Life as it is lived causes the people generally to be enervated. And when nerve-energy drops below normal, the elimination of toxin--a natural product of metabolism--is checked, and it is retained in the blood, bringing on Toxemia--the first, last, and only efficient cause of all so-called diseases.

   It should be obvious to discerning minds that the amount of toxin in the blood must vary with each individual, and that the degree of resistance also vary with each individual. An amount that would cause a toxemic crisis in one would apparently have no effect on another. An enervating cause--the usual immunization--that would scarcely produce a reaction at one time in a given subject might send the same subject to a hospital at another time, or even be fatal instanter.  Active anaphylaxis is the alibi or apology of the pro-vaccinators; but it does not change the fact that vaccines are poisons, even if they are "pure" regardless of the iterated and reiterated protests that they are innocent and harmless.

   The amount of harm done the Army by vaccination and re-vaccination will never be known. No words can describe the harm that immunizing with vaccines and serums has done and is doing, except wholesale vandalism.

   The average doctor cannot think, and the others do not dare to think except conventionally out loud. I do not know where to place the men of the medical profession who are capable of thinking, but who refuse to allow reason to guide them in their thinking in the matter of so-called immunization. Can class-consciousness or class-bigotry explain?  Surely knavishness is unfit. It has been said of me, because of my stand against vaccines and the germ theory, that I have "peculiar views;" by some, that I am "an ignoramus." If I am, it is strange that fundamentally I find my thoughts and beliefs running parallel with one of the greatest thinkers of the nineteenth century--the famous English philosopher, Herbert Spencer. (I skipped part on vaccination as it is common knowledge.)

  Stimulants continued over a long period, cause a gradual deterioration, and finally, unless the habit iiis stopped, end fatally. Toxin is a stimulant and a natural product of metabolism. When the body is normal, the toxin is removed as fast as generated; but when any enervating habit is practiced beyond the power of recuperation, the toxin accumulates, and Toxemia is established--which means that the body has lost its protecting power. Now, if vaccine or any infection gains entrance into the blood," there is no knowing where the effects will end."

  Toxemia throws light on this perplexing point. When an infection takes place in a person with normal resistance, creating a vaccinia--a local skin inflammation--and pus-formation occurs, it usually ends with the healing of the abscess. If inoculation of smallpox virus is made in the Jennerian way, by inserting the virus(pus from the sore, which is the result of the disease) subcutaneously--splitting the skin and rubbing it in--violent septic infection takes place, causing death in many cases. Laws were passed in England (1840)  many years ago prohibiting this practice.

   In toxemic subjects, a local infection set up by the virus of sepsis (pus) from any source--vaccination, a badly cared- for injury,  a wound that fails to drain, an infected tooth, sinus, etc.---causes a septic fever of a malignant type, which is liable to end in death or in invalidism. A system badly enervated and toxemic, has little power to resist; and when the blood is very toxemic, it is very vulnerable to the influence of any infection.

   Where the infection is not so malignant as to overwhelm the system, due to the virulence of the infecting agent, or to the enervation and toxemic state being so great as to have destroyed resistance, the patient may rally from the crisis and get well under the proper management. If however, the management is bad, the patient may linger in a state of semi-invalidism for a few months or years, and finally die.

  Theodore Roosevelt's illness and death at least twenty-five years too soon was a pronounced type of such derangement. The great and forceful man was pronouncedly toxemic. He was injured, as everybody knows on one of his trips into the jungles. Infection took place, which probably would have killed a less robust man. He returned home, and continued his enervating habits preventing his fine body from cleaning house.

  Such cases can be brought back to the normal, but never under conventional treatment.  When toxemic subjects are infected, the infection will never be eliminated entirely until enervation and Toxemia are overcome. Unless patients of this character are put to bed and fasted until elimination is completed, then fed properly, and taught how to eat within their limitations, and unless they are willing to give up all enervating habits, there is no hope of their ever getting well.   These subjects often develop tuberculosis, Bright's disease, and other lingering so-called diseases. Our federal hospitals are full of young men who will never get well; for Toxemia is developed faster than it is thrown off. Scientific medicine is helpless.

   Nature's order is interfered with by enervating habits until Toxemia is established; then a vaccination, or an infection from any source, acts sooner or later as a firebrand in causing the most vulnerable organ to take on organic change. The organ, however, has nothing to do with cause, and directing treatment to the organ is compounding fallacy. Types of such nonsense are  blood-transfusion for pernicious anemia; gland treatment for gland impotence; cutting out stones, ulcers, tumors, etc.

   There is no question but that one of the most pernicious practices in vogue today is treating so-called disease with disease, and immunizing with the products of disease. One of the first things to do to get rid of any so-called disease is to get rid of Toxemia for it is this state of the blood that makes disease possible. Infection, drug-and food-poisoning may kill but if they do not, they will be short-lived in a subject free from enervation and Toxemia. Conversely, the poisoning will linger in the system until Toxemia is overcome; then elimination will remove all traces of infection.

   Syphilitic infection in a pronouncedly toxemic subject is thrown into great virulency by conventional treatment. The infection is the least offender of the trio. Add fear and wrong eating, and we have a formidable symptom-complex, justifying all the professional syphilomaniacs say and write about the disease. Remove Toxemia, drugging, fear, and vile eating, and there is little left. What there is can be thrown out by nature.

