The Deadly Germ

It should not be forgotten that  unobstructed free drainage from wounds, ulcers, canals, ducts, keeps them septic (non-poisonous). The deadly germ on the hands, lips, drinking-cups, hanging-straps of street cars--in fact, found everywhere are everywhere--is not deadly until it gets mixed up with man's deadly dirty, filthy physical and mental habits. There are people who cannot be taught cleanliness; they either scrub their bodies raw or neglect them overtime. It is an art to wear clothes and maintain a state of cleanliness conducive to health. Venereal and skin diseases, including the eruptive fevers, are fostered by clothes. There is something more than prejudice, fanaticism, and partisanship in my reiterated allusions to the congeneric relationship of syphilis, vaccination and smallpox. The kinship would have been settled long ago if vaccine and vaccinia were not commercialized. Will those with millions invested, and turning out large dividends, willingly be convinced that they are engaged in the wholesale syphilization of the people? It is not in keeping with our commercialized religion. 

  The deadly germ must be mixed with retained, pent-up waste-products before it becomes metamorphosed into its deadly toxic state. The dog or other animal licks it out of his wound. When the "deadly germ" is asculated into the mouth, and from there into the stomach, it is digested. The normal secretions of the body, on the outside as well as on the inside of the body, are more than enough to get away with all the "deadly germs" allotted to each person.


       Normal  people have no need of heaven or hell; these are the conjurations of ignorance and filth on the search of artificial immunization. Truth immunizes the germ fallacy.

  Cures and immunization are the products of a civilization that does not civilize. Creedal religion is a cure and immunization for those who would be good if evil did not betide them.

   Self-control and a knowledge of the limitations of our privileges bring to us the best in life; then if we are contented to live one world at a time, we still have the best preparation for the tomorrows (future) as they come. If we live well-today--live for health of mind and body today--we need not worry about the germs that come tomorrow.

   Those who preach fear of germs today are the mental offspring of those who have preached fear of God, devil, hell, and heaven in the past. They do not know that the fear which they inculcate is more to be dreaded than the object of their warning. Fear does a thousand times more harm than any other one cause of Toxemia.

  Nature goes her limit in the prevention of absorption of any and all poisons. The indurated wall built at the base of ulceration is a conservative measure--it is to prevent absorption. In the matter of prevention, nature sometimes goes too far, and builds tumors and indurations so dense as to obstruct the circulation; then degeneration takes place, with slow absorption of the septic matter. This poisoning takes place very insidiously. It is called cachexia, and the names given to this pathology are syphilis or cancer; or if of the lungs, it is called tuberculosis.

  This may be thought a vey great digression from the subject of Toxemia; but as all pathological roads lead to Rome---the unity of all diseases--an apology is not necessary.

The Medical World Is Looking For Cures

   The medical world has been looking for a remedy to cure disease, notwithstanding the obvious fact that nature needs no remedy--she needs only an opportunity to exercise her own prerogative of self-healing.

    A few years ago a sick doctor offered a million dollars for a cure for cancer. If he had known the cause of disease, instead of being scientifically educated, he would not have died believing in the possibility of a cure, after nature had passed her eternal fiat of unfitness in his case. Cancer is the culmination of years of abuse of nutrition, and years of Toxemia from faulty elimination. forcing the bowels to move is an old conventional method of so-called elimination which gets rid of the accumulation in the bowels, causing an extra amount of water to be thrown out by the kidneys and bowels; but this forcing measure adds to enervation by its overstimulation, and further inhibits elimination proper---elimination of waste products in the blood, the source of all disease-producing toxins. The most powerful eliminant is a fast. In other words, give nature rest, and she needs no so-called cures. Rest means; Stay in bed, poise mind and body, and fast. Nature then works with out handicaps, unless fear is created by all the old fear-mongers, professional and lay, sending to the patient the warning: "It is dangerous to fast; you may never live through it." These wiseacres do not know that there is a vast difference between fasting and starving.

   Here is a hint for those kill-joys who are afraid to allow their patients to fast; You know, or think you do, that peole who are forced to stay in bed from injury never do well, and this is especially true of older people. Why? Because they are overfed.

 Germs As a Cause of Disease

     Germs as a cause of disease is a dying fallacy. The bacteriological deadmarch is on, and those with their ears to the ground can hear it. Intuition is forcing the active medical minds to fortify against the coming revulsion; they are buckling  on the armor of endocrinology. Endocrinology, focal infection, autogenous and synthetic remedies, vaccine and serum immunization, are some of the high points in the science of medicine today; but there is a lack of fundamental unity to the system; and nature abhors chaos as she does a vacuum.

   Toxemia accepts the germ (organized ferment) as it does the enzyme (unorganized ferment). Both are necessary to health

  My theories have received but little attention except from plagiarist. A few, a very few, physicians know what I stand for. Those few, however, are enthusiastic, and have proved to their own satisfaction that the theory has a universal application. Many attempt to work Toxemia along with some little two-by-four pet curing system--it means putting a little personal pride; but it will not work. Toxemia is big enough for the best in any man.

