Fake News Virus History.

1898 T.M.V.

1954 Polio.

1957 Asian. 

1961 Measles.

1976-1996 Swine Flu

2002 West Nile.

2004  Sars.

2005  Bird Flu.

2009  H1N1

2014  Ebola.

2016  Zika.

2018 Measles.

​2019  Coronavirus. 

​The Elisa Test​. Proof of the virus-antibody Fraud. 


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"The electron microscope is capable of revealing details as much as 1000 times smaller than visible in light microscopes because the wavelengths of electrons are much shorter than those of light. Transmission electron microscopes make it possible to explore cell structures and large protein molecules. Because beams of electrons pass through thin samples, cells and tissues MUST BE CUT INTO THIN SLICES BEFORE THEY CAN BE EXAMINED UNDER THE MICROSCOPE. With scanning electron microscopes, a pencil like beam of electrons is scanned over the surface of a specimen. For images, specimens do not have to be cut into thin slices to be visualized. The scanning electron microscope produces scanning three-dimensional images of cells. Because electrons are easily scattered by molecules in the air, samples examined in both types of electron microscopes must be placed in a vacuum in order to be studied. As a result, researchers chemically preserve their samples first and then remove all the water before placing them in the microscope. THIS MEANS THAT ELECTRON MICROSCOPY CAN BE USED TO VISUALIZE ONLY NON-LIVING PRESERVED CELLS AND TISSUES."

One doesn't have to be a scientist or doctor to understand the way an electron microscope works. Any intelligent 10 years old can understand the words," THIS MEANS THAT ELECTRON MICROSCOPE  CAN BE USED TO VISUALIZE  ONLY NON-LIVING PRESERVED CELLS AND TISSUES."

No one has EVER seen a live virus or antibody, because they don't exist. It is all a scam promoted by Thomas Rivers, M.D. The word virus is from the Latin and means poison. Here is the evidence of what the virus really is and where it comes from. The virus that was promoted as the cause of polio and other diseases was just the poison or infection taken from a person or animal with a disease. The poison or infection was not the cause of itself --it was the result of disease and therefore cannot be a prevention or cure of a disease.

Great spirits have always encountered

violent opposition

from mediocre minds.

 -Albert  Einstein

Notice it says magnified 100,000 times with the electron microscope. The vaccine inserts say they have "live' virus in them. You can see that is a lie.  The only real picture of a so-called virus is in black and white like the polio virus above. It will say that they are magnified up to 100,000 times. All color pictures are computer generated or what is called an artist conception. The fuzzy white dots are not what you have been told--a live or dead agent of disease. It is called in science a pellet. It is the solid part of an infection after being separated by a centrifuge machine.

81 years young.

​Still no doctors-no drugs and no shots.

​And there is your virus-Smallpox pus. This is from a magazine in 1883.

The Truth Shall Set You free. Free from the lies they injected into your brain so they could inject their vaccines and drugs into your body.

A strain in virology is not like a strain in biology. In virology it means the source of the material used in the experiment as shown above.

These viruses are infected leaves which have been centrifuged and seen under an electron microscope. And that scope cannot see anything alive. That is because there is no such thing as a living, breathing, attacking thing as a virus.

They sure don't look like that computer generated crap they show on the TV. You have been conned.

It is dangerous to be right

on a subject which

the established authorities

are wrong


And there it is, the whole con-game right from the source.

 79  Years Young.

​I walk a straight line.

No Shots.

No Drugs.

No Doctors.

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