Great spirts have always encountered

violent opposition

from mediocre minds.

 -Albert  Einstein

Peter K. Olitsky, M.D. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

Viral Encephalitides.

St. Louis encephalitis is caused by a specific virus.  By inoculation of infected human brain tissue into monkeys.  For intracerebral injection of monkeys the following method is used: The monkey's scalp is shaved, tincture of iodine is applied and then removed by means of alcohol, and the animal is anesthetized. A quarter-inch incision of the scalp is made, and the skull is trephined for a 22 to 25 gauge needle at a point 1 cm. to the right or left of the sagittal suture and 1 cm. in front of the coronal suture. Through this opening the injection is made with a 5/8 inch needle.

Harold N. Johnson, M.D.

The Rockefeller Foundation, New York City


"Rabies is an acute infection of the central nervous system caused by a virus.


Frank L. Horsfall

Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

"Influenza is an acute, self-limited, infectious disease of man which is caused by a virus."

Smallpox and Vaccinia.

Joseph E. Smadel, M.D.

"Smallpox and Vaccinia are caused by two closely related but distinct viruses.

T.F. McNair Scott.

University of Pennsylvania

Diseases  Caused by the Virus of Herpes Simplex

There is a whole bookfull of shysters selling the virus as a cause of diseases. I will now give some quotes by books written by the National foundation for Infantile Paralysis, which Rivers controlled everything that was reported. Rivers never missed a trick.

First Rivers mis-educates the medical profession by sending these books to all doctors.

DOCTOR...What Can I Do? 1942


A Publication of



NEW YORK 5, N.Y.  No 34A

First page. "the virus which causes infantile paralysis is a form of germ too small to be seen even under the most powerful microscope.  It will pass through the finest filters; hence it has been called a filterable virus.

Next they talk about research. The Importance of Research. By DON W. GUDAKUNST, M.D. Medical Director of, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. 1942


The cause of infantile paralysis is known. It is a germ-like organism-a virus-exceedingly small, completely parasitic in nature, multiplying within certain body cells. This virus causes the disease. It must be spread from person to person to produce infection. Without it infantile paralysis cannot occur and nothing else can cause infantile paralysis."

Jim's comment. Both books were written in 1942.The  first book for doctors says they have never seen the virus. Second says it is the cause. That's the problem with lying.  Why didn't the medical profession catch that? Or maybe they did!

In 1949 our friend Alton Blakeslee puts out a "Public Affairs Pamphlet No 150.

POLIO CAN BE CONQUERED.  He says, "Our enemy is a tiny virus which can't be seen."  ("Can't be seen)  Really? And the MDs bought that?

Lets move up to August of 1951. I just turned ten .  The book 101 Questions and answers ABOUT POLIO

Question NUMBER 1. What causes polio?  Polio is a disease of the central nervous system which is caused by a tiny virus.

Question NUMBER 2. What is a virus? A virus is a parasitic organism that cannot live or reproduce without invading a living cell, to the injury or destruction of that cell. The polio virus is so small that it has not been identified positively even with the aid of the electron microscope.

Jim's comment. I have a hard time believing that the people and the doctors bought this bull-shit.

And now Rivers goes after the high school kids.




  Infantile  paralysis is caused by a special type of infective agent called a virus."

And lets not forget the moms.




And there you have it. A methodical plan by Thomas Rivers to deliberately mis lead the world on the cause of disease. Rivers was the director of the Rockefeller Hospital. And he was brought in to run the virus department in 1938 at the National foundation for Infantile Paralysis as the chief director of the virus research program there. Nothing happened without his approval. He ran the whole show. No money was given or stories given to the media without his personal hand stamp. He was pure evil.

For those readers who may think that vaccines are different today. That they are safe etc. That they have changed their evil ways. I offer you a few quotes from the book, Life of a Virus. Written in 2002 by Angela N.H. Creager. She verifies all the research I have found, except she does not expose the scam but is still selling it, by leaving out the most important parts of the history, as I will prove.

Tobacco Mosaic Virus as an Experimental Model, 1930-1965.

In the first chapter she talks about the TMV (Tobacco Mosaic Virus) Here are a few quotes.

First sentence. "At the beginning of the twentieth century, bacteriologists appeared triumphant in their ability to identify infectious disease agents by filtering them, culturing them in cell-free media and viewing them in microscopes."

"This book focuses on the experimental life of one of virology's most influential representatives, tobacco mosaic virus, or TMV. As the first virus identified as a nonbacterial pathogen. TMV was central to virology from the beginning."

"TMV was the first virus obtained in a form pure enough to be analyzed in an ultracentrifuge."

"The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, best known for its yearly fundraiser, the March of Dimes, granted millions of dollars to virus researchers."

"My account of experimental systems using TMV draws principally on research at one laboratory, Stanley's."

Jim's comments.