   What more can be asked by any doctor than a philosophy of cause that gives a perfect understanding of the cause of all so-called diseases? To know cause supplies even the layman with a dependable cure and in immunization that immunizes rationally. Dependable knowledge is man's salvation; and when it can be had with as little effort as that required for a thorough understanding of the Philosophy of Toxemia there is little excuse for any man, lay or professional, to hazard ignorance of it.

   toxin-the designating poison in Toxemia-is a product of metabolism. It is a constant, being constantly generated; and when the nerve-energy is normal, it is as constantly eliminated as fast as produced.

  The body is strong or weak, as the case may be, depending entirely on whether the nerve-energy is strong or weak. And it should be remembered that the functions of the body are carried on well or badly according to the amount of energy generated.

Importance of Nerve Energy

   Without nerve-energy the functions of the various organs of the body cannot be carried on.  Secretions are necessary for preparing the building-up material to take the place of worn-out tissue. The worn-out tissue must be removed---eliminated--from the blood as fast as it is formed, or it accumulates, and, as it is toxic, the system will be poisoned. This becomes a source of enervation.

   Elimination of the waste-products of tissue-building is just as necessary as the building-up process. As these two important functions depend on each other, and as both depend on the proper amount of nerve-energy to do their work well, it behooves all people who would enjoy life and health to the full to understand in what way they may be frugal in using nerve-energy so that they may learn how to live conservatively or prudently, thereby enjoying the greatest menial and physical efficiency, and also the longest life. (See chapter on "Enervating habits.")

  To the ignorant, thoughtless, and sensual such suggestion and advice will seem unnecessary, or perhaps the whims or preachments of a crochety person, or the qualms of a sated sensualist; but it is the writer's belief that the more sober and thoughtful will welcome a knowledge that will help them to become masters of themselves. So far the masses have trusted their health and life to a profession that has failed to make good. I say this advisedly; for now the supposed masters in the profession are looking for the causes of disease, and it should be obvious to any thinking mind that, until the cause of disease is found, certainly no dependable advice can be given as to how to avoid disease.

  Sixty-seven years of independent thinking, unbiased by sect or creed, have enabled me to discover the true cause of disease; and it is so simple that even a child can learn to protect itself against the said-to-be "diseases peculiar to children."

   "These are the times that try men's souls."  If Tom Paine were here now, he would change the wording of that line to read "These are the times that try men's nerves." Nerve-energy and good money are the commodities that are spent very rapidly these days. Chasing the dollar causes great waste of energy; and the dollar has been chased so much that it has developed wanderlust to such a degree that men enervate themselves catching up with a few, but prostrate themselves endeavoring to break them of their wanderlust.  There are many ways to use up nerve-energy. It should be the ambition of everybody to conserve all the nerve-energy possible for the extraordinary amount required to keep the speeding-up necessary to adjust humanity to the automobile pace. This will come in time.

   Man adjusted himself to the change from the ox-cart, Dobbin the flea-bitten, string-halt, and blind, and the steamboats, on which our forebears took their honeymoon trips, to the "steam cars" and high-steping bays and family carriage.

    Many will go into the hands of the receiver before the nervous system becomes adjusted to high power automobiles and flying machines.

   Without nerve-energy the functions of the body cannot be carried on properly. The present-day strenuousness causes enervation, which checks elimination, and the retained toxins bring on Toxemia.

    Everything that acts on the body uses energy. Cold and heat require the expenditure of nerve-energy to adjust the body to the changes. After middle life, those who would keep well and live to be old must have a care concerning keeping warm and avoid chilling of the body. They must let up on table pleasures and practice self-restraint in all ways. Allowing the feet to be cold for any length of time--allowing the body to chill when a top-coat would prevent--is using up nerve-energy very fast.

   Work with worry will soon end in flagging energy--enervation. As no provision is made for the demand of an extra supply of energy at a given time, it is necessary, very necessary, to know how to conserve what we have and build more.

Conservation of Energy THE Greatest Therapeutic Measure

Now that I have found that enervation is the source of the cause of the only disease (Toxemia) to which mankind is heir, it is easy to see that the so-called science of medicine, as practiced, is an ally extraordinary of all the causes of enervation, and becomes a builder of disease instead of curing or ameliorating man's sufferings. Every so-called cure in its very nature causes enervation. Evan the drugs used to relieve pain end in making a greater pain, and sometimes kill. The drugs to relief cough in pneumonia sometimes kill the patient. Removing stone from the gall-bladder does not cure the cause, and more stones form.

  Rests from habits that enervate is the only way to put nature in line for curing. Sleep and rest of body and mind are necessary to keep a sufficient supply of energy. Few people in active life rest enough.

