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5. The  Selling of the Virus to the Public. Part one.  25.29.

​6. The Selling of the Virus to the Public. Part two. Time 17.40.

7. The Salk Vaccine Cover-up of 1955. Time 17.05.

8. The Centrifuge and the Electron microscope and vaccine making. Time 21.07.

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10.  Life of a Virus. Absolute proof of the Virus Lie.  Time 42.04.

11.  Germs are not the Cause of Disease.  Time 19.01.

12. Germ Theory by Hereward Carrington Time 42.13.

13. Germs are not the cause of the Flu. An experiment by a leading Dr. Absolute proof.  Time 20.06.

14.  Toxemia Explained by Dr. John Tilden. The real cause of disease. Time 73.15.

15.  Disease is a Curing Process.  Time 48.06.

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​From the book THE VIRUS: a History of the Concept.

by Sally Smith Hughes.  (1977)

Here she quotes Thomas Rivers the head of the virology department of the Rockefeller group and the head man in the Salk vaccine field trials of 1954.

He says let's just accept viruses are living.

And Wendall Stanley, also a Rockeferr stooge,  who says that it may be assumed that viruses requite the presence of living cells for reproduction.

Monkeys did not get polio naturally. So they injected poison and looked for the lesions of polio. lol

Jim Dandy O'Kelly-49 years in this war on vaccine truth.

Founder of the new Anti-vaccination League of America.

Discover of the living virus lie.

​Originator of the NO SHOTS NO SCHOOL NOT TRUE movement.

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All those tests were color tests. And the science is settled--When Pigs Fly.

Age 21                                    Age 18                                     Age 15

​​Martinus Beijerinck called his tobacco leaf experiment a slimy liquid. Latin is a dead language, it doesn't change its definition. Thomas Rivers in 1927 began to change the meaning of virus to today's B.S. definition.

Martinus Beijerinck and Ivanovski.  The author credits these two men with the discovery of the virus. These are the men who took dying tobacco leaves, ground them up into a liquid, ran them through a filter, then injected the poison into the leaves of YOUNG GROWING plants and when the plants changed color, declared that something in the poison came alive and attacked the plants. How frecking stupid was that?

It is dangerous to be right

on a subject which

the established authorities

are wrong


This page with the so-called polio virus was taken from a book written by Alton Blakeslee in 1956. Blakeslee was a press writer for the Associated Press. The book covered every detail on how Jonas Salk made his polio vaccine. Every detail but one. The source of the so-called virus was not named. See the source below under Simon Flexner. It was ground up spinal cord from  a human child. No I am not kidding.

The first and only question to ask yourself is if they couldn't see the virus how did they know it existed?

How stupid were the medical men of that period?

Copyright 2004

"The electron microscope is capable of revealing details as much as 1000 times smaller than visible in light microscopes because the wavelengths of electrons are much shorter than those of light. Transmission electron microscopes make it possible to explore cell structures and large protein molecules. Because beams of electrons pass through thin samples, cells and tissues MUST BE CUT INTO THIN SLICES BEFORE THEY CAN BE EXAMINED UNDER THE MICROSCOPE. With scanning electron microscopes, a pencil like beam of electrons is scanned over the surface of a specimen. For images, specimens do not have to be cut into thin slices to be visualized. The scanning electron microscope produces scanning three-dimensional images of cells. Because electrons are easily scattered by molecules in the air, samples examined in both types of electron microscopes must be placed in a vacuum in order to be studied. As a result, researchers chemically preserve their samples first and than remove all the water before placing them in the microscope. THIS MEANS THAT ELECTRON MICROSOPY CAN BE USED TO VISUALIZE ONLY NON-LIVING PRESERVED CELLS AND TISSUES."

One doesn't have to be a scientist or doctor to understand the way an electron microscope works. Any intelligent 10 year old can understand the words, THIS MEANS THAT ELECTRON MICROSCOPE  CAN BE USED TO VISUALIZE  ONLY NON-LIVING PRESERVED CELLS AND TISSUES."

No one has EVER seen a live virus or antibody, because they don't exist. It is all a scam promoted by Thomas Rivers,M.D. in 1927. The word virus is from the Latin and means poison. Here is the evidence of what the virus really is and where it comes from. The virus that was promoted as the cause of polio and other diseases was just the poison or infection taken from a person or animal with a disease. The poison or infection was not the cause of itself --it was the result of disease and therefore cannot be a prevention or cure of a disease.

Great spirits have always encountered

violent opposition

from mediocre minds.

 -Albert  Einstein

Straight from the liars who taught the virus lie to everybody.

And there is your "live virus." The pus of a smallpox sore. Poison.

The Cause of Disease and Cures.

1. What is disease?

2. What is the cause of disease?

3. Disease is a curing process.

4. The germ theory exploded.

​5. How the organs of elimination become impaired.

