Let me put this living or existing virus nonsense to rest once and for all.

But first let me explain exactly what a virus is. Right from my book.


Page 20.  Jenner's immortal service, the discovery of vaccination in place of inoculation with the virus of smallpox is the greatest sanitary fact of all time.

Jim's comment:  inoculation was the taking of pus from a person with smallpox and injecting it directly into the arm of a person.  Jenner's discovery was taking the pus from a person with smallpox and injecting it into the belly of a cow, then taking the cowpus and injecting it into a healthy person. Now the author explains what virus is.

Page 31.  The vitality of the smallpox virus, under proper conditions, is extraordinarily great.  For instance, dried pus may be inoculated years afterward with positive results.

Jim's comment: He just admitted that pus is the virus.

Page 32.  This fact also shows that the smallpox poison, although it originates from the body of a smallpox patient, can retain its existence in a latent form for a long time outside the human body. Finally, in many cases, infection by way of the digestive tract is possible, as infection with variola has been repeatedly brought about by the idiotic experiments of intentionally swallowing the smallpox pus.

Jim's comment: Here he tells you that pus is smallpox poison.

Page 245.  Sometimes the pustule becomes gangrenous and covered with a black evil-smelling slough.  This is seen only in isolated cases in run-down individuals especially in neglected and miserable surroundings.

Jim's comment: What he is describing is the last stages of disease. The body is dying. And that is why it smells so putrid.  And he also describes the conditions of the people who are affected. Poor people who are living in filth and eating garbage.

And then this idiot says," Every endeavor should be used to bring about the introduction of compulsory vaccination and revaccination for the whole population,"

Jim's comment:  These people who practice medicine have no ability to reason, think or to even ask simple questions like how does pus protect?  They just believe just like people and the medical profession do today.

So now that we have established scientifically that smallpox virus is pus and pus is poison, let me explain the greatest medical fraud ever pulled off by some very clever people. 

Vaccinations, Viruses, and antibodies are 100% fake news based on scientific lies which I call a masterpiece of deception. The greatest hoax ever pulled off on the public is that viruses and antibodies exist, And now I will bring this deception, illusion to an end. I will now dismantle this lie once and for all. 

Nobody gets an inoculation since they haven't used human pus for 150 years.  And nobody gets vaccinated as they haven't used cowpus for a 100 years.  What they do is a word I coined years ago. They give today an isopathic injection. It will be clear later in this presentation. But first let me give you the definition of virus.  From my 1957 Webster's Dictionary. The word virus is from the Latin and means poison or snake venom.   

                                                                                                                                                                         Now, from my book Hygeia the Health Magazine, written by the American Medical Association in 1928.  " Latin a valuable language from which to select basic elements for scientific words because it is a dead language.  For this reason, the basic meanings of Latin words are FIXED  FOREVER; there are no living tongues to alter those meanings or vary them in any way. Anyone who uses Latin in any, but the established manner is guilty of an error."

Thomas M. Rivers M.D. Director of the Rockefeller institute of Medicine  wrote a book in 1927. All through the book he and his lying friends stated that viruses were alive and the cause of disease.  Rivers wasn't guilty of an error, he and his friends were guilty of deception. Together they deceived the entire medical profession as to the cause of disease. And he knew that the medical profession would miseducated the entire world as we have now seen with this covid bull shit. In fact Rivers coined the word virology in 1927.

My 1957 dictionary also states that a virus is a poison substance produced in the body by a disease. So, what is the poison produced in every body by every disease?  it is the pus or infection.  I offer further proof.

From my book written in 1913.   The History of Inoculation and Vaccination. Written by the International Congress of Medicine. Page 37.  I quote," Take your pus from the ripe pustules of the smallpox either in the natural way or from the inoculated sort. 

Page 10.  A women would bind a piece of cotton material round the arm of someone suffering from smallpox, which when impregnated with the VIRUS  she would apply to the arm of her child.

Page 13.  It is even stated that the antient Hindus employed a vaccine which they prepared by transmission of the smallpox VIRUS through the cow.

Jim's comment: do you really think that Jenner didn't know this superstition?

Page 19.  The smallpox virus must be taken from young children, between the ages of one and seven.

Page 21.  Kirkpatrick, who also describes the Chinese method of inoculation, gives a slightly different account. He states that, instead of using the dried scabs, a small piece of cotton was dipped into the fresh and fluid matter of the pustules and immediately introduced into the nose. 

Same page.  The pus is taken from the pustules, and blown into the nostrils, and this is claimed to protect the individual thus vaccinated against an attack of the disease.