Nowhere in this chapter does she mention Martinus Beijerinck or what he actually did and concluded with his Looney Toon experiment.  Nor does she mention that the electron microscope was  invented in the 1930s but only showed fuzzy pictures and was not perfected until the 1970s, but fails to mention that living things could not be seen with it. When she says that the NFIP gave millions of dollars for virus research, either she didn't know or failed to report that it was Thomas Rivers who gave that money to the leading universities, providing they accepted Rivers people to run the show. I will post the figures at the end of this.

Chapter 2.

" In his 1927 review of "Filterable Viruses," Thomas Rivers covered seventy-one disease groups attributed to viruses.  Jim's comment. So she had to know if she read that paper.

"At the preeminent center for bacteriological research in the United States, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, founding director Simon Flexner encouraged attempts to investigate viruses."  Jim's comment. Lets see if she mentions that Flexner's specialty was snake poison and he caused a monkey to be paralyzed by injecting ground up spinal cord of a child into the monkey's brain.

" Guided by the framework of germ theory, many pathologists regarded viruses as bacteria that were simply smaller. Jim's comment. Scroll up to the book, Doctor What can I do and The Importance of research. Their guide was the NFIP deliberately lying to them. Now she gives credit to Beijerinck.

" Thus TMV became the earliest "filterable virus" discovered."  Now she makes mention of the real definition of virus.   "From the first century A.D., the word virus was associated in Latin with disease, and poison, venom, or slime. Edward Jenner referred to "cow-pox virus.  Jim's comment. And we know what cow-pox and small-pox virus was. It was pus being eliminated through the skin, which is poison. If they thought pus was good, maybe they should have served it as a nutritious meal. (sarcasm)

Now she shows a picture of some tobacco leaves and says, "Small, malformed tobacco leaves, produced by the introduction of large amounts of virus into the stem."  Jim's comment. Again fails to mention the source of the poison, ground up diseased tobacco leaves.

I love this next quote. " Thomas Rivers honored Beijerinck as the true father of virus  research."  Jim's comment. Rivers was smart enough to know that if scientist believed the stupid conclusion of Beijerinck, his generation of doctors would believe his bull-shit.

Now a quote from two intelligent people. " A.F. Woods challenged the infectious etiology of tobacco mosaic, contending that Beijerinck's contagious fluid consisted of accumulated oxidase and peroxidase, which cause mottling of the leaves by enzymatically destroying chlorophyll.  Although F.W. T. Hunger offered a critique of Woods theory in 1905, Hunger himself accounted for mosaic disease through toxic ferment produced through poor growth conditions and nutrition." Jim's comment. Looks like Ivanowski was right, mineral depletion of the soil. Why didn't rivers understand that. because you can't make money by telling the truth.

Here is another statement of fact without the whole story being told.

"Flexner's particular interest in virus research derived in part from his own work on poliomyelitis, which he and Paul Lewis found to be carried by a filterable virus in 1909.  Jim's comment. She fails again to mention that Flexner ground up a spinal cord from a child and injected it into the brain of a monkey.

"Flexner recruited Thomas Rivers from John Hopkins in 1923 with the mandate of developing a virus research program."   Here is a beaut. " More ever the representation of TMV as a crystal had a life of its own in the late 1930s, playing into heated debates about the origin of life."   Jim's comment. Can you imagine educated scientist arguing over the idea that infection or pus is the beginning of life.  The intelligent ones,  like today lost that debate.

"By the mid 1930s there was general consensus that viruses were obligate parasites, dependent on living cells for growth."  This is what he stole from Beijerinck's experiment.

Here is the absurd conclusion of those "experts."  " Yet there is no doubt that an almost infinitesimal bit of this dead-or-alive material, when placed in the living tobacco plant, soon show its activity and life" for the leaves wilt and die--while the virus feeds upon the living tissues and reproduces itself.

Jim's comment. I sit here and shake my head. It is this profound stupidity that is the reason our children are being drugged and poisoned to death. Let me match their ignorance with an equally stupid example. You drink poison. The poison shows its activity by coming to life and attacking you. The proof of this is because you got sick or died. WTF.  I am so glad I didn't get a formal brainwashing. (education)

Chapter 3. The Centrifuge in virus research.

"The ultracentrifuge came to play such an important role in virus research."  As ultracentrifuges proliferated, (Thanks to Rivers) TMV remained a key example for the use of the machine in visualizing and purifying viruses as macromolecules." Early on, the Rockefeller Foundation supported the development of ultracentrifuges through grants to physicists."  Centrifuges were already used in dairies for separating materials of different weights."

The whole chapter is about centrifuges and how Rockefeller (Rivers) promoted their use in virus research.

Chapter 4.

"The Committee on Scientific Research provided grants to medical investigators, and it was outspending all of the other committees by the second year. This committee supported virus research exclusively ; indeed it was renamed the Committee on Virus research in 1940.  Thomas Rivers served as chair of this committee."

