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After 50 years of hard research and spending lots of money and over half my life I have discovered the lies that are still  promoted today  by the schools, the government, the CDC the NIH, the medical profession and vaccine makers.

Vaccines save lives and prevent disease.  Vaccines wiped out polio and smallpox.      When pigs fly.

.Now the bad guy comes on the playfield. In 1928 Tom Rivers, the Director of the Rockefeller Institute, New York writes a book called Filterable Viruses. He says,"we are here today for the purpose of taking thought concerning the knowledge of the so-called filterable viruses and the diseases caused by them.  And he goes on to say, "With a few exceptions, diseases produced by the filterable viruses, lead to a lasting immunity.  And he says, "Under these conditions attempts are made to decrease the number of susceptibles by means of vaccination with attenuated or modified viruses. He was speaking to a group of physicians, and in 1948 he wrote a book on the deception he was promoting. 

Thomas Francis, Jr, M.D. wrote in 1936, wrote,"Sixteen swine have been inoculated intranasally with mixtures of human influenza virus. (Thats human snot.) You will read in my book how Francis lied about the Salk vaccine and miseducated the entire medical profession in the 1950s. The polio vaccine is the mother of all vaccines. It is the reason they are injecting 72 doses of poison into our kids today.. 

The beginning of deceit.  In 1909 Simon Flexner cut out the spinal cord of a child who died of Infantile Paralysis and turned it into a liquid. Then he cut a hole in the head of a monkey and injected the liquid into the brain of the monkey. The monkey became paralyzed. Flexner was the first  moron to claim he transfered polio from a human to a monkey.  Now notice that so far they are using the product of disease and trying to say it prevents disease. The liquid is what they referred to as virus. Flexner's specialty was snake poison. 

The virus as the cause of disease started in 1897. with a man named Beijerinck. He did an experiment  with tobacco leaves that were diseased.  Beijerinck wanted to find the germ that he thought caused it. So he took some diseased leaves ground them up to a sap, poured the sap through a filter hoping to trap the germs.    He poured the sap through a filter but found no germs.  He then took the sap and injected it into the stems of very young plants. Some plants turned different shades of color. Some died and some thrived. So he CONCLUDED there was something in the sap that was invisable and caused the disease.  This was the birth of the filterable virus.  Beijerinck wasn't a bad guy, just stupid. 

Also you can google  Brazil Snake Farm. They have been using snake venom in vaccines

since the early 1900s.

One more example of Frankenstein science.  In 1954 John Enders who his lying comrads said he grew virus. "Biology including medicine has long sought to range itself with physics and chemistry by defining general principles that govern the reactions of living organisms." Physics and chemistry have nothing to do with living organisms.  Enders says in his 1954 paper, "Accordingly the virus in the form of an infected suspension of mouse brain was introduced into several of these cultures of human tissue."

Wendell Stanley received a Nobel Prize for isolating, purifying, and characterizing viruses. And claimed they were the spark of life.  We now know that is all bull  shit.

My Daughter Catherine Lynn O'Kelly suffered and died after a smallpox shot in 1969.

And in 1951 Hilary Kowproski fed the first live virus to a human being. here is his live virus in his own words. "Adult cotton rats were injected into their brains with the virus. Yhe infectious material was transferred onto a tablespoon and fed to the volunteers in a glass of chocolate milk. 


I expose all these liars in my book. I give you in their own words their experiments. yes reader their was a conspiracy to miseducate the entire medical profession on the cause of disease. And they have suceeded beyound their wildest dreams, until now, as I expose the whole fraud.

This Book Won't Rock The Vaccine Boat, It Will Sink It. 

On April 12, 1955 Tom Frances Jr. told the media that Jonas Salk's vaccine trial protected the children from paralytic polio by 80 to 90%.

I have a copy of the Francis report that came out in 1955, a year after the world was told that whopping lie.

In Chapter 2 page 31 Francis wrote," The purpose of the field trial was not to prove that the vaccine was protective but rather to measure the effect, if any of an untried product. (Now read the first paragraph again)

And in Chapter 10, page 239, Francis says, Obviously it is difficult or impossible to say with certainty that a given illness (disease, disability or death) is or is not related to vaccination."

 I am approaching 83 years old. I won't be on this earth much longer. This conspiracy must be told to the American people. With 72 shots being given and half of all childen now suffering from autisim and other vaccine induce disease YOU must do your part to stop this vaccine madness.

Polio was very rare in the 1950s and is still with us today. (2024)  They have just renamed it.