Jim's comment: This is a 300 page book. It was written by the x-spurts of the time and is still bought hook line and sinker by the x-spurts of today. July 13, 2022.  I could go on but you get the point.


Before 1796 there was inoculation. This was taking the pus of a person with smallpox and transferring it directly into the arm of a healthy person. So many people suffered disease, and death from inoculation that England outlawed it in 1840.

In 1796 Edward Jenner took inoculation to a whole new level. Jenner on the advice of some milkmaids who claimed they couldn't take smallpox because they had cowpox, took the pus from a person with smallpox and injected it into the belly of a cow. Jenner then took the cowpus and injected it into the arm of a healthy person. If the person did not come down with the smallpox, the claim was made that the person was protected by the vaccination.  If the poor sap did come down with the disease or died, Jenner said he already had the virus in him. It was too late for the vaccination to work.  So the rantings of a milkmaid over 200 years ago stands for modern medicine today. And these doctors  pass themselves off as experts on health . When pigs fly.

The Fightin Irish.

While finally some doctors are waking up to the virus fraud with exposing the myth of virus isolation and purification I take you to the roots of this fabrication.

.And now I will show you how the fake news promoted the lie that viruses caused polio in the 1950s.

And that is how they pulled off the virus fraud and are still doing it today. (8-29-22


The child belongs to you. Your children do not belong to the state or the schools, they are not the property of the medical mafia.  Do not give in. Go to jail if you must. Tell them that if anything happens to your child from a forced vaccine that you will hold them personally responsible. Tell anyone who says that you must vaccinate your child that it will happen only over your cold dead body. This barbaric practice must stop now.

Your children are depending on you, not some ignorant doctor, politician, or school person or nurse. If you comply with their order and something happens to your child you will never be able to live with yourself.  If you give in that means that you are responsible if anything happens to your child.  If they hold your child down and force vaccinate it, if anything should happen God forbid you are off the hook and they will be on that bloody hook.


People are always reminding me of all those holistic doctors who they think were murdered for one reason or another. 

Maybe they were, maybe they were not.   So for the record let me just  say on this day (August 9, ,2022)  I Jim Dandy Novax O'Kelly being of sound mind, at least as far as I am concerned (LOL) am in great health. I have no thoughts of leaving this world for any reason. I want to live as long as I can, and continue to educate many and piss off a few.

I am 90% vegetarian. I walk and  jog 6 to 7 days a week. I have been a student of great minds like Napoleon Hill , Earl Nightingale, Zig Zigler, Og Mandino, W. Clement Stone, and many more since I was first introduced to those books by my good friend Jack Parker (May he rest in peace) back in 1963. They have helped me to go through many storms in my lifetime.  In fact I believe I wouldn't have made it through a few of those storms without the wisdom and inspiration I received from these men.

So if I have an accident of some kind, no matter how it looks, it probably was not an accident. 

I am determined to outlaw this barbaric practice of poisoning people during my lifetime. So for your information I am 81 years young.  With a healthy lifestyle and a wee bit of Irish luck I will be around another 10 years.  To die any sooner than that would make too many people happy. 

Jim Dandy Novax O'Kelly

Founder of the new,

Anti-Vaccination League of America

Birth of the NO SHOTS NO SCHOOL NOT TRUE movement.

Discovered the lie of so-called living virus.

Discovered the cover-up the Salk massacre of children in 1955.

Discovered the fact that the medical profession has cause and effect backwards.

Discovered that polio was not caused by a virus and was not a condition of paralyzed muscles.

What you are going to be exposed to on this site are well kept secrets. In fact some of these secrets have been discovered only by me.  Most of the warriors are in the dark in these two important subjects, the living virus, and polio  history.​​

In 1897 Martinus Beijerinus a Dutch Microbiologist injected ground up diseased tobacco leaves into healthy young plants looking for the germ that he thought was the cause. He found no germs. So he concluded that there was something in the ground -up sap that came alive and attacked the plants. Remember the name Beijerinck-he is the source of the "living virus " scam.   Google CONCERNING A CONTAGIUM VIVUM FLUIDUM AS CAUSE OF THE SPOT DISEASE OF TOBACCO LEAVES By M.W. Beijerinck 


In 1909 Simon Flexner, Director of the Racketfeller Institute of Medicine took Beijerinck's experiment to a whole new level. From plants to humans. He cut out the spinal cord of a child who supposedly died of polio and ground it up, cut a hole in a monkeys head and injected the ground -up spinal cord into the brain of the monkey and created ARTIFICAL polio.  The child if it had polio in the first place didn't get it from shit being injected into her brain.   Google EXPERIMENTAL EPIDEMIC POLIOMYELITIS IN MONKEYS By SIMON FLEXNER and PAUL A. LEWIS 


In 1916 Rupert Blue, Surgeon General of the U.S.P.H.S. said monkeys may be experimentally infected by injection of the virus directly into the brain.


