Bold leaders will trust their gut.

There is a lot of talk today about fake news. And there is truth to that. In today's world the media has access to more truth. Some media have an agenda so they leave out certain parts of the story.

‚ÄčBut how were all the lies about polio, viruses, and vaccines thrust on an unsuspecting people back in the 1950s?  The same way they mislead today. They don't investigate. They just report what they are told.

The answer is simple. There wasn't much investigation by  most reporters. They just believed what they were told, and that was what  your parents and grandparents  read in the magazines, learned in their school books,  and heard on TV or told by their doctor who was deliberately  fooled .  On this page you will read just a few quotes from the            magazines and books that reported the fabrications, falsehoods and lies about polio, viruses, and vaccines.

Ass Kickin

One of the biggest lies ever told is you can't enroll your child in a public school unless it has been poisoned with the recommended number of shots. The schools and media have been lying about this for years. Every state as of this date April 8, 2018 offers exemptions. Either religious, philosophical or medical or some combination of. Here is how it works in the state of Indiana. The Law IC (Indiana Code) 20-34-3-2. says ,Every child must be immunized before entering the first day of school. (Kindergarten or first grade)  UNLESS the parent signs an exemption form and gives it to the person who is saying it is required. 

As of this date there are 3 states that have no exemptions or just a medical exemption. California-West Virginia, and Mississippi.