This newspaper is from the year Jan. 13,  1883. Here  it is in black and white the stupidity of Jenner and his followers and the Doctors who practice and believe in it today.


Page 35. "For the direct isolation in tissue culture of poliomyelitis from STOOLS  of patients, a 10 per cent suspension of feces in saline was prepared. After the addition of 100 units of penicillin and 100 micrograms of streptomycin per cubic centimeter, the suspension was centrifuged for 30 minutes at 3500 r.p.m. in a Sorval angle-head centrifuge machine and 0.1 cc of the supernatant fluid employed as inoculum. White mice and rhesus monkeys have been inoculated intracerbrally with materials from tissue cultures in order to demonstrate the presence or absence of the virus."

Here is another recipe.

From Life Magazine. 2-22,1954.

"In 1939 Dr. Charles Armstrong of the United States Public Health Service gave white mice polio.  The virus he used came from the brain of a young man who had died of polio."

" 10 per cent suspensions of infected mouse lung served as the SOURCE OF THE VIRUS for the first swine inoculation in each of the passage series and, after the first swine passage, similar suspensions of infected swine lung were used to inoculate swine of subsequent passages.  Virus was injected into the animals. The disease produced in swine by human influenza virus was very mild."


Page 233. Rabies. There are only a few laboratories outside of France and the France colonies that continue to prepare vaccines from desiccated spinal cords. It has been found that rabbit brain is a much better source of fixed virus (made in the laboratory) than is spinal cord.  ( Fixed virus is when they inject the poison into animal after animal)

Page 234. during recent years, the Semple vaccine has been the one most commonly used in the United States. It is package in 14 doses of 2cc. each of a 5 per cent rabbit brain suspension in physiologic saline solution and contains 0.25 percent phenol. (Phenol is a highly poisonous caustic crystalline chemical derived from coal tar, commonly  called carbolic acid.

It is dangerous to be right

on a subject which

the established authorities

are wrong


Edward Jenner would take pus(called virus) from a person with smallpox. He would put this into the belly of a cow. He would than take the cowpus and put it into the arm of a healthy person. He then claimed that the person would be protected from smallpox. His proof (illogical conclusion) was if the person didn't get the smallpox it was because of the pus (virus-poison) he injected. (scarified)  But if the person got sick, Jenner would say the virus was defective. (spurious) By using this excuse for failure he was protecting himself in case of illness or death.

Here is a modern day analogy of what Jenner did. You are a person who eats right and has a clear complexion. Thinking like Jenner, we perform an experiment. We eat junk food for say 30 days. We eat lots of fried food. We wash it down with lots of nourishing pop. Then we top it off with lots of sweets, cake, pie, candy etc. So what happens?  Well if we are still alive there is a good chance we will develop a case of pimples. The nasty kind with pus. So the question is, did the pimples cause themselves? Was the pus the cause of itself. Of course not.

The cause is clear. It was the Frankenstein food that we ate that caused the pimples, and the pimples and pus were the RESULT  of the CAUSE  (bad food) The so called disease which was the symptom (pus)  was being eliminated was actually the body trying to eliminate the poison. The body was trying to restore its healthy condition by the process of eliminating the poison. (virus) So now we know both the cause and result of eating bad food. This was the same cause of smallpox except some may have been starving from little or no food. 

Now pretend you are Jenner. You take the pus from the pimple and put it in a cow's belly. Than you take that cow's pus and put it into a healthy person.  If they don't get pimpleitis (just made that up) you are told that the reason is because of the pus that was injected into you. But if you break out in pimples you are told the virus or germ that caused it was already inside you and it was too late.

And that Dear reader is the whole ignorant theory of so-called modern medicine that has led to injecting 49 doses of poison into our children by the time they are 6 years of age. And the result of that belief is why today one half of children are chronically ill.

Great spirts have always encountered

violent opposition

from mediocre minds.

 -Albert  Einstein

The picture of the virus above was taken with the electron microscope. The real  question is what was the object or material that  is in the picture?   You won't believe it at first. After you study this you will realize how sick these people called virologist were and are today. "Now, the principle of vaccination is not difficult to understand. "A vaccine is made of the virus that causes the disease." 

Notice it says magnified 100,000 times with the electron microscope. The vaccine inserts say they have 'living virus' in them. They are lying. If the masses believe in living viruses and that they are a cause of disease, then the vaccine racket will go on forever. If you believe in viruses or not, the first thing you MUST know is that a "living virus" is a living lie.   The only real pictures of the so-called virus are like the one above. Black and white pictures. They all will say magnified by an electron microscope as much as 180,000 times. All color pictures etc. are COMPUTOR GENERATED or what is called an "artist conception" (A fraud). Or in plain English--bull shit.

The "fuzzy white sphere" is not what people think-a live or dead agent like a bacteria. It is what is called a pellet. It is the solid part of the infection they used that has been separated by their centrifuge machine.

Here is the Function of the Electron Microscope straight from the Manufacture.

"The electron microscope is capable of revealing details as much as 1000 times smaller than visible in light microscopes because the wavelengths of electrons are much shorter than those of light. Transmission electron microscopes make it possible to explore cell struckures and large protein molecules. Because beams of electrons can pass through thin samples, cells and tissues MUST BE CUT INTO ULTRA THIN SLICES BEFORE THEY CAN BE EXAMINED UNDER A MICROSCOPE.  With scanning electron microscopes, a pencil like beam of electrons is scanned over the surface of a specimen. For images, specimens do not have to be cut into thin slices to be visualized. The scanning electron microscope produces scanning three-dimensional images of cells. Because electrons are easily scattered by molecules in the air, samples examined in both types of electron microscopes must be placed in a vacuum in order to be studied. As a result, researchers chemically preserve their samples first and then remove all the water before placing them in the microscope. This means that electron microsopy can be used to visualize only non-living preserved cells and tissues."

One doesn't have to be a scientist or doctor to understand the way an electron microscope works.  Any intelligent 10 year old can understand the words, "THIS MEANS THAT ELECTRON MICROSOPY CAN BE USED TO VISULIZE ONLY NON-LIVING PRESERVED CELLS AND TISSUES.

​No one has EVER seen a live virus, because they don't exist.


Like most of America, the Medical system is corrupt and  rigged  in order to control the people and make money by keeping people sick.