6. The truth about fasting.

7. The vitamin scam.

8. Biology terms hijacked by the chemist.

9. The syphilis Scam.

10. Rabies, does it even exist?

11. Leprosy, is not contagious.

12. The living longer myth explained.

13. What is isopathy?

14. The truth about Homeopathy.

15. The truth about hand-washing and Semmelweis.

​16. The truth about mitrochondria, and so much more.

Notice it says magnified 100,000 times with the electron microscope. The vaccine inserts say they have "live' virus in them. You can see that is a lie.  The only real picture of a so-called virus is in black and white like the polio virus above. It will say that they are magnified up to 100,000 times. All color pictures are computer generated or what is called an artist conception. The fuzzy white dots are not what you have been told--a live or dead agent of disease. It is called in science a pellet. It is the solid part of an infection after being separated by a centrifuge machine.

From the book A PARAYZING FEAR. 1998 

The so-called virus that they said caused polio.

Page 183. " The flask broke and the virus spilled on the floor.  We broke the 100-yard dash getting out of there.  We came back and Salk was mopping the floor, and he was laughing." 

And Fox News (2-6-2020) just reported the coronavirus had escaped from the lab in China. LOL

In my book The Virus That Never Was, I give all the names, dates and places.

I am the only person to have discovered this well-kept secret.

The foundation of all vaccines given today is based on these lies.

1. Millions of people got polio in the 1950s.

2. Thousands died.

3. Polio was a disease of the central nervous system.

4. Polio was caused by viruses, living and dead. 

All four beliefs are lies. 

​You may not think that this is important, but remember that all 50 vaccines given today are based on the lie that the polio vaccine wiped out polio in the 1950s. It did not.  35.00



Webster's Shorter School Dictionary. 1927. virus, n. The poison of an infectious disease.

Thorndike Century Dictionary. 1935. 1. venom.2. A poison produced in a person suffering from a disease, as small-pox virus.

Webster's New Practical Dictionary. 1951. 1. venom. 2. The poison matter of a disease, as the virus of small-pox.

Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English language. 1957. virus. 1. venom. 2. A poison that is produced in the body by a disease.

"A poison that is produced in the body by a disease."  The poison that is produced by the body in every disease is the infection or mucus. The mucus or infection is the virus. The infection or the mucus is also the result of disease. The infection or mucus is what they make their vaccine out of.  So they make there vaccine out of the result of disease not the cause of disease.  This is isopathy which means the product of disease will prevent disease. Isopathy was coined in 1823 by Dr. Joesph Lux. Dr. Lux  named it after Jenner who died in 1823. I would say it was a tribute from one quack to another.

let's think about this poison that the body produces in a diseased state. Using the true definition of the word virus, read that as small-pox pus. The pus is the poison produced by the body in the disease called small-pox.

Jonas Salk said vaccination is easy to understand. The vaccine is made from the virus that caused the disease. As you can see from the above true definitions Salk was deceptively referring to the infection of the disease.  He was making his vaccine out of the result of disease, not the cause. He knew better.  Edward Jenner, the man who is credited with the filthy practice of vaccination in the 1800s used the pus from the smallpox lesion and said if placed in the belly of a cow and then placed the cow pus in the arm of a healthy person, that it would prevent smallpox. Jenner was a buffoon, He didn't know the difference between cause and effect. Salk was a clever guy. He knew. Today  all vaccines are still  made from the result of a disease and claimed falsely to prevent disease. This is why the medical profession hasn't cured anybody in 2000 years. It is like saying a cancerous tumor is the cause of itself and then making a vaccine out of the  cancer infection and claiming it will prevent cancer.  Does that make sense--of course not-it is ridiculous. The real scientific term is not vaccination-nobody uses cow pus anymore--it's Isopathy which means the product of disease will prevent disease. How stupid is that?

Fake News Virus History.

1898 T.M.V.

1954 Polio.

1957 Asian. 

1961 Measles.

1976-1996 Swine Flu

2002 West Nile.

2004  Sars.

2005  Bird Flu.

2009  H1N1

2014  Ebola.

2016  Zika.

2018 Measles.

​2019  Coronavirus. 

That was in 1952. With all their medical advances it should be easy to find viruses in blood today. Try finding them.

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In every 100 kids who didn't get vaccinated how many got polio?

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​And this condition of malnutrition was caused by what-a virus?

In 1909 Flexner cut out the spinal cord of a dead girl and injected it into the head of a monkey.​ 

 ​A page from the 1947 Annual Report.

I will just write in a few more that were infiltrated by these shysters. Now you know why science is twisted. 

​California Institute of Technology 300,000.

New York Botanical Garden.    225,000.

University of Minnesota Medical School. 210,000.

​Western Reserve University Clevland Ohio. 112,000

University of Pennsylvania.  111,300.

University of Chicago Ill.  25,800.

University of Pittsburgh.  32,000.

Stanford University San Francisco.  19,850.

University of Texas School of Medicine.  11,675.

And just about every college in the country.

Once they had convinced the country viruses were the cause of polio, then they would contact a university and ask if the university would accept so much money to set up a virus lab. Who could say no to the likes of Thomas Rivers?