"From the beginning of the National Foundation's activities TMV served as a key model system for the development of experimental research on polio."

" On 9 of November 1938, the committee met again and discussed how to advance its research objectives. Rivers suggested instead that the NFIP itself establish a central laboratory for poliomyelitis research like the Rockefeller Foundation's Virus laboratory."  Jim's comment. Keep in mind that Rivers was in charge not only of the powerful Rockefeller institute but made the head man for the NFIP.

Chapter 6.

"There can be little doubt that the field of virology grew in the 1940s and 1950s due to the research support available through the NFIP. In addition, as we have seen, virus research benefited from the new technologies developed for biology, especially through the sponsorship of the Rockefeller Foundation. Jim's comment. Rivers was the head of both."

Chapter 8

"As head of the Committee on Scientific Research for the National ,Foundation for Infantile Paralysis in 1938,   Thomas Rivers sought to fund research on poliovirus in biophysical and biochemical terms as with TMV.

 " The story of TMV might be told, beginning with its priority as the first virus discovered." This could not have happened without the invention of the centrifuge machine and the electron microscope."

And there it is in black and white. The virus hunters were all bought and paid for by Thomas Rivers. I never used the C word before. But there is no doubt in my mind that Rivers and others conspired for profit and power a massive lie to mis-educate the entire medical profession which they knew would pass those lies on to the masses. I urge you to read this again and again until you can teach it to others. This is the only information that will outlaw vaccines and put a serious damper on the drug companies who are causing disease, disability and death with their drugs and vaccines.


The picture of the virus above was taken with the electron microscope. The real  question is what was the object or material that  is in the picture?   You won't believe it at first. After you study this you will realize how sick these people called virologist were and are today. People like that psychopath Paul Offit. But here is Salk describing what a virus is. Page 160. from the book The Saga of Jonas Salk," (1966)"Now, the principle of vaccination is not difficult to understand. "A vaccine is made of the virus that causes the disease." 

You will discover that the diseases caused by  (their) viruses was the  poison they used to create artificial disease in the laboratory, by injecting infected material (poisonous) into healthy animals. This artificial creation of disease had nothing to do with natural sickness.


There are 3 sources of virus poison.

1. Natural virus poison. Any living thing whose bite, sting or touch is poison.

2. Man made poison. Any drug, vaccine, or chemical that is made in a laboratory by man (scientist) that when eaten, drank, sniffed or injected into a living body that can cause disease, disability or death.

3. Toxemia-Virus poison. The build up of metabolic waste, cellular debri, or sludge in the tissues, organs or arteries of the body and can cause disease, disability or death.  (See page, "The true cause of Disease)


Here is the answer.

Here is another little known fact. Snake poison is used in vaccines and drugs.

The exciting cause of measles is not known.

As a result of their experiments (Goldberger and Anderson have isolated a FILTERABLE VIRUS   (i.e., one which will pass through a Berkefeld filter), which they claim to be the primary source of the disease.

When most people try to educate others on vaccines, they spend a lot of time and give a lot of facts. Then the person says, yea I get it, but we wiped out polio. You can counter with oh no we didn't but if you have no proof you didn't make a convert. But if you have my book in your hands you will open their mind and have a real chance to convert them. Two doctors wrote booklets in 1960 and 1962 that exposed Salk as a fraud and his vaccine as a hoax. I have had them copied and bound into one book. Why is this important? Because all vaccines given today are based on the lie that Salk wiped out polio in the 1950s. To order a copy go to the donation-order page. You won't be sorry. That I guarantee

virus. snake venom is one of the definitions. Now you will learn why.

This picture of the so-called virus that they said  caused polio came from the book," POLIO AND THE SALK VACCINE.  1956

Written by Alton l. Blakeslee SCIENCE EDITOR, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and with a Forward by Basil O'Connor, President, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

Notice it says magnified 100,000 times with the electron microscope. The vaccine inserts say they have 'living virus' in them. They are lying. If the masses believe in living viruses and that they are a cause of disease, than the vaccine racket will go on forever. If you believe in viruses or not, the first thing you MUST know is that a "living virus" is a living lie.   The only real pictures of the so-called virus are like the one above. Black and white pictures. They all will say magnified by an electron microscope as much as 180,000 times. All color pictures etc. are COMPUTOR GENERATED or what is called an "artist conception" (A fraud). Or in plain English--bull shit.

The "fuzzy white sphere" is not what people think-a live or dead agent like a bacteria. It is what is called a pellet. It is the solid part of the infection they used that has been separated by their centrifuge machine.


Here is the Function of the Electron Microscope straight from the Manufacture.

