Should we sit in our homes and find life wanting, then we must stand and venture out to fight purposefully for something more.  We must be bold, fierce, and unrelenting in chasing our goals and carrying out our plans,  We must push aside our fears, struggle with conviction, battle through all obstacles.  We must want to win, to leave nothing on the battlefields of life but the legend of our courage and might.

   We will have made nothing of ourselves or created anything significant unless we prepare for the long and arduous journey to win.  What skills must we have to win our next battles?  Let us acquire them now. What tools and resources will we need?  Let us ready them now. Who will we need to march with us so that we can have camaraderie and support in taking the next mountain?  Let us seek to meet and enlist them now.

  Owning the role of warrior requires us to take stock of all the things we are deeply committed to in life.   The warrior asks," What will I stand for in Life? How will I bring honor  to my loved ones?  What do I want and how hard am I prepared to fight for it?

     This matter of a hard fight reveals whether we are the cowards or warriors of this fight for our children and all children.  Let us be honest and brave in assessing our plans and goals, asking, "How hard am  I really working toward my goals? Am I letting little obstacles stop my progress, or am I battling through them on a consistent basis? Am I doing what I must to prepare my mind, body, and soul for victory?  Am I acting with real conviction and commitment in life, or simply trudging through?

   If we have real dreams, then we must fight for them. For the sake of our soul and our families, we must adopt that warrior spirit that is hungry, ambitious, and courageous.

  Warriors do not waste time in making decisions. Warriors do not await perfect circumstances to begin the long march to victory. Warriors do not stop when tired or frightened.  Warriors  do not shy away from a needed fight. Warriors do not apologize for boldness or strength.

   On their path, they have gravity about them, a seriousness, a commitment, a strong center. They are solid no matter how much turmoil and uncertainty lurks beneath. Their fire, will, and discipline are uncommon, sometimes causing others to fear their ambition, and yet always they earn respect for their courage. "There they go," the watchers on the sidelines of life say. "That person is a fighter  and will not give up." Warriors are giving their lives to something that matters.  

  To become stronger warriors, we must stop all the hesitations and excuses. We must commit to fighting harder and longer toward our dreams.  Let us be obsessive and fierce about our goals. Warriors are stubborn and strict, clear about what they fight for and committed to every discipline required to win the next battle. For the fate of our goals and for the security and abundance of our families, let our character be so solid.


8 declarations to Claim Your Personal Power.

Brendon Burchard  2014