Do They Really Exist?

My search for the truth about vitamins started with two questions. The first question was how do you isolate the substance called Vitamin D from the rays of the sun, and how do you see this vitamin being converted into beta-carotene in the skin?  My common sense answer was--you don't--you can't--it is impossible. There are no scientists or microscope that can see the invisible. You can't isolate the element in a ray of sunshine any more than you can isolate the element that causes the wind to blow.

I had learned by this time about the centrifuge machine and the electron microscope. I knew these machines were at the heart of the living virus lie. I found the materials and methods the virologist used to identify and claim that viruses were living and the cause of human disease. But at least they were showing pictures of something; little white dots on a gray background that were magnified 100,000 times or more,  but where were the pictures of vitamins? So I decided to do some research.

One day I was in a chat group of anti-vaccine people. Sheri Tenpenny M.D.  was promoting the benefits of Vitamin D. This was about ten years ago. So I ask her my two questions. Her response--Jim please don't knock vitamin D. Her answer only convinced me that I was on the right track.

I owned a restaurant with a 1950s theme. I was always in antique stores looking for items of that era. I accidentally came across an old textbook on vitamins. It was written in the 1930s. It was a history of the discoverer of vitamins and explained how they were indispensable for life. I remember reading somewhere that carrots were good for the eyes and different foods were good for different parts of the body.  This book claimed that these vitamin substances each had a special function to activate the life force in the body, and without these vitamins, the body would suffer from all types of ills.

My thought on pictures stayed locked in my mind. Where were the pictures of the vitamins? There had to be pictures. How could they claim something existed but not be able to see it? There were no pictures. I had been studying health for a long time. I knew the benefits of fasting because fasting saved my daughter's life after vaccine poisoning back in the 1970s. I had read where Dr. Herbert Shelton had advised to eat whole food and thought taking vitamins was as useful to the body as flogging a dead horse.

​I was in the restaurant business for 25 years. Circumstances forced me to close the business. I had brought the vaccine business into the restaurant. There was a hospital across the street. The doctors and nurses were not happy. They said they would put me out of business. And they did. So I needed a job. My background was in sales, but I was 72. Sales were different now. People were buying on the internet. Retail stores had become filled with people who were stock-boys, cashiers, and truck unloaders. Real sales jobs were for young people with college educations.

So for four years, I had been looking for a sales job selling something that would help people maintain their health. It was the age of MLM scams. Over the 4 years, I checked a lot of them out. I ran into the same problems with all of them. They were more interested in making money than selling products and claimed their product was a cure for the disease. The only cure I knew of is the human body.

I found a company that sold supplements and began to do some serious investigation on the company. When I was convinced that it was a direct sales company and you made no money by recruiting people and you made a small profit on sales and a small commission on sales by the people you brought in to the company, I decided this was the type of company I was looking for. A company that promoted not just their supplements but a healthy lifestyle. Then I ran into a problem. Some of the bottles listed vitamins A and C in their contents. About the same time, I had gone down in my basement and found some old copies of the magazine called HYGEIA.  They were published by the American Medical Association.  I had read these when I bought them about 20 years ago. I decided to go through them again. The magazines were published in the 1930s and 40s. 

Then I saw the Ad and it hit me light a bolt of lightning.

A full-page ad about milk and Vitamin D. But this ad was different than any I had ever seen. It was February 1940. The ad gave 3 sources of Vitamin D.

"Vitamin D milk supplied by progressive dairies, under license from the foundation, is of three different types: Irradiated Vitamin D Milk is enriched with Vitamin D by direct exposure to the rays of an ultra-violet lamp;  Metabolized Vitamin D Milk is produced by feeding standardized irradiated yeast to milch cows;  Vitamin D fortified Milk is enriched with Vitamin D by adding irradiated ergosterol. These milks are tested regularly by the Foundation or associated laboratories to assure proper Vitamin D potency." I pay close attention to words and their meanings. The ad said potency. It should have said content. You can see content, but you can't see potency. Well, thereafter all those years was my proof that no one had isolated or even seen this so-called Vitamin D.  So with this discovery of my 1940 magazine ad of Vitamin D I quickly got on the internet and googled synthetic vitamins. Guess what? Here is what the site said was Vitamin D. It was still irradiated  Ergosterol and animal fat. Ergot is a fungus. This fungus can take over fields of wheat and rye. It is poison. Some believe that ergot was what caused some of the plagues in the 16 and 17 hundreds. It was at that point I decided to investigate all the so-called vitamins. Here is what I found.