"The electron microscope is capable of revealing details as much as 1000 times smaller than visible in light microscopes because the wavelengths of electrons are much shorter than those of light. Transmission electron microscopes make it possible to explore cell strucrures and large protein molecules. Because beams of electrons can pass through thin samples, cells and tissues MUST BE CUT INTO ULTRA THIN SLICES BEFORE THEY CAN BE EXAMINED UNDER A MICROSCOPE.  With scanning electron microscopes, a pencil like beam of electrons is scanned over the surface of a specimen. For images, specimens do not have to be cut into thin slices to be visualized. The scanning electron microscope produces scanning three-dimensional images of cells. Because electrons are easily scattered by molecules in the air, samples examined in both types of electron microscopes must be placed in a vacuum in order to be studied. As a result, researchers chemically preserve their samples first and then remove all the water before placing them in the microscope. This means that electron microsopy can be used to visualize only non-living preserved cells and tissues."

One doesn't have to be a scientist or doctor to understand the way an electron microscope works.  Any intelligent 10 year old can understand the words, "THIS MEANS THAT ELECTRON MICROSOPY CAN BE USED TO VISULIZE ONLY NON-LIVING PRESERVED CELLS AND TISSUES.

‚ÄčNo one has EVER seen a live virus, because they don't exist.

Stop now. To read is one thing. To know is another. Google the electron microscope for proof.

The important point in the four descriptions  below are the words 'filterable viruses." This book leads the reader (Medical students and doctors) to believe that something called a filterable virus is the cause of those diseases. The explanation of what a filterable virus is will be explained after these examples. You will be shocked.  Please remember the words filterable virus.

Selling the filterable virus as a cause of human natural disease. From the same book by Thomas Rivers. These are the con-men who convinced the medical profession that virus was alive and attacked people to cause illness. Not in any particular order.

Fayrer, Joseph (1824-1907)

(Sir) Joseph fayrer was a highly regarded physician/ surgeon who was knighted in 1876, during his war service. Fayrer was appointed assistant Surgeon in Bengal, India. (1850)  He remained in India for around 12 years and was professor of Surgery at the Medical College of Calcutta from 1859 to 1872. 

During his time in India, Fayrer became fascinated with snakes and their venom. He wrote the Thanatophidia of India and spent years researching the effects of snake venom and the physiological effects of their viruses in bite victims.

And then we have, Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat Born 7-29-1910 died 4-10-1999.

He worked (Guess where) for the Rockefeller Institute.

1938. he isolated the first toxin from a snake. This snake farm was used in the production of vaccines.

You can Google UNITED STATES Patent 4657761 or 0206940 for more information.

So the question is, is the vaccine virus of today made from the infections of animals that they make infected or the poison of snakes, or both?

Thomas Rivers infiltrated all the major Universities. He would ask them if they would accept a certain amount of money to establish a virus research center. They would of course say sure, if you're paying for it.

Then he would hit them with a condition. All they had to do was agree to let him choose the scientist who would be in charge. This man was a genius. To bad he used his gift for evil instead of good.  And this is how the world was   bought and paid for 100 per cent by the power and money of the Rockefeller's by Thomas Rivers and friends. He bought all the Centrifuge Machines and Electron Microscopes for the Colleges. Then he staffed them with his paid stooges.

I will list just a few of them.

The National Foundation for infantile Paralysis

Annual Report 1947.


California Institute of Technology Pasadena.  $300,000.00 To research the growth of virus.

New York Botanical Garden New York City. $225,000.00 To find a drug to kill the virus.

University of Minnesota Medical School Minneapolis. $210,880.00 To develop a vaccine.

Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio. $112,000.00 To determine the nature of changes in the virus.

University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia.  $111,500.00  To feed animals virus and see what the effect is.

University of California San Francisco. $42,000.00  To find where the virus lives.

University of Chicago Illinois. $41,070.00 To see how virus reproduce.

University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. $32,200.00 Salk went to head up the virus research program in 1947.

John Hopkins Baltimore Maryland.  $30,000.00 to study antibodies to fight the polio virus.

D.T. Watson Leetsdale, Pennsylvania. $5,700.00 This is the school of mentally and physical retarded children that Salk did his first experiments on. They were getting grants since 1942.

University of Michigan. Home of Dr. Thomas Francis Jr.  Francis was the head of the Salk trial in 1954. They were buddies. $95,510.00

Too many to list. Money went to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, The USPHS, the Nurses Association , everybody was bought and paid for before the 1954 experiment. The deck was stacked. The players were in place. Rivers  couldn't lose. Only the children lost. There it is. The whole dirty, rotten business. Exposed for the first time.

Sir Charles James  Martin (1866 to 1955)

In 1891 He began the first systematic study of the chemical and physical properties of the venom of snakes. He made vaccines from the poison of the Black snake.

We have been told another lie. That a strain is a different variety of virus like a germ. Here is what the word strain really means. Mosby's Medical Dictionary Fourth Edition 1994. Strain 1. to exert physical force in a manner that may result in injury. 2. to separate solids or particles from a liquid with a filter or sieve." The centrifuge is used in separating solid from liquid in the infections they use.

