The waitress in the poodle skirt is Beth.

The lady had a name and a home. Miss Courteous service. She was painted on one of our windows. Where are these people today?

Jim Dandy's last stand. The Hobart store.

My blue ribbon staff.

The PG lady is Jamie. After me is Savana-Vicky-Linda Dandy-Stephanie-Jeanna-Felicia-Kelsey and Tiffany. I miss all those ice cream parties.

The Valparaiso Jim Dandy's (1999)

My granddaughters Stevie and Jess O'Kelly. The pretty lady is Candice. One of a blue ribbon staff.

‚ÄčThese pictures were painted on the front windows by Happy Happy of Chesterton.

On the left is Lucy. In the middle is Humphrey  Bogart and Lauren Becall. On the right is Miss Courteous Service.

This is the Valparaiso Jim Dandy's. The waitresses name is Beth. A really nice kid. Well by now she is no longer a kid. But then neither am I. lol As A.L. Williams used to say," Life is a flicker." So enjoy every minute of it. Well maybe most minutes.

My son Bryan. The best cook in town. my granddaughter, his daughter, Jessica.


1957 model

1956 Wurlitzer. 6 plays for a quarter. 

Jim Dandy-Dick Biondi-Linda Lu

Boppin at the popcorn fest.

A little blurry. This is our 20 foot neon sign on the side of the diner.