Dave (ELVIS) Lopez

Steve Bloom of Valparaiso Rocking & Bopping.

Steve & Sue Clemmons of Valparaiso.

Jack & Barb Glancy & Jim & Barb Vargo. I see Tony & Hap in the background. 8-25-2002. .

Jim & Barb Vargo demonstrating the jitterbug.

It was May 14, 1988..

Street dance in Portage Indiana. Circa 1990s

Steve-Anna and Linda Lu

D. J. Rockabilly Joe from Chicago.

The legendary   Dick (the Pizza man) Biondi and Jim Dandy. In Reno Nevada.

Tony & Joyce leading off a dance demonstration.

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pardus. (ex)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. Just me Jim Dandy, the Rockin Rage from the Golden age.

And that sweet little Angel Baby in the pink dress with her hat on is my granddaughter Stevie. And the angel who is admiring Stevie is my other granddaughter Jess.

Jim Lounsbury. Jim hosted Chicago bandstand in the 1950s.

 Tony would have a heart attack if he saw this. Steve Bloom on Tony's car. Wow!

Looks like the Hokey Pokey to me, led by Marvin the Bopper Wallace.

Jim Dandy rocks with Little Miss muffler while the Bopper watches.

My soulmate for 60 years has died. (12-30-22) Or I should say was killed. 24 hours in the hospital and she was dead. What killed her? Its called Iatrogenic. Look it up. You will be shocked. Then look up, The third leading cause of death in America today. With the first two being treated by Doctors and hospitals.  Iatrogenic is the number one killer in America.  Linda Lu, you have gone to a far better world but you will never be forgotten.

This was my first gig. Not one person showed up.

So we danced and had a gay time.

I won my first dance contest.

The year was 1954. I was 13,

The guy in the background won best D.A. in school. The girl's name was Arlene Spakowski.

The song was the Dry Marteri by Ralph Marteri.

The legendary Doug Church and Jim Dandy.

Danny and the Jr.s  minus Danny. Jim Dandy on the mike.