So a strain is not a mutated form of a living agent that causes disease. A strain is the source of their poison material. Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, diseased tobacco leaves etc.



Like most of America, the Medical system is corrupt and  rigged  in order to control the people and make money by keeping people sick.

Now back to the sicko who promoted this fraud and the instruments he used to deceive the entire world as to the cause of disease. Thomas Rivers, M.D.

This book was written in 1948, as he was preparing to pull off the greatest medical fraud of all time. The Salk vaccine. Here are a few quotes and names. This is just one of the books they wrote to mis-educate the entire medical profession.

Here are a few more of their sick ways they make vaccines.

Rupert Blue, Surgeon General-Public Health Reports July 14, 1916

Reprint No. 350

Page 2. In the human body the virus has been found, namely:(a) in the tissues and secretions of person's dead, namely, in the brain, the spinal cord and in the intestines. (b) in the secretions of persons actually ill with poliomyelitis, namely, in the nasopharyngeal secretions and in the Washings from the rectum.


By Simon Flexner and Paul A. Lewis-March 14, 1910

"in September, 1909, we secured the spinal cord from two cases of infantile paralysis in human beings. The lumber cord was obtained in a sterile condition twenty-six hours after, and employed for inoculation of animals. The entire spinal cord was obtained twelve hours after death and inoculated into animals four hours later. In order to favor the transmission of the disease to monkeys, we chose the brain as the site of inoculation, which was made under ether anesthesia, through a small trephine opening. After the operation, the animals were at once lively and normal. The injected material consisted, first, of emulsions in salt solution of the spinal cord from children and, later, of emulsions and filtrates from the spinal cord and other organs from the monkeys developing paralysis."  ( Look this up for the whole sick report.)


This man fed the first live virus to a human being on February 27, 1950.

"Adult cotton rats were injected intracerebrally with suspensions of virus. The animals were killed and their brain and spinal cord tissues were removed. This material was then put in a Warrng  blender. The material was then put in glass bottles. The bottles were froze and then thawed. he material was transferred onto a tablespoon and fed to the volunteers either directly or suspended in half glass either of corn syrup or chocolate milk." Koprowski sent me his transcript)


By Howard A. Howe, M.D. and David Bodian, M.D. May 5, 1941.

Page 160. These animals both received intranasal inoculations of the same pool of human stools.


Page 182.  The vaccine was injected in the testicles of a rabbit. Four days later the testicles were removed and ground in mortar. The material was centrifuged and the fluid used as an inoculum." (Rivers coined the term virology in 1927.)


By Max Theiler March 18, 1937.

Page 787. The fixed virus of rabies was produced by serial propagation in rabbit brain the virus used in this study has been cultivated in a medium containing the tissues of chick embryos from which the head and spinal cord had been removed. The concentration of virus for inoculation was obtained by utilizing brains of mice. Infected chick embryos were ground up in a mortar with normal human serum and centrifuged though a filter and injected into the brains of mice.


By  George H. Werner  August 25, 155.

It is well known that inoculation of throat washings from influenza patients into the embryonated egg leads to a higher percentage of virus isolations.


By Murray Sanders M.D. October 25, 1939.

Passage of virus through guinea pig tests. inoculated diluted pus from the lesions. (wounds)

"Inoculated material from infected mouse or squirrel brain into mouse tissue,(testicle, brain, or spleen in guinea pig plasma. The tissue consisted of minced embryonic Guinea pig brain, ox serum, or human fetal serum.


So lets end this by going back to the beginning.

Edward Jenner would take pus(called virus) from a person with smallpox. He would put this into the belly of a cow. He would than take the cowpus and put it into the arm of a healthy person. He then claimed that the person would be protected from smallpox. His proof (illogical conclusion) was if the person didn't get the smallpox it was because of the pus (virus-poison) he injected. (scarified)  But if the person got sick, Jenner would say the virus was defective. (spurious) By using this excuse for failure he was protecting himself in case of illness or death. Since most people don't think (then or now) he was able to pull it off. The pus is what he called the virus. As you know he was talking about the poison he took from the cow that he artificially infected in the first place. Just like they do today.

It should be clear by now that the pus was the result of the smallpox disease and not the cause. The cause History declares was filthy conditions that the people lived in. No Sanitation and poor Nutrition.

Here is a modern day analogy of what Jenner did. You are a person who eats right and has a clear complexion. Thinking like Jenner, we perform an experiment. We eat junk food for say 30 days. We eat lots of fried food. We wash it down with lots of nourishing pop. Then we top it off with lots of sweets, cake, pie, candy etc. So what happens?  Well if we are still alive there is a good chance we will develop a case of pimples. The nasty kind with pus. So the question is, did the pimples cause themselves? Was the pus the cause of itself. Of course not.