Vitamin A: Retinyl Palmitate.

Vitamin B1​  (Thiamine): Thiamine Mononitrate

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin

Pantothenic Acid: Calcium D-Pantothenate

Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine.

Vitamin B 12 Pteroylglutamic Acid.

Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin D: Irradiated Ergosterol, animal fat, Calciferol.

10-11-18. I just googled Vitamin D in oranges, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, and grapes. They list no Vitamin D for these sun-soaked products. Zero. If there really was such a thing as Vitamin D those fruits should be loaded with Vitamin D.  They literally grow with the rays of the sun. But there was no money to be made selling products without a health claim. So they invented the Ultraviolet Light and claimed it had the power of life like the sun. This is how they sold milk and other products.

​Here is the skinny on Vitamin D3. The oil (lanolin) is obtained from sheep and lamb's wool. It is exposed to ultraviolet light to activate the fat and turns it into Vitamin D3. They show a women actually making it on youtube. She boils the wool--lets it sit overnight--then scrapes the fat off the top. This is said to be Vitamin D3. So it has never been seen because it doesn't exist. Man cannot isolate the foods and determine what particles are necessary for growth. Google Extracting Vitamin D3 on youtube. Click on the link. What is the source of Vitamin D3?

The difference between lab-made vitamins and the power of God grown food is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. 

Obviously, the human or any living animal, bird, insect can't live on poisons and other chemicals.  100%   of the vitamins sold are synthetic and it is a 21 billion dollar a year business. Sounds to me more like a 21 billion dollar a year racket. There are a few companies that their products are made from whole food, but even they have added a few synthetics.  But keep in mind supplements are just that-supplements. They are not replacements for real food. Personally, I believe that if a person is 80% or more a vegetarian they may not need any supplementation. But that is just my personal opinion.

They claim that not only they exist but have a specific function is proven by what. Can they be seen like a blade of grass, a germ, a living thing? The answer is not in your life. I had discovered some years ago that antibodies were a myth and did not exist. I had found out that a color test was made up and this is how they determined you did or did not have so-called antibodies. In searching for them I googled: How do you determine vitamins, and I found this.

Chromatography a technique for analysis. The term chromatography literally means color writing and denotes a method by which the substance to be analyzed is poured into a glass tube containing an absorbent, the various components of the substance moving through the absorbent at different rates of speed, according to the degree of attraction to it, and producing bands of color at different levels of the glass tube, or separation of mixtures. Column chromatography has been employed to separate vitamins and to determine the amounts of these substances in samples of body fluids.

It's a color test--no vitamin elements have ever been seen. Why? Because they can't cut up a fruit or vegetable, turn it into a liquid, run it through a machine, look at some colors, add and separate liquids and determine the FUNCTION of that substance.

They may be separating things, but to say what they are separating has a certain function to a certain part of the body or regulates a body function is a hypothesis-a theory.

All one has to understand is what happens to the food. That it is turned into a milky white substance called chyme in the stomach. And in the intestines, some of that chyme is absorbed and carried throughout the body.

There is no little gate-keeper in the intestines, no little man directing the particles, saying Vitamin A to the eyes, Vitamin C to the cells, or Vitamin D to the bones.

The world of medical science which is in my opinion mostly guesswork or theories claims to know the function of molecules. They make all kinds of claims. Here is the definition of a molecule. The smallest particle of a substance that retains all the properties of the substance and is composed of one or more atoms. 

So let us take this example. Take an apple and chop it up, and turn it into a liquid. Somewhere in that liquid is the smallest particle of that apple. (A molecule)  Yet they pick out a particle and give it a name like Vitamin C and claim to know its function. The knowing of the functions of molecules is absurd. Think about it. Where is the proof that these particles build tissues or has anything to do with body functions?  The truth is the Medical profession can't make a drop of blood. In fact, they can't explain how a drop of blood is made.