Life Magazine reported in its February 22, 1954 edition that--" In 1939 Dr. Charles Armstrong of the U.S. Public Health service gave white mice polio. The virus he used came from the brain and spinal cord of a young man who died of polio in Lansing Michigan. The so-called Lansing strain.

A word about the definition of strain. In bacteria there are different types and shapes. In virology strain means the source of the poison. Thus, the Lansing strain came from a boy in Lansing Michigan. The tobacco mosaic strain came from a diseased tobacco plant, influenza virus came from infection of a person with the flu, etc.


In 1941 Howard Howe and David Bodian said in their report that the animal was given an intranasal injection of human stool which resulted in complete leg paralysis.  

Jim's comment: Again they are creating artificial disease. These are some slick and sick people. Google SECOND ATTACKS OF POLIOMYELITIS An Experimental Study  By Howe and Bodian May 5, 1941


In 1949 Dr. John Enders said he grew polio virus. I will quote enders from my book, Papers and discussions Presented at the Second International Polio Conference. (1952)  "Ten percent suspensions of infected mouse lung served as the SOURCE of the virus."  Google  The cultivation of the poliomyelitis viruses in tissue culture Dec. 11, 1954  By Enders, Robbins and Weller.


On February 27, 1950, Hilary Koprowski said he fed the first live virus to a human being. Koprowski fed the volunteers ground-up brain and spinal cord dipped in chocolate milk.

Jim's comment: during the 2 years I discovered this shit I couldn't think of an adjective to describe these sick mother fuckers. google IMMUNE RESPONSES IN HUMAN VOLUNTEERS UPON ORAL ADMINISTRATION OF A RODENT-ADAPTED STRAIN OF POLIOMYELITIS VIRUS By Koprowski. Never get your information from a second-hand source. It will be wrong every time.


In 1948 Thomas M. Rivers, M.D. Director of the Racketfeller Institute of deception wrote a book that viruses were alive and responsible for causing disease and called them filterable viruses after Martinus Beijerinck's tobacco leaf experiments.  Beijerinck poured his ground-up sap through a filter. That is why they called it a filterable virus. After a while they dropped the word filterable and just said the short version, virus. Rivers said in his opening statement and I quote from my book," There is a need for a book on virus infections of man to which medical students and practicing physicians may turn to for information. Experts in the different fields have been chosen to participate in a co-operative venture. Viruses are obligate parasites and multiply only in susceptible cells of a living host. (Jim's comment: now you know where that last statement came from.  The cells were what grew not the poison.)  To publish a book of this nature costs a great deal, and without subsidy it would be available to only a limited number of people. The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (The name was changed to the March of Dimes)  has provided financial aid for the preparation and the publication of the book so that the price should not be a factor limiting the number of people who read it.  I have had splendid co-operation from all the contributors, and from the National Foundation for which I express my deepest appreciation.  Signed Thomas M. Rivers, M.D. Medical Director of the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute.

Jim's comment: Rivers and company miseducated the entire medical profession who he knew would miseducate the entire world. The medical mafia is composed of a leader and followers just like the rest of us. These sicko's were the leaders and your doctor is the follower.

Now, every chapter is written about a different disease, and all the conspirators say the same thing, that the disease is caused by a virus. Also, you should know that President Roosevelt entered a law partnership with Basil O'Connor in 1924, O'Connor became president of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.  In 1926 Roosevelt buys a run-down resort in Warm Springs Georgia.  In 1928 Roosevelt becomes Governor of New York and tells O'Connor to take it over.  The National Foundation began operating in 1938.  In 1938 O'Connor brings in Thomas Rivers to run the organization. Rivers controlled the money, the scientist, the media and the magazines. Nothing happened without River's stamp of approval.  O'Connor a professional fund raiser said he had an unbeatable combination. He had the kid in the wheelchair, the backing of President Roosevelt and the disease that everyone was afraid of.

Jim's comment: All of these men of deception were either members of the Rockefeller syndicate of financed by them.


So let me introduce you to Isopathy. But first let me quote from my book, THE PHILADELPHIA MEDICAL TIMES March 19, 1887.  PREVENTIVE INOCULATIONS. " The first condition of such an inoculation is that the virus should be derived directly from the disease it is intended to prevent." 