The cause is clear. It was the Frankenstein food that we ate that caused the pimples, and the pimples and pus were the RESULT  of the CAUSE  (bad food) The so called disease which was the symptom (pus)  was being eliminated was actually the body trying to eliminate the poison. The body was trying to restore its healthy condition by the process of eliminating the poison. (virus) So now we know both the cause and result of eating bad food. This was the same cause of smallpox except some may have been starving from little or no food.  (See page Cure Yourself)

Now pretend you are Jenner. You take the pus from the pimple and put it in a cow's belly. Than you take that cow's pus and put it into a healthy person.  If they don't get pimpleitis (just made that up) you are told that the reason is because of the pus that was injected into you. But if you break out in pimples you are told the virus or germ that caused it was already inside you and it was too late.

And that Dear reader is the whole ignorant theory of so-called modern medicine that has led to injecting 49 doses of poison into our children by the time they are 6 years of age. And the result of that belief is why today one half of children are chronically ill.

So does virus cause disease. Absolutely. This may puzzle you.  It did me for a long time. But if the virus is poison and that poison is injected into a living person, animal, plant or insect. (vaccine)This type of virus is called a "fixed' virus. That means they took the poison out of one animal and injected it into another. This looney toon stuff is called a passage. You should understand now that a so-called wild virus just doesn't exist. You have just read how the shysters made up the whole lie from Beijerinck's stupidity, I have always said that the medical profession was born in ignorance and fraud and remains there today. Here is more proof, by those who were there.

Here are a few quotes from the book, "LEICESTER: SANITION VERSUS VACCINATION


"The Jennerian equine virus (or repulsive matter exuding from the greasy heels of a consumptive horse)."

"Swine-pox virus, with which Jenner inoculated his eldest son."

"Horse-pox cow pox virus, or horse-grease virus passed through the cow."

"Small-pox CORPSE virus, obtained from small-pox victims after death."

"This virus is obtained from the putrid sores of inoculated monkeys, calves, and other animals, or from animal or human corpses."

"But of whatever disease it may be a culture, all vaccine virus is the putrid product of disease; and this is what mothers are forced to put into the blood of their children."

"Virus is nothing but the matter from diseased sores"

Jim's comment. This the real science that the medical profession is founded on. It should be plain as the nose on your face that virus is the waste product of disease. The virus is the infection and infections are clearly not alive. Nor are they the cause of disease anymore than a tumor is the cause of  cancer.

Infantile Paralysis.


PLEASE, if you haven't studied this and do not understand it, the rest of the pages won't make any sense to you. Take the time. This is the only information that will one day stop the vaccine racket for good. Study it until the light comes on.

This newspaper is from the year Jan. 13,  1883. It is dated but the picture was to large to scan the complete page. Here  it is in black and white the stupidity of Jenner and his followers and the Doctors who practice and believe in it today.

It is dangerous to be right

on a subject which

the established authorities

are wrong


The key to understanding the deception of the so-called 'living virus "or any virus said to cause natural disease is to know the history.  Starting with the words, "filterable virus." By the time you go through this page of real science by the scientist who actually committed the deception you will know the truth.

 They take the infection out of sick animals to make their vaccines with. Since animals do not generally get sick like humans do, how do the animals provide the infections?    From the book,


By Murice Brodie,M.D. and William H.Park.

Journal of the American Medical Association.

105 No. 14 ( Oct. 5, 1935: 1089-1093.

Page 7. "They have shown that the exposure of mice to x-rays renders them susceptible to the infection and it may be that some such method will be developed by which virus will be available on a large scale."

So they make an animal sick by x-rays or injections of drugs. Than take the infection and make a vaccine and inject it into a healthy animal. Than they take the blood from that animal and claim there are antibodies in it. Than they inject it and if the animal doesn't get sick or die they claim the vaccine prevented a disease. But if the animal does get sick or die they claim the animal already had the virus in it and it was too late.  What a racket.  (See my page antibodies, Just as no one has seen a live virus, no antibody has ever been seen. Both were made up to fool the medical profession)

To see how they used the media to promote their lies, see my page MEDIA LIE AFTER LIE.

An acute specific infectious disease, believed to be caused by a FILTERABLE VIRUS.  There is a universal consensus that the causative organism is a filterable virus as claimed by Flexner.

This was infantile paralysis. The kids in the 1950s that were said to have polio didn't look like this. See the page The Vaccine Polio Conspiracy.

Than the book speaks as if a virus was the cause.

I would love to know the facts of this boy. Where he lived. What he ate. The condition of his parents. The history from his birth up to this point in time.

Learn and Teach. Its our only chance to save the children, and ourselves. And the only information that will stop the vaccine racket forever.

The disease is caused by a FILTERABLE VIRUS which has been shown to be identical with the virus of vaccinia, Cowpox.  Material obtained from the vesicles and pustules which are now believed to constitute the actual virus. It is present in the mouth secretions and in the vesicles, pustules and crusts throughout the disease.

The History and origin  of the  "FILTERABLE VIRUS."

