I have spent 50 years uncovering all the lies and fraud of vaccines, virus, polio, smallpox, and the medical mafia. 

Vaccines did not wipe out smallpox and polio.

Vaccines have never prevented one disease or saved one life.

Vaccines are a myth, a deception, an illusion and a delusion.

The word virus is from the Latin and means poison.

The criminals hijacked the attributes of germs and applied them to virus. They just made it all up in the 1930s and 40s.

The world has been fooled for over a hundred years.

The deception started in the schools. The drug companies were instramental in advising the department of education in the 1950s. Your parents and grandparents never had a chance.

1. Jenner, Smallpox. This stops the we wiped out small-pox nonsense.

2. Polio virus, Salk, Rivers, and The National Foundation  for Infantile Paralysis. This stops the we wiped out polio nonsense.

3. 1860. E.B.Zeisler, M.D. Herald of Health Magazine, Chicago doctor exposes Salk and company as a hoax. Full copy.

4. 1962.  J.J. Rodale, editor of prevention magazine, exposes Salk vaccine. Slow Death of the Salk Vaccine.  Full copy.

5. The Vitamin Myth.  This stops the vitamin racket.

​6. Real pictures of virus transmission from 1883. Shows you exactly what virus is and they are not exosomes.

6. Miscellaneous. The truth about Rabies, Syphilis, Mitochondria, Leprosy, Bacterial Vaccines, The Cutter incident, Variants, Childbed Fever, Homeopathy, and more. Everything they taught in school is wrong.

7. My Daughter's vaccine caused disease and death by the Medical Mafia.

8. My wife's murder by the Medical Mafia.

9. The real cause of Disease by Dr. John Tilden.

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