This Book Won't Rock The Vaccine Boat, It Will Sink It. 

On April 12, 1955 Tom Frances Jr. told the media that Jonas Salk's vaccine trial protected the children from paralytic polio by 80 to 90%.

I have a copy of the Francis report that came out in 1955, a year after the world was told that whopping lie.

In Chapter 2 page 31 Francis wrote," The purpose of the field trial was not to prove that the vaccine was protective but rather to measure the effect, if any of an untried product. (Now read the first paragraph again)

And in Chapter 10, page 239, Francis says, Obviously it is difficult or impossible to say with certainty that a given illness (disease, disability or death) is or is not related to vaccination."

 I am approaching 83 years old. I won't be on this earth much longer. This conspiracy must be told to the American people. With 72 shots being given and half of all childen now suffering from autisim and other vaccine induce disease YOU must do your part to stop this vaccine madness.

Polio was very rare in the 1950s and is still with us today. (2024)  They have just renamed it.

Also I expose  the we wiped out Smallpox lie with quotes from a book written in 1892.

Sanitation and the Sanatory Treatment of Disease or Vaccination and the Drug Treatment. 

By JNO. Pickering, F.R.G.S.

Also quotes from the book What ABOUT VACCINATION?  By Afred Milnes, M.A. (London) (1895)

Also quotes from the book Vaccination and Lockjaw By Charles M. Higgins. (1913)

Also quotes from the book Leicester:Sanitation Versus Vaccination by J.T. Biggs Member of the Leicester Town Council, and its Sanitary Committee, for twenty-Two Years. (1912)\

Also quotes from the book The Recrudescence of Leprosy and its Causation by William Tebb. (1893)   400 pages of testimony of Doctors and people who worked in Leprosy institutions proving that Leprosy was not contagious.  After I read this book I asked myself how did I believe that Leprosy was caught. I remembered I saw a movie about it as a youngster. Leave it to Hollywood to just make shit up along with the fake news. 

Also you can google  Brazil Snake Farm. They have been using snake venom in vaccines

since the early 1900s.

My Daughter Catherine Lynn O'Kelly suffered and died after a smallpox shot in 1969.

For a copy of my book, THE ANTI-VACCINATOR'S BIBLE--A CONSPIRACY EXPOSED  google and enter my name. Jim Dandy O'Kelly. 

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After 50 years of hard research and spending lots of money and over half my life I have discovered the lies that are still  promoted today  by the schools, the government, the CDC the NIH, the medical profession and vaccine makers.

Vaccines save lives and prevent disease.  Vaccines wiped out polio and smallpox.      Its all a fucking lie.