The Filterable Virus goes back to the late 1800s.  The word virus meant poison.  A man named Martinus W. Beijerinck conducted an experiment. The farmers thought that bacteria were infecting their tobacco leaves and causing the plants to discolor or mottle. Beijerinck took the plants, ground them up into a liquid. He poured the liquid into filters. He wanted to see if he could filter  the bacteria that he thought was causing the condition of the discolored and wilted plants. Beijerinck found no bacteria. He proved that bacteria was not the cause. After satisfying himself that germs were not the cause, he did a strange thing. He  ground up the tobacco leaves into liquid and injected it directly into the veins of young plants. Some of them developed discolored and mottled leaves. For some crazy reason Beijerinck concluded that the liquid which he called virus  and injected into the plants (which meant poison) actually came alive when inside of the plant and attacked the plant.  In 1898 Beijerinck published the following conclusion: " The tobacco mosaic infection is not caused by microbes, but by a living liquid virus. The virus multiplies only in growing plant organs where cellular division takes place."  This is the origin of the "living virus lie. Thomas Rivers will promote this lie in the 1920s.


BTW the real cause was discovered by a Russian scientist namely Dmitri Ivanovski.   It was mineral deficiency of the soil by planting the crops in the same spot year after year.

Google Dmitri Ivanovski by Hubert Lechevalier

Those scientist were the "experts" at the time. They were in control of the press and made a decision to mis-lead the entire medical profession as to the cause of disease. The medical profession would than mis educate the entire country because of what they were told. The people who tried to do the right thing and read all those magazines and news reports never had a chance. They were sitting ducks for these charlatans. This is why it is important to believe nothing. Not even me. That's why I list my sources. Always do your homework on anything that is important to you. Because we have a brand new breed of shysters in the field of science and a lot of ignorant doctors in the medical profession who just believe. Their beliefs are killing millions of people a year and damaging many, many babies today. Investigate before you vaccinate or medicate.

 Last but not least, a word from that psychopath liar and virologist Paul A. Offit. "DEADLY CHOICES-HOW THE ANTI_VACCINE MOVEMENT THREATENS US ALL."

Page 55.  "Working with mice and then monkeys, Salk figured out how to make a vaccine by growing poliovirus in laboratory cells, purifying it away from the cells, and killing it with formaldehyde."

Page 174. "natural viruses reproduce thousands of times, causing an intense immune response; healthy children experience as many as six to eight viral infections every year during their first few years of life."

This man is one sick Mother.

P.S. Offit makes the strains.

From one of the books that promoted the deception.


The real definition of the word virus before it was changed by Thomas Rivers

Webster's Shorter School Dictionary. 1927. virus, n. 1. Med. The poison or contagion of an infectious disease. 2. Anything that poisons the mind.

Thorndike Century Dictionary 1935. virus. 1. a poison produced in a person or animal suffering from an infectious disease, as smallpox virus. 2. a poison to morals or mind.

Webster's New Practical dictionary. 1951. virus.1. Venom. 2. The poison or contagious matter of a disease, as the virus of smallpox.

Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language. 1957 virus. n. Venom; a poison that is produced in the body by a disease; something that poisons the mind."

Jim's comment. Virus-"a poison produced in the body by a disease." Every diseased body produces poison. So what is the poison the body produces in every disease.  What substance is associated with all disease?  The answer is mucus or pus (The infection). Mucus and pus (infection) are the poisons (virus) produced by a sick body. And this poison is what they mean when they say, "vaccines are made from the virus that caused diseased."  And in their twisted mind they are telling you the truth. They make the vaccine from the diseases that THEY PRODUCE IN THE LABORATORY. They create artificial disease and promote what they cause artificially   as the cause of natural disease. But the poison(infection) did not cause itself. The poison (infection) is the result of disease not the cause.

Here is the new made-up lie of what a virus is.

The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. 1951. A parasitic microorganism, smaller than most bacteria, and capable of multiplication only within a living susceptible cell; formerly called filterable virus.


So who changed the definition of a virus that was  poison to a living agent that caused natural human disease? Enter Thomas Rivers, M.D. 




From the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute, New York

October 1927.

I will give a few quotes. Then you can google it for the full report. This is the real science. Fraud at its best.

"We are here today for the purpose of taking thought concerning the knowledge of the so-called filterable viruses and the diseases caused by them."

"The etiological agents concerned in these diseases, or groups of them, have been given a variety of names, e.g. Filterable viruses, invisible microbes, ultra-microscopic viruses, Inframicrobes, Protista, Microplasms, Chlamydoza and Strongyloplasms.  For practical purposes, then, the term "filterable viruses," mainly because of its wide usage, is as satisfactory as any name suggested."  Satisfactory?    Really? How far would he have gotten if he used the name, "invisible microbes?

"The viruses APPEAR to be parasites in the sense that their reproduction is dependent upon living cells."  *

"In view of the fact that viruses APPARENTLY multiply in the presence of living cells."