Jim's comment. A little known fact. Isopathy is the false branch of science that says the product of disease will prevent disease.  Isopathy was coined in 1823 by a Dr. Joseph Lux as a tribute to Edward Jenner who died in 1823.  Jenner you know used the product of disease (smallpox pus) and just said it will prevent disease. I call that a tribute from one quack to another quack.

So let me give you the bottom line on the virus fraud.  All virologists from Beijerinck to Rivers have practiced Isopathy. Isopathy again is defined as using the product of disease to prevent disease. That means that whether they are using animals, plants or humans they are using the product or result of a disease. (The infection or pus) They inject the product of disease into a body and claim it will prevent a disease.  In the beginning they used the product of human or animal disease, but Rivers found out he could create disease artificially.  These shysters would make rats, mice, and guinea pigs sick by injecting cortisone or some other chemicals directly into them or using x-rays on them.


Here is your proof.

In 1935 Maurice Brodie, M.D. and William Park, M.D. said and I quote, W" We were able to render mice susceptible to the virus of polio by subjecting them to repeated x-ray exposure and to transfer the infectious agent to normal mice. And the administration of cortisone to test animals makes them more susceptible to polio virus infection and in fact to most other kinds of infection.

And in 1956 Hart Van Riper, M.D. Medical Director for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis said," The administration of cortisone to test animals makes them more susceptible to polio virus infection and in fact to most infections. Hence, they are more sensitive to infection from vaccine samples should the sample contain live virus."

Jim's comment: Live virus meant they were using fresh pus. Dead virus meant they were using dried pus.


Now lets talk about antibodies. The shysters needed to answer the question if viruses force the cells to replicate by the millions what keeps them from killing the person?  So they just stole the antibody lie from the germ theory lie.

To determine antibodies, they inject an animal with the virus poison, draw blood out and just say there are antibodies in it. Then they mix the virus poison with blood cells. If clumping takes place then they claim the clumps mean there are antibodies. This is called the agglutination test. You can google it.

In 1954 the committee on polio's first report by the World Health Organization said, the principal of the test is that specific virus neutralizing antibodies, can be measured by adding serum containing antibodies to the virus and then injecting the mixture into a susceptible experimental animal.  The failure of the animals to develop the disease or lesions (wounds) is proof of the presence of neutralizing antibodies.":

Jim's comment: so the animal doesn't get the disease and that means it didn't get the disease because of antibodies they never saw, lol


From my book Hygeia the Health Magazine published by the American Medical Association. April 1930.

" They milk snakes at this farm to obtain venom, with which they manufacture immune serums to protect persons unfortunate enough to have been bitten by poisonous snakes.  The snake bites into the cloth. The venom is collected in the cloth.  A small amount of venom is injected into the horse.  The THEORY behind this process is that antibodies, substances that will neutralize the toxic effects of the snake poison, will be formed by the horse. The horses are bled, the serum is collected from the blood and THEORETICALLY has antibodies in it. Why are horses used? It is easier to obtain blood from a horse than from other animals."

Jim's comment: This is the beginning of the antibody lie. It was all a bull-shit theory, but it suited the liars to pull off the scam.


​You saw how they use the word susceptible all the time. That means if they inject a vaccine (Isopathic Injection)  and you don't suffer from disease, disability or death that you were not susceptible, but if you do suffer from disease, disability or death that you were susceptible. A perfect con-game.


And that my friends is the whole con-game of so-called vaccinations. If you get vaccinated and don't get the disease its because of the vaccines. 


Now in 1965  Jonas Salk said that "the principal of vaccination is not difficult to understand. A vaccine is made of the virus that caused the disease."

Jim's comment: for years I was reading these books and they all talked about the virus being the cause of disease. I couldn't figure it out until I discovered Isopathy. The shysters were all talking about virus pus or infection that they created in the laboratory. I found out that fixed or stock virus meant they artifically created sickness in a lab animal, then killed the animal and took out the infection and injected it into a healthy animal then claimed success or failure. The virus now only exists in the minds of the deceivers and believers. 


Now, there are 3 things for the virologist to carry out their acts of deception.

A centrifuge machine.

An electron microscope.

And the material they use for their sick experiments. 

​And now you know what that material is, infected mouse lung or brain, infected rabbit brain, infected pig testicles, etc.


Last but not least google Brazil snake farm. Click on the first link. You will find that they have used and are still using the definition of virus which you recall is snake venom in vaccines today. So now you know what they are talking about with viruses.

I will list just one of the many vaccine recipes from my 1948 book by Peter Olitsky, M.D. a Rockefeller stooge. They make it like you make soup.

Material-infected brain tissue of mice.

Add rabbit blood.

Grinder in a blender.


Extract fluid in a syringe. 

Inject into the mouse's brain through the skull.