The Vitamin company------------Gentleman Jim

Minerals are made from rocks. Yuk. 

Vitamin--elements of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism found in minute amounts in natural food, and also produced synthetically. Jim's thought-No scientist can see the so called vitamins as they can't separate those elements with any knowledge of which particles are life giving or cell or growth building-not possible.

And today your so-called vitamin D is still  made from irradiated fungus or animal fat.

​Scientist have no clue as to what happens to so-called vitamins once they are digested. The question is how would they know vitamins regulate the activities of the living organism.  

The claim vitamin A is destroyed by oxidation, So that when foods are chopped or ground the vitamin is lost. Really? Their claim that vitamin A is in a food is determined by grinding or centrifuging the food. So how could they know it exists? 

Professor Casimir Funk said," Science is very much in the dark yet as to the composition and function of vitamins."


So how long has this vitamin scam been going on?  Here is what Dr. Herbert Shelton said in his book, The Hygienic System in 1947.

Page 68. "A deficiency of niacin is credited with causing pellagra, but it will be noted that the diets of pellagra sufferers are deficient in many other food factors." And this is true of other diseases.

There are several hundred scientists experimenting, but as yet, vitamins have not been isolated, much less concentrated."

Page 77.  "The announcement that ultra-violet irradiation of foods produces "vitamin D" in them caused irradiation of all manners of foods.  "Sunshine pills" were marketed in England; irradiation of cows with ultra-violet lamps in winter was advocated; quartz tubes for use in the nose, throat, rectum, vagina, and to introduce into the stomach, in cases of indigestion, were used.  It was proposed to fit up restaurants with ultra-violet lamps.  Irradiated cigars, cigarettes, laxatives, and toilet paper were placed on the market. Vitaminized face powder and vitaminized cleansing creams are advertised."

It should be clear that to take an apple and chop it into a million particles and claim one of those particles was the source of life or energy and caused the apple to grow is not possible.  You see the people who make money by promoting this nonsense have a motto.  If you can't dazzle em with brilliance----baffle em with bull shit.

Vitamin D 3 - Shear the wool off a sheep--it contains a waxy oil they named  lanolin. Boil the wool in hot water--let it sit--the waxy substance will float to the top--gather it up and put it in bottles--send to a refinery--the wax will be purified and turned into crystals that look like sugar. This crystallized waxy sheep oil is placed inside a special kiln which exposes it to a powerful ultra-violet light---and that horrible stuff is what they named vitamin D 3 and claim has the healing power--the source of the sun.    

Here is your "Show me the science"  nonsense.  So-called paid scientists who get paid or work for the companies that sell their worthless nostrums, pills and invisible rays of the sun. 

​Vitamin D does not exist. No one has ever seen it. You have been conned.  

As the late great Dr. Herbert Shelton said in 1947 and top experts in the field today say, " Synthetic vitamins are drugs.