work lying to the medical profession was Thomas M. Rivers M.D., the director of the Rockefeller Institute. In 1927 Rivers wrote a book called "Filterable Viruses A Critical Review" in which he said viruses cause all types of disease. The word virus is from Latin and means poison. The dictionary definition was " A poison produced in the body by disease. What poison is produced by every disease? It is the pus or inflammation. And that is what Rivers made his vaccine from. Latin is a dead language and the definition cannot be changed.  But that didn't stop Rivers.  He just said viruses are the cause of disease. Rivers was the most powerful man in the U.S. Who was going to call him out, nobody that's who?

In the 1924 book, they talk about immunity, antibodies, and antigens. All the B.S. they use in their deception of today. Dr. Sherman, M.D. had no way of knowing that germs were the result of disease and not the cause of disease

As I have always said for the past 40 years medical science was founded in ignorance, deception, and lies and remains there today.  Today is 9-19-20 A hundred years of ignorance and deception.

​The true beginning of vaccination. Jenner believed an ignorant dairy-maid when she told him that she couldn't take small-pox because she had the cow-pox.

Jenner then vaxed the 8-year-old boy. he stuck cow-pus in the boy's arm and the boy didn't get small-pox. And Jenner concluded that the reason the boy didn't get the small-pox is because of the pus he injected the boy with.

And that is still what they do today. 200 years later. They stick flu pus in your arm. if you don't get the flu in a few weeks the reason is because of the shot of pus they injected into your arm.

So how did I and millions of others who don't ever take the shots escape the flu? Think about it. the whole thing was and is a scam. it's all about the money.

Oh I forgot to mention the boy died at age 21 from T.B.

Expert-x for the mathematical formula for the unknown. spert-a drip. Experts are unknown drips.

Here is your proof. Pus is the virus.  Virus from the Latin means poison. Dictionary definition. A poison produced in the body by a disease. What poison is produced by the body in every disease? The inflammation or pus. Pus is also the result of the disease smallpox, not its cause.  So they put the result of the disease the pus into the arm of a healthy person and claimed it was a preventative of the disease. They were guilty of stupidity. But what about modern medicine. Are they that stupid? I think not. Maybe the average doctor but not the clowns on Fox and CNN. or the CDC liars and deceivers. 

Jim Dandy O'Kelly

​Here are the excuses for failure that are still used today. The medical mafia doesn't miss a trick. They had access to books like these.


Sir Edward Mellanby-The Man, Research worker, and Statesman B.S. platt.  P.6.


The chemist of 1905 was not interested in biological phenomena,  and he never for one moment considered it possible that the future of chemistry itself would be revolutionised by knowledge of the chemical processes which were encountered in biological material.  it can be said with assurance,  that those of us that were actively engaged in the study of physiological processes at that time realised to the full that the essential condition for progress was the enticement of first class chemist into the biological field as active collaborators. (work together) Our prayers have been abundantly answered, indeed, more than answered,  for the pendulum has swung the other way, and whereas chemical skill in biochemistry has become predominant, BIOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE AND OUTLOOK IN THE SUBJECT HAS EITHER TENDED TO FADE AWAY OR TO ISOLATE ITSELF FROM THAT OF CHEMISTS.

This present-day dichotomy is an address given by the Rt. Lord Hankey at the Memorial Service to Sir Edward Mellanby, March 11, 1956.

I have suspected for many years that biology was hijacked by the chemist. This confirms it. The chemist giving life to the dead. Thomas M. Rivers stealing the living attributes of the germ and applying them to the dead virus which meant poison.

The definition of the word virus is poison. it is defined in Webster's dictionary in 1957 as 'poison produced in the body by a disease. What poison is produced in every person by a disease ?  It is the pus, mucus and inflammation.   This pus, mucus and inflammation is the RESULT of a disease. It is not the cause of the disease. The medical mafia has cause and effect ass-backwards.  They treat symptoms not the cause. They treat the ache. pain, pus, mucus and inflammation. They do not remove or attempt to remove the ache, pain, pus, mucus or inflammation.  They just put a band aid on it and hope it goes away. They ignorently