I have spent 50 years uncovering all the lies and fraud of vaccines, virus, polio, smallpox, and the medical mafia. 

My book is divided into many parts.

Part one is the names, dates and links to the scientist who committed the lie as viruses being a cause of polio. I list the truth of their lie and the link to the actual tanscript.

Part two are quotes from the magazines from 1934 to 1960 telling the lies that viruses caused polio and other diseases.' 


So you can read the truth and the lies that were fed to millions of Americans during that period of time.

​The cost is just a hundred dollars, plus shipping. I expose what the liars call a conspiracy, only I call it a conspiracy-Accomplished and exposed by me, Jim Dandy.

​To order you can call me at 219-462-1976.