It should be obvious by now that scientist have no clue as to the cause or source of life or what builds strong bones 12 ways. While they can break down foods--turn the food into juice or molecule particles they do not know the function of that molecule. Whatever made bones, nerves, tissues, cells, organs, sight, hearing, taste, thinking, emotions, feelings, etc., is the same power that is in the foods that grow out of the earth or oranges on a tree. Scientist can no more isolate that power than he can isolate the source of the wind. Here is a prime example of facts with a false conclusion.

To understand molecules (particles) science you need to look up a man named Albert Claude. Claude laid the groundwork for modern cell biology with his 1945  publication of the first diagram of cell structure. After obtaining his medical degree, he used mechanisms from meat grinders and a sieve to construct a crude but high-speed centrifuge and pioneered ultracentrifugation, a technique for breaking and spinning cells to isolate their agents. Prior to Claude's research, cell interiors were generally thought to be a chaotic mass of substances, but his research showed that cell interiors are actually a well-organized area. He was among the first scientist to use an electron microscope for cellar study. He and his colleagues were the first to identify the mitochondria as the powerhouse of the cell."

Really? It would be like smashing up a handful of peas and selecting a particle and claiming that the particle was the powerhouse of the peas or life force. The electron microscope can't see anything alive and yet this man and others think that they know the function of dead smashed-up particles. 

There is an old saying. If you can't Dazzle em with Brillance 

Baffle em with Bull Shit.

That my friend sums up what is called "modern medicine" and these people have taken control of America's health.

Did you notice the word rat in laboRATory? I have found there are many rats in the scientific rat nest.  And do not forget in the 1700s it was Dr. James lind that said scurvy was caused not by a lack of vitamins, but a diet devoid of fruits and vegetables. Think about it.

Here are a few quotes from a book I just got. "Supplements Exposed" by Brian R. Clement, P.h.D. Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute. (2010) 

Page 15. Scientists have never created an apple from scratch in a laboratory. By the same token, neither can science create synthetic nutrients that exactly duplicate or replace naturally occurring nutrients. Mainstream making of vitamins and minerals containing to promote the myth among consumers that nutrients can be isolated individually from one another and synthesized in a laboratory to give us the same health benefits as nutrients found working together in organic fruits and vegetables.  Besides the potentially toxic synthetic colorings (extracted from coal tar) synthetic flavorings and other additives placed into "nutritional" supplements, many manufacturers of soft-gel vitamins and partially hydrogenated soybean oil.  Yes, you read that accurately! The same oils that have been linked as a cause of cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks are sometimes added as filler to vitamins sold in health food stores."

Page 35." Synthetic vitamins, like pharmaceutical drugs, are made entirely in laboratories or manufacturing facilities through a series of chemical manipulations.   THE SPECIFIC FORMULAS ARE NOT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.  Caps mine.

Page 48. "Our bodies perceive a synthetic supplement just as they would any other foreign chemical; as an invader and a threat to its survival. Our bodies respond by releasing immune-preserving cells such as leukocytes (white blood cells) to combat the enemy invasion."

Page 49." You may not want to believe it, but here is the ugly truth about most of the Vitamin C sold in the world today: Rather than bolstering your body's defenses against the common cold and other maladies, once in your body most Vitamin C sold today becomes tantamount to just another toxin that your organs and immune system must flush out of your system.

Page 156. In fairness to people involved with direct marketing programs, it should be pointed out that many people who are selling supplements are giving nutritional advice are not qualified to do so, and that includes nearly all physicians. Few medical schools even offer comprehensive courses on nutrition.

From the book, "The Science and Fine Art of Food and Nutrition," Herbert Shelton says, Page 77, "Nothing that is god for the muscles is bad for the nerves or any vital organ. What is good for the teeth is good for every organ of the body. Foods that promote and preserve the beauty of the skin are also best for the brain. Foods that build strong efficient stomachs are precisely those foods that build vigorous hearts, efficient livers, good kidneys, etc. The good of one is the good of all. That which perfects one organ perfects all organs. 

