Barb Clancy with Tommy Sands


After lots of hard work, time and money.

$5000.00 invested from my friend Tony

Jim Dandy's Rockin 50s restaurant is on its way to becoming a legend in NWI.

The American Dream- IS IT DEAD?

Not for me-What About Your Children and Grandchildren?

As for me, I'm comin alive at 75.

What are you going to do to preserve the American dream?

Is our country about opportunity or handouts? Can anyone physically or mentally competent achieve their dreams or  have we created a state where one can choose to be a freeloader and suck the blood out of those who choose to work?  There are only two kinds of people. Those who are able to work and will, and those who are able to work and won't. Those who want to be free and independent, and those who want to be a slave and dependent

A government can choose to operate by encouraging people to learn, to work, to achieve or it can choose to enslave people through a welfare state. But it can't do both.

So that leaves it up to the people. This year will they choose opportunity or welfare. Independence or dependence?  It is up to the people to make a choice. And it is about choice. I am tired of the whiner's and complainers. They are full of alibies, excuses and lies as to why they are not happy, or why they are broke, or why their life is bad. They point their finger at the government, Big business, the capitalistic society, their parents. everyone but themselves. You see if they point that finger somewhere else, all they have to do is look down at their hand and see where the other three fingers are pointing. ( I am not talking about people whose lives have been ruined or killed by the medical mafia)

What happens in this election isn't going to make a difference in my life. But I would like to see my grandchildren have the same opportunity that I had. Both candidates have flaws. One more serious than the other. This really isn't about Trump or Clinton. Its about what will happen to America and the American dream. One has business flaws and the other political flaws. One tells lies to make money. (It is a "Let The Buyer beware) situation and the other lies to control people.

Personally I would like to see America move away from the welfare state. If we could get real jobs back, many people would be glad to get off the dole. The opportunity to get a good job, learn a trade, or open your own business is what America was founded on.  Where are the jobs now? Who is responsible? How do we get them back?

You see in the America I know, it may be a good start, but you don't need a college education. In fact most of the inventions that make life easy were invented by people with hardly any formal education. And as for the cost, one can go to a library. Pick a subject. Spend 15 minutes a day, and in five years you will be in demand.(an expert)

I am a perfect example. I consider myself a complete success. I am not rich. In fact I am temporarily broke. But this country gave me an opportunity to do something different. At age 47 I went into the restaurant business. I sold burgers. I entered the most competitive business in the USA. I broke all three rules. I picked a poor location. I had zero dollars, and I had no experience. I had three strikes against me before I stepped up to the batters box.

To add to that, I dropped out of high school in the middle of the 11th grade. I was not a bright guy, but I was determined to do everything in my power to be successful. And I was. Not in money, but in providing people with quality food, excellent service and a whole lot of entertainment. I run into people everyday that tell me how good or how much fun they had. My life changed because of the influence of a childhood friend. Jack Parker, who just passed away. I hope I can influence a few to take control of their life.

I consider my self very successful in another area. My daughter was vaccine damaged as a child and died later from the medical treatment. Because of that life long experience I learned the truth about vaccines and drugs. And because of that I haven't been to a doctor or taken their drugs in 54 years. I have re-educated thousands of people in the hopes of saving them what I and my family went through.

This country gave me an opportunity and I took it. I did the best I could. I am proud of myself. Now will the next president of the United states work for opportunity for "We The People" or continue the welfare programs?  The U.S. can teach people how to fish and they will feed their self for a lifetime, or they can continue to feed them a fish and keep them enslaved for the rest of their life. The choice is yours.

​Donald J  Trump has been elected President. Now we shall see. He said Make America Great. I add Grow up.

God bless America.

God dam those who believe that we the people are to stupid, or lazy or don't count and want to keep Americans in bondage. 


Break Time


In the white Jacket, Mr. Tommy Sands.

(Teen Age Crush)

By the door in the white jacket is Gene Bernardo from Chicago.

Gene sponsored several 1950s dances in Chicago, featuring  Joey Dee and the Starlighters, Jim Lounsbury and Tommy Sands.

My son Bryan. He is the one who cooked all those wonderful home made burgers, breakfast, and dinners for you for 25 loyal years. He is truly a master chief. Without him, Jim Dandy's would not have lasted 25 years. I am very proud of him.

He was about 7 in that picture. We were in California at that time. Wonderful memories.

Linda Lu doing some kind of fancy footwork.

Tony-Jim Lounsbury, Chuck and Jim Dandy.

And now the fun part. Bringing  Jim Dandy's to life.

Tony putting up the finishing touch. A Jack Spratt Clock.

Jim O'Kelly Pre-restaurant


Rock and Roll is here to stay.

For at least during my lifetime.

When I'm gone, the 50s are over.

So enjoy it while you can.

Joyce Ryan with Tommy Sands.

After a ton of hardwork, My dream has become a reality. We are staffed and ready to Rock and Roll. All we need is customers. lol

Linda Lu &  Jim Dandy O'Kelly-Joyce & Tony Malmquist.

Top row from left. Sue & Charley Hicks-Barb & Jim Vargo   We were the Rockin 50s dancers.

A good looking bunch, I don't mind saying.
​May Sue and Joyce rest in peace. May all the girls R.I.P. 

Northwest Indiana rocked from 1983 to 2014. We made it happen.  You see readers there are 3 types of people in this world.

1. Those who wonder what's happening.

2. Those who wish things would happen.

3. And those who make it happen.

Decide now. Which one are you?

That is Gene Chandler (Duke of Earl 1961) with Tony.

Jim and Barb Vargo with Tommy Sands

Life is made of choices. I made mine. You make yours.

By the way, before I was a Dandy, I was Curley with a negative attitude.  Maybe that's what's wrong with too many people (young and old) today. But the point is anyone can change if they want too.

Bryan and Linda O'Kelly. Jim Dandy's voted best chili in NWI.

 Getting ready for a rockin good time.

Skip and Sherri in the back seat.

My granddaughters Jess on the left, and Stevie on the right. Patiently waiting for a Jim Dandy burger, fresh cut fries and a hand dipped milkshake.

We won best hamburger in Northwest Indiana the 2nd year we were open/

Before Jim Dandy's  Linda and Bryan.

When I was in sales.

PeeWee Herman  Hmmm.

Jim Dandy sipping a Chocolate  Ice Cream Soda, served by Row.

My very cool 1959 and 1/2 Chevy Impala.

Jim and Linda.

Jim Dandy negotiating with Larry. The Rockin 50s dancers will be the opening act for the Drifters, the Marveletts and the Spaniels.

The show is in Marshal Michigan. One of the biggest car shows and 1950s events in the country

And we knocked them dead.

They thought it was 1958 all over.

Jim Dandy, better known as the Master Blaster of the 50s and the Rockin Rage from the Golden age.

When Cool was King.

Written by my very talented friend Tony.

The definition of Jim Dandy is "something excellent of its kind" 1883.
If its Dandy its good. If its Jim Dandy its great.

My motto was:

If your tired and bored

with nothing to do

call Jim Dandy

to the rescue.

Moms Carryout's-  Before Jim Dandy and friends turned an ugly ducking into a beautiful swan.

Charley, Tony  Steve, and Wally working hard to turn this ugly Duckling into a beautiful Swan. 

Jim Dandy's first location in Hobart Indiana. 1988

The Beginning of a Dream.

The Jim Dandy Menu