I have spent 52 years uncovering all the lies and fraud of vaccines, virus, polio, and smallpox

Vaccines did not wipe out smallpox and polio.​

 My book is on Amazon as of October 25. A CONSPIRACY EXPOSED.

 Just go to the Amazon search bar and type in Jim Dandy O'Kelly. Or Google Jim Dandy O'Kelly and A Conspiracy exposed.

​My book Contains the 1955 report on the Salk vaccine. A complete fraud. This book says that the purpose of the field trial was not to protect from polio but to measure the effects of an untried product, and that they didn't know if  a vaccine injured child was or was not caused by the  vaccine.  And they reported to the press that the vaccine was 80 per cent protective of polio. The whole Salk vaccine was a fraud from the begining to the end. Milions of children have suffered from this massive lie.

In 1986 there were 10 vaccines and the Autism rate was one in 10,000.

In 2021 there are 72 vaccines and the Autisim rate is one in 36.

By 2035 they predict that  the rate will be one in two.

Its time to stop this insanity.

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