Bryan about 16.

Bryan 16 or 17.

Wayne & Mary. Linda and I. Barb & Jim. 

​Om a cruise in Florida.

With my 2 grandchildren, Stevie and Jess. Sitting by my favorite thing at the circus , the Merry-go-round. lol

We had these pictures painted on the windows of our Valparaiso restaurant.  The lady at the top is Lucile Ball. On the bottom is Humphry Bogart and Lauren Becall.  The lady on the right I named Miss Courteous Service. I put her right out in front for everybody to know our policy. We focused on 3 and a half things. Very high quality food and service and cleanliness. Oh the half, that was the decorations.

​1985.  Valparaiso popcorn fest. Our float took best general prize. Linda and me.

​Bryan with his beautiful smile, me. Steve Blaney

Cathy & Bryan. Cathy was taking modelling lesions. This was right before her shot that changed her life and led to her early death.

My Son and Grandchildren. ​Bryan, Matt, Stevie and Jess O'Kelly

Bryan, Matt and Linda.

​Bryan and his High School sweetheart Beth.

My brother Bill and his wife Jean on the left. Their daughter Diane. My sis Carolyn and our mother. (Dawn Adel Jenner, O'Kelly and me.

Linda, Stevie and me at some event. She grew up so fast only to lose her at age 21. 

My sis Carolyn. Dam I was a sharp dresser!

I remember my uncle Jim singing the song when we were kids , There is nothing any finer than to be with Caroliner in the morning. 

Jimmy of Jimmy and the Jeepers-Jim Loungsbury at willow Creek Ballroom in the late 1980s or early 90s. And me Jim Dandy as was my moniker.

​Linda and I with the captain of the ship.

1951 ten years-old. Me and my kitten mousey. He got run over by a car and all the kids in the neighborhood attended the funeral. 

Bryan and  his grandmother.

My sister Carolyn and I.

Linda, Stevie  and ME.

Jim & Barb Vargo with Jim Loungsbury. Jim hosted the Chicago Bandstand Record Hop in the 1950s.

​A poem by Clare for my wife.

Bryan 13 years young.

Stevie and  Jess 

Linda, me and Jim Loungsbury.

From left to right. Tina, Kayce,?, Candice and Beth.

My Grandson Matt on his big day.

​My son Bryan and his son Matt.

​Linda Bryan and me, around the late 1970s or early 1980s. 

My brother Bill and me in 1949. We were at the bus stop. In the back of the stop was a wasp nest. I threw a rock and hit it. I took off around the front of the stop and grabbed my brother and stooped low. That wasp came around and stung me below my eye. I was eight years old.

​Matt and Stevie 

My son Bryan. Happier days.

Jim and his Onward and Upward Sister Carolyn

​My brother Bill and his wife Jean. My Sister Carolyn on top. Linda and I. We were a handsome couple. Its obvious that I got my good looks from my sister. lol

​Bryan James & Catherine Lynn O'Kelly

Linda and I. Dam we were a great looking couple.

​Linda and I dancing up a storm, as usual.

Stevie and Jess and me.

​My son Bryan and my daughter Catherine  Lynn.

Me at 18, Linda at 16. Takin in 1960.

​My better half with Dick Biondi. This was in a Chicago nightclub. Biondi announced that who ever had the same color poodle skirt on would win a prize. They are showing off their beautiful legs, well at least Linda is. lol Dick was a hell of a man. 

Linda was killed on December 30, 2021 by the medical mafia. It was an Iatrogenic death. The leading cause of death in the U.S. Death by doctors.

​Stevie and her BFF Danni.

Bryan and his two beautiful daughters, Stevie and Jessica.

Stevie and Jess.  Isn't Jess's outfit adorable.

​I know Clare that you put a lot of time and effort in this work. Thank you so very much.

1952. 11 years old.  I know I would go from rags to riches. lol   Yep and we had a water pump in the yard too. Who in the world took that picture and why would you take a picture of me holding the door of our outhouse? LOL

Linda O'Kelly.

​At about 2.

​My Bad ass 1959 and 1/2 Chevy.

Jimmy O'Kelly & Arlean Spakowski

We won the dance contest in 1954.

The song was Shake  Rattle and Roll.

Linda and I back in our younger days. I think I was about 40 or so. Linda was 2 years younger than me.

.Linda and our granddaughter Jess in 2014.

​Linda and I at one of out prom dances.

​Bryan at age 12 in 1981. we lived at 241 W. 550 N in Valpo. 

​Linda, Stevie and me.

Matt, Stevie & Jess O'Kelly. My Grand kids.

​Bryan did such a wonderful job in raising them. I am so proud of him and them.

​Linda and I at the Portage store. (1994 to 2001)

Linda and I with Dick Biondi of Radio Station WLS in Chicago.

Jim Loungebury from Chicago Bandstand Linda and myself.

My son Bryan and his childhood sweetheart Beth.

Stevie and Jess at the park'

1957. My Dad and step-mother. California. I was 15.  My mother sent me out there and told me that maybe he could straighten me up. My attitude got negative because of all the moving we had been through. 3 schools in a year.  I was in (Horse) Mann school and started to ditch school. But no one had straighten my dad out lol, so, we came back after 5 months. I went back to East Gary to enroll in school again. I will never forget the look on the lady's face, like oh not you again. When she asked me  my address she had a smile on her face and said Jim I am sorry but you are one house in to New Chicago and must go to River Forest. I said to my self that's it, I quit. You know I am glad I quit. Although I didn't learn but basic reading, writing and arithmetic, I wasn't programmed with all the medical bull-shit. I had no respect for my parents, so it was easy for me to question the doctors when my daughter was adversely affected by the vaccines.