​"Supplements of the right kind are useful to those who are situated so they cannot get a proper diet."

"The great mystery of nutrition is still unexplained. We can no more explain today how food material is changed into human flesh and blood than could the lowest savage a thousand years


 10-13-2018. I just discovered they're at it again. A pitch for creating Vitamin D in mushrooms. They actually show and explain that irradiation of mushrooms creates Vitamin D in mushrooms. This is the beginning of another big scam. Why not? They have been fooling the public on Vitamin D for about 90 years. Why wouldn't it work again?

Google synthetic vitamins and go on youtube and put extracting vitamins from food. And Extracting iron from food. You won't believe it.

How did this hoax happen? I have long suspected that the dead subject of chemistry overtook the live subject of biology. I laughed when I first saw the term biochemistry--the study of the living dead. On 10-14-18 I came across this paper which proves my hunch was right. ou can google this and read the bottom of page 6.



The chemist of 1905 was not interested in biological phenomena, and he never for one moment considered it possible that the future of chemistry itself would be revolutionized by knowledge of the chemical processes which were encountered in biological material. It can be said with assurance, that those of us who were actively engaged in the study of physiological processes at that time realized to the full that the essential condition for progress was the enticement of first-class chemists into the biological field as active collaborators. Our prayers have been abundantly answered, indeed, more than answered, for the pendulum has swung the other way, and whereas chemical skill in biochemistry has become predominant, BIOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE AND OUTLOOK IN THE SUBJECT HAS EITHER TENDED TO FADE AWAY OR TO ISOLATE ITSELF FROM THAT OF CHEMISTS.

In conclusion, the land of the dead (Chemistry) has hijacked the land of the living. (Biology) 

Eat right-Think right-Exercise-and if you take supplements, take the ones that are made mostly out of fruits and vegetables. 

I am going to make a statement about minerals. It has been drummed into our heads that we must have certain minerals. I have just found out that minerals come from rocks, like limestone, Coral, Oyster Shells, Sand, and Chalk. Human bodies were not designed to digest rocks. They actually have companies that dig the rocks out of the earth. These rocks are ground into a powder. This powder is sold to manufacturers. The manufactures then make a tablet or capsule out of the powder by adding color etc. Somehow my common sense says a body could not survive long with a diet of ground-up rocks. 

.Protein Tests.

Take a food turn it into a liquid. Add Sodium Hydroxide and the reagent Copper Sulfate in a tube. If the color turns purple that indicates protein. Really?  It doesn't mean anything except that the color may have turned purple. it is just a belief. No facts.

Encyclopedia of Health       Volume II    Bernarr Macfadden  (1931)

Section 15.   Page 799.

The remaining three columns of the first page of the tables are devoted to the three vitamins, A, B and C. As was explained in the section on vitamins, these elements cannot be chemically analyzed.  Therefore, their relative concentration in foods cannot be given in definite figures.  Th method of vitamin determination is by feeding tests, and the results are comparative and approximate only.  Therefore, food scientists have adopted a system of expressing the relative vitamin content of foods by the use of stars, or asterisks.  The significance of these symbols is as follows:  Three stars indicate great abundance of the vitamin,  two stars moderate abundance,  one star sufficient quantities for a diet of that food but not enough to supply the deficiencies of other foods. A cipher indicates that the food does not contain the vitamin at all; the blank or dash that no data is available on the subject. 

  Lest you feel that scientists are at fault in leaving us in ignorance of the vitamin values of so many products, it must be stated that each food has to be tested separately for each vitamin, and that each test involves tedious feeding experiments on large numbers of white rats or other animals. 

Page 661.  This is because there is no way to analyze foods and say exactly how much vitamins of each sort they contain. 

Jim's comment.  Proof they cannot isolate the life force of any food.

Here is your "Show me the science"  nonsense.  So-called paid scientists who get paid or work for the companies that sell their worthless nostrums, pills and invisible rays of the sun. 

​Vitamin D does not exist. No one has ever seen it. You have been conned.  

As the late great Dr. Herbert Shelton said in 1947 and top experts in the field today say, " Synthetic vitamins are drugs.