This next statement tells all. "Beijerinck's idea of a living contagious fluid called forth many protests."

Evidently there were scientist who had reason and knew Rivers was full of shit.  And here is what they say today.  "Many tests have been devised to act as criteria for the presence of life, but so far no one has been found satisfactory. Therefore, it is impossible to say whether the virus is alive or not."

So he didn't know that the shit He and Salk and others sifted through(see vaccine recipes) was alive or dead. And people  trust a doctor who believes this bull shit.  Here is my last quote. You need to read the whole transcript.

"Several kinds of viruses have been obtained from the brains of persons who have died after showing signs of encephalitis."

Here again He claims the result of disease("virus (infection) obtained from brains of the dead" is the cause of disease. And than these lunatics from Loony land sell this waste product as a preventative.

*  Martinus Beijerinck is the man Rivers took this idea from. (See below the story of Beijerinck.


The disease is probablycausedby a FILTERABLE VIRUS, the exact nature of which is unknown.

Children are most likely to be attacked; infants under one year frequently contract the disease, adults are by no means immune.

Pre-eruptive rashes at times simulating measles and again scarlet fever may appear.

Mild smallpox and severe chickenpox resemble each other very closely.

These are all taken from the book Thomas Rivers wrote in 1948. At the end of the page I will list more so that you fully understand what these sick people called virologist do to create artificial disease and make their poison virus vaccines with, and  that is injected into children and said to prevent disease.

Chapter 9--Harold N. Johnson-A Rockefeller worker.

Page 233. Rabies. There are only a few laboratories outside of France and the France colonies that continue to prepare vaccines from desiccated spinal cords. It has been found that rabbit brain is a much better source of fixed virus (made in the laboratory) than is spinal cord.  ( Fixed virus is when they inject the poison into animal after animal)

Page 234. during recent years, the Semple vaccine has been the one most commonly used in the United States. It is package in 14 doses of 2cc. each of a 5 per cent rabbit brain suspension in physiologic saline solution and contains 0.25 percent phenol. (Phenol is a highly poisonous caustic crystalline chemical derived from coal tar, commonly  called carbolic acid.


Peter K. Olitsky,M.D. Rockefeller Employee.



1. Material-Infected brain tissue from mice.

2. Add Rabbit serum.

3. Grind in a bowl or blender.

4. Centrifuge.

5. Extract fluid in a syringe.

6. Inject into the mouse's brain through the scull or the nasal cavity.


I have discovered it. What will you do with it?

Jim Dandy Novak O'Kelly

Founder of the new ANTI-Vaccination League of America


and discoverer of the virus lie.


This recipe was from the shyster who said he grew the polio virus in 1949, John Enders. From the book, "PAPERS AND DICUSSIONS PRESENTED AT THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL POLIOMYELITIS CONFERENCE. 1952, sponsored by the National foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

Page 35. "For the direct isolation in tissue culture of poliomyelitis from STOOLS  of patients, a 10 per cent suspension of feces in saline was prepared. After the addition of 100 units of penicillin and 100 micrograms of streptomycin per cubic centimeter, the suspension was centrifuged for 30 minutes at 3500 r.p.m. in a Sorval angle-head centrifuge machine and 0.1 cc of the supernatant fluid employed as inoculum. White mice and rhesus monkeys have been inoculated intracerbrally with materials from tissue cultures in order to demonstrate the presence or absence of the virus."

Spinning shit and injecting it into a monkeys brain. Man these people are beyond looney.

Here is another recipe.

From Life Magazine. 2-22,1954.

"In 1939 Dr. Charles Armstrong of the United States Public Health Service gave white mice polio.  The virus he used came from the brain of a young man who had died of polio."

Now you know why the government doesn't investigate. That road would lead right to the doctors employed by the government.

 One more from the man who taught Jonas Salk how to make vaccines during World War 2, and was chosen to determine if Salk's polio vaccine wiped out polio in the 1950s.

" 10 per cent suspensions of infected mouse lung served as the SOURCE OF THE VIRUS for the first swine inoculation in each of the passage series and, after the first swine passage, similar suspensions of infected swine lung were used to inoculate swine of subsequent passages.  Virus was injected into the animals. The disease produced in swine by human influenza virus was very mild."

Read the whole sick transcript. 'THE SUSCEPTIBILITY OF SWINE TO THE VIRUS OF HUMAN INFLUENZA. Nov. 1, 1936 by Thomas Francis Jr. M.D.

You realize that this sick looney bird was injecting snot into the pigs. And that snot is the "virus" they use for the flu shot. In other words the virus is the infection of any disease. They have experimented with every diseased tissue and organ, every type of waste product, all types of infection in order to deceive the entire world as to the cause of disease. The waste material or infection or poison particles are what they refer to when they list DNA.

Below is one example of how they do it and what materials and  equipment is used to make the vaccine.