   Most attacks of disease of any and all kinds get well, whether treated or not, if they have not passed from functional to organic. This statement needs a little explanation. It is said that eighty per cent who fall sick get well, or could get well without the aid of a doctor. All so-called attacks of diseases of whatever kind are crisis of Toxemia, which means vicarious elimination of Toxin that has accumulated above the saturation (toleration) point. These crisis may be symptoms which we call cold, "flu," tonsillitis, gastritis, headache, or some other light malady. They come today and are gone in a few days. If treated, we say they are cured. If they are not treated, we say they got well without treatment. The truth is that the surplus toxin--the amount accumulated above the point which can be maintained with comfort--is eliminated, and comfort returns. This is not a cure; it is one of nature's palliations. When the cause or causes of enervation are discovered and removed, the nerve-energy returns to normal. Elimination removes toxin as fast as developed by metabolism. This is health--this is all there is to any cure. In a few words: Stop all enervating habits; stop eating; rest until nerve-energy is restored to normal. When this is accomplished, the patient is cured. A short or long fast is beneficial to most sick people. THOSE WHO ARE AFRAID OF FASTING SHOULD NOT FAST. All other so-called cures are a delusion, and at the most a passing palliation; but enough such cures are performed daily to keep a large army of doctors and cultists in bread, butter, and a degree of respectability.

Toxemia Simplifies THE Understanding of Disease

   When a child shows symptoms of high fever, pain, and vomiting, what is the disease? It may be indigestion from overeating or eating improper food. It may be the beginning of gastritis, scarlet fever, diphtheria, meningitis, infantile paralysis, or some other so-called disease. The treatment, according to the Philosophy of Toxemia, may be positive and given with confidence. There need be no waiting for developments, no guessing, no mistakes. What is done is the correct treatment for any so-called disease, named or not named. Get rid of the causes, whatever they are. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the stomach and bowels are full of undigested food. Wash out the bowels, and get rid of this source of infection. Then, give a hot bath to furnish complete relief from any pain. When discomfort returns, give another bath. Use an enema. So long as thee is fever, rest assured that the bowels are not cleaned out. Provide plenty of fresh air and water, and keep the patient quiet. See to it that nothing but water goes into the stomach until the fever and discomfort are entirely overcome; then give very light food at first.

    A child that is given meat and eggs and an excess of milk is liable to develop putrefactive diseases. It is doubtful (and I believe impossible) if any child brought up on fruit, whole wheat and other grains, and vegetables can ever evolve diphtheria, scarlet fever, or smallpox, or develop septic fever--typhoid.

   The methods of the regular practice of medicine are in keeping with the habits of body and mind that lead to malignant disease, epidemics, etc. The regular profession believes in antitoxin, vaccine, and autogenous remedies; and these remedies fit the psychology of a mode of living that leads to vicious types of disease. Most people believe in cures---cures without removing causes.

     All so-called cures will someday be proved a delusion. Remember that children will not be sick if they are not toxemic. Let the local manifestations be what they may, the basic cause is always the same-Toxemia plus septic infection and if this state is not added to by food, cases treated in this way will be aborted. Doctors who have seen only regular practice will declare that the causes recovering in this manner are irregular and lacking in intensity. Of course they are not typical for they have not been complicated with fear and disease-building drugs.

What Causes Fatality

Fatal cases in all epidemics are food-drunkers who are very much enervated, toxemic and infected from putrescence in the bowels. It is a crime to feed anything to the sick. No food should be given until all symptoms are gone; then fruit and vegetable juices  (never any animal foods--not for weeks).  The life of the patient depends upon getting rid of the putrid food still remaining in the bowels, before enough putrescence is absorbed to cause death. All EPIDEMIC DISEASES ARE WHOLESALE FOD-POISONING AMONG PEOLE WHO ARE PRONUNCEDLY ENERVATED AND TOXEMIC. The poisoning by food is on the order of poisoning by chemicals. Those who have least resistance (are most enervated and toxemic) suffer most and succumb the easiest; for the poisoning brings on a crisis of Toxemia, and the two nerve-destroying influences overwhelm the reduced resistance and may end in death unless wisely treated. All acute diseases are gastro-intestinal infections acting on toxemic subjects. The more enervated and toxemic the subject, the more severe the crisis. Certainly anyone with intelligence should se the danger in giving food when the cause of the disease is food-poisoning.

To Sum Up

To sum up briefly the difference between the toxemic method and "regular medicine":  Toxemia is a system based on the true cause of disease--namely Toxemia. Before Toxemia is developed, natural immunization protects from germs, parasites, and all physical vicissitudes.  Toxin is a by-product as constant and necessary as life itself. When the organism is normal, it is produced and eliminated as fast as produced. From the point of production to the point of elimination it is carried by the blood; hence at no time is the organism free from toxin in the blood. In a normal amount it is gently stimulating; but when the organism is enervated, elimination is checked. Then the amount retained becomes over stimulating--toxic--ranging from a slight excess to an amount so profound as to overwhelm life.

   The treatment is so simple that it stages those who believe in curing.  Heroic treatment is disease-building. fin in what way nerve-energy is wasted and stop it--stop all nerve-leaks. Then returning to normal is a matter of time, in which nature attends to all repairs herself. And she resents help---medical officiousness.

Jumping ahead, Dr. Tilden says, "Dissatisfaction and overworked emotions are enervating. Worry, fear, grief, anger, passion, temper, overjoy, depression, dissatisfaction, self pity, pride, egotism, envy, jealousy, gossip, lyiny, dishonesty, failing to meet obligation and appointments, taking advantage of misunderstandings, abusing the credulity of friends, abusing the confidence of those who confide in us---all enervate and in time build incurable disease.  Man makes his own diseases!

                                                      The End