Why Enervation Is THE Cause AND Not THE Disease

Enervation per se is not disease. Weakness, lost power, is not disease; but by causing a flagging of the elimination of tissue-waste, which is toxic, the blood becomes charged with toxin, and this we call Toxemia-poison in the blood. This is disease, and when the toxin accumulates beyond the toleration-point, a certain crisis takes place:  which means that the poison is being eliminated. This we call disease, but it is not. The only  disease is Toxemia and what we call diseases are the symptoms produced by a forced vicarious elimination of toxin through the mucus membrane.

    when the elimination takes place through the mucous membrane of the nose, it is called a cold--catarrh of the nose; and where these crisis are repeated for years, the mucus membrane thickens and ulcerates, and the bones enlarge, closing the passage, etc. At this stage hay-fever or asthma develops. When the throat and tonsils, or any of the respiratory passages, become the seat of the crisis of Toxemia, we have croup, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, etc. What is in a name? All are symptoms of the expulsion of toxin from the blood at the different points named, and are essentially of the same character and evolving from the one cause--namely, Toxemia--crisis of Toxemia.

   This description can be extended to every organ of the body; for any organ that is enervated below the average standard from stress or habit, from work or worry, from injury, or from whatever cause, may become the location of crisis of Toxemia. The symptoms presented differ with each organ affected; and that gives color to the belief that every symptom-complex is a separate and distinct disease. But thanks to the new light shed upon nomenclature (naming disease) by the Philosophy of Toxemia, every symptom-complex goes back to the one and only cause of all so-called diseases-namely, Toxemia.

    The symptoms that are called gastritis (catarrh of the stomach) are very unlike the symptoms of cystitis (catarrh of the urinary bladder) ; yet both are caused by crisis of Toxemia--both become the location for the vicarious elimination of toxin from the blood.

     It should be obvious to the discerning how extraordinarily illogical it is to treat catarrh of the nose as a local disease; or, when crisis are repeated until ulceration takes places, and the mucous membrane becomes so sensitive that rust and pollen cause sneezing and watering of the eyes--symptoms called hay-fever to treat these symptoms as a distinct disease caused by pollen. Rest and total abstinence from food, liquid and solid, and reforming all enervating habits, will restore nerve-energy; the elimination of toxin through the natural channels will take place, and full health will return. This state will remain permanently if the erstwhile victim of hay-fever, or any other so-called , will "stay-put."


   The first elimination of toxin through the nose is called a cold. When this elimination is continuous, with exacerbation--toxin crisis (fresh colds) occasionally, ulceration takes place, bony spurs form, and hay-fever develops. These are symptoms of toxin elimination.  The cause is the same from the first cold to hay-fever.  The catarrhal discharge that continues throughout the interims of fresh colds (crisis of Toxemia) is chronic catarrh, named such in medical nomenclatures, and treated locally as though it were an independent, fiendish entity; when the truth is that the victim of so-called chronic catarrh  keeps his system enervated by tobacco, alcohol, sugar and sweets of all kinds, coffee, tea, excessive eating of butter and bread, too much rich cooking, excessive eating of all foods, etc. (See chapter on "Causes of Enervation."

   keeping the system enervated prevents the reestablishment in full of elimination through the normal excretory organs. The organism, as time runs on, becomes more tolerant of toxin, and the "catching-cold habit" shows fewer (colds) crisis of Toxemia. A greater number of the mucous membranes are requisitioned to carry out vicarious elimination. The whole organization begins to show deterioration. The so-called chronic diseases begin to manifest. In catarrh of the stomach the mucous membrane takes on thickening, hardening, ulceration, and cancer--all described in the nomenclature of medical science as so many distinctive diseases. But they are no more distinctive than President Washington was distinct from the boy George who cut down his father's cherry tree. Cancer was once the symptom-complex of a so-called cold; but, according to the Philosophy of Toxemia, it is the end of many crisis of Toxemia, As the crisis continued, symptoms changed, in accordance with the organic degeneration caused by the crisis of Toxemia.

   Every so-called disease has the same inception, evolution, and maturity, differing only as the organic structure involved differs.

   Treating the various symptom-complexes as distinct entities is fully as scientific as salving the end of a dog's tail for its sore ear.

  All diseases are the same fundamentally.  The cause travels back to Toxemia, caused by enervation, which checked elimination; and enervating habits of body and mind are the primary causes of lost resistance--enervation.

  Every chronic disease starts with Toxemia and a toxemic crisis. The crisis are repeated until organic changes take place. The chain of symptoms range from cold or catarrh to Bright's disease, tuberculosis, cancer, syphilis, ataxia, and other so-called diseases; all from beginning to end, symptoms of the cumulative effects of crisis of Toxemia.

    If you have studied this like a school course and understand it, your life will never be the same. In that case if you would like to make a donation so I can continue to educate others, please see my page called PROOF. And teach others so that one day all will know THE TRUE CAUSE OF DISEASE. This is the only way to stop the vaccine and drug racket--forever.

Jim (Dandy) O'Kelly

Founder of the new,

Anti-vaccination League of America

and the NO SHOTS NO SCHOOL NOT TRUE movement,

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