A recent picture of my sis and brother-in-law, Clare. Both in their 80s and healthy as a horse as the old expression goes. Clare is a poet. He writes poetry books. The man has a way with words. 

And one for me.

My son  Bryan, me and Bill Pardus working hard on our 4th restaurant.  

The floor cost  4,000 dollars just for materials. But I loved it. It was so 50s.

Catherine. She was so pretty. 
She never had a chance.

Damaged by vaccination-killed by the medical mafia.

​Bryan-Linda and Tracy.

​Bryan in the winter of 1984.

​David, Bryan and me. Bryan has a great smile.

​Bryan-Matt-Stevie and Jess 2003.

David, a young Bryan and me. What a beautiful smile on Bryan's face.

​Tracy, Stevie and Bryan. 

Bryan O'Kelly my son.

Bryan, Stevie and Tracy

Top. Sue & Chuck, Barb & Jim,  Linda and I, Joyce and Tony. All 4 of these beautiful souls are in Rock and Roll Heaven. May they rest in peace or dance to their hearts content. We will miss you.


My grand children. Stevie and Jess with the microphones. my son's kids. The girl in the white on the right is my daughters child. She was told that she had a chemical imbalance at about age 12. They evaluated her and labeled  her. She has spent her whole life in institutions up to today 5-2022. Her parents let her watch movies like the exsorist at a young age. Another life ruined by the medical mafia. 

​Jim's mother

​My Dad in 1938 with my brother Bill. I didn't come along until 1941. I never knew my Dad. Oh well that was his loss.​

Bryan the Cowboy.  1976.

We won best hamburger in 1989. Our 2nd year in business.  In 1990 we didn't place in the top 3. So I called the president of the Times and ask him how many votes everybody got. He said he couldn't give me that information. The conversation got heated. Finally I accused him of getting something under the table. We moved 3 times after that. New and improved locations. We even ground our own meat at the last location.  We closed in 2014. We never placed in the top 3 again. One year they had McDonalds in the 3rd place. lol

The Ledgenary Tommy Sands. (Teenage Crush) and yours truly in front of my first restaurant in Hobart. Opened in 1988. 

​Linda Lu O'Kelly. What a beautiful lady. 

Tony Malmquist, Jim Longsbury host of Chicago Bandstand. Chuck Hicks and me.

Bryan and Jess.   2003  Valpo store.

​My ever inspiring sister Carolyn and my mother.

My daughter Catherine Lynn O'Kelly. 16 years old.  After spending 3 years with the medical mafia Cathy looked like the picture of death. The famous Children's memorial hospital under the direction of Dr. Lorain Pockman was about to give her gold salts which I believe would have killed her or if not the next drug they would have given her. I realized that medical people only treat symptoms. They don't remove cause. Hell if they actually cured anybody they would go out of business. In other words they don't know a thing about health. They practice disease care not health care. As a result of my daughters experience with the medical mafia I haven't been to a doctor since 1964, and that was a car accident which is about the only reason that one should consult a  doctor for trama and crises. And I am  80 years young, going on 81. In this picture she looks like the picture of health. I sent her to Dr. Hebert Shelton's health school. They fasted Cathy for 14 days and then fed her organic food for another 14 days. When she came back from Texas I called Children's Hospital and asked them to check her out. I didn't tell them where she had been. They checked her out and said the news was good, Cathy had no more disease. Then I made the mistake of thinking I had discovered something that the medical mafia did not know about. So I told Dr. Pockman where she had been and what the treatment was. The good Dr. looked me right in the eyes and said in a stern voice if voodoo works so be it and walked away. They know about fasting and good food. But to confess it would put most of them out of business. 

Linda and our dog Daisy. She was fully vaccinated before we got her. She died of cancer.

​My brother and sister and me in 1942

​My Daughter Catherine Lynn

​My sister Carolyn at age 50. She looked like she was 30. Today at 82 she looks like 50.

Bryan and Linda Holding an award for best Chili in NWI. Hobart store. Rt 6 and Wisconsin. 

​Stevie  my granddaughter. With her award winning smile.

Me Bryan and Steve.​ 1981

Matt, Bryan and me.

This picture was taken in Nov. of 1968. That is my onward and upward sister Carolyn. My wife was preqnet with Bryan. She dressed up as a pumpkin.

​Bryan.    Winter of 84.

​Bryan in California. (1976)

​Cathy about 8 Bryan about 1.

​Stevie and Jess

​Bryan and his mother dancing the night away.

Yep that's me the ping-pong champion of East Gary and my friend Jack Parker may he rest in peace.

Linda. We went on a Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean .

​Bryan and his great smile.

Bryan and his children, my grandchildren. Stevie and Jess O'Kelly

Carolyn my sister and I in 1945. I was 4 and she was six. This picture was taken in front of my uncle's house. Our mother was kind enough to dump us on the relatives for a while.

​Stevie's prom 2012

My Mother Dawn Jenner in 1927