This newspaper is from the year Jan. 13,  1883. Here  it is in black and white the stupidity of Jenner and his followers and the Doctors who practice and believe in it today. Taking pus from a cow and putting it into a child. The foundation of all vaccines sold today.


Webster's Shorter School Dictionary. 1927. virus, n. The poison of an infectious disease.

Thorndike Century Dictionary. 1935. 1. venom.2. A poison produced in a person suffering from a disease, as small-pox virus.

Webster's New Practical Dictionary. 1951. 1. venom. 2. The poison matter of a disease, as the virus of small-pox.

Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English language. 1957. virus. 1. venom. 2. A poison that is produced in the body by a disease.

let's think about this poison that the body produces in a diseased state. Using the true definition of the word virus, read that as small-pox pus. The pus is the poison produced by the body in the disease called small-pox.

That pus is the result of the disease, not the cause. Jenner used the pus from a sick person and claimed that if he injected (scarified) it into a healthy person that the pus would prevent the disease. Jenner believed  that the result of disease (pus) was the cause of disease AND the prevention of disease. He didn't know the difference between cause and result. This is why the medical profession has not ever prevented or cured anyone of any disease. It's like saying that a cancerous tumor was the cause of itself, and than cutting out the tumor and making it into a vaccine and claiming it will prevent cancer.


​So how do they make experimental animals sick with an infection that they use in their sick experiments. They inject chemicals or use x-rays to make the animals infected in the laboratory. Than they use the infection to make their vaccines. The infection is listed in the ingredient list as virus or DNA.

It is dangerous to be right

on a subject which

the established authorities

are wrong


Great spirits have always encountered

violent opposition

from mediocre minds.

 -Albert  Einstein


Notice it says magnified 100,000 times with the electron microscope. The vaccine inserts say they have 'living virus' in them. They are lying. If the masses believe in living viruses and that they are a cause of disease, then the vaccine racket will go on forever. If you believe in viruses or not, the first thing you MUST know is that a "living virus" is a living lie.   The only real pictures of the so-called virus are like the one above. Black and white pictures. They all will say magnified by an electron microscope as much as 180,000 times. All color pictures etc. are COMPUTOR GENERATED or what is called an "artist conception" (A fraud). Or in plain English--bull shit.

The "fuzzy white sphere" is not what people think-a live or dead agent like a bacteria. It is what is called a pellet. It is the solid part of the infection they used that has been separated by a centrifuge machine.

Here is the Function of the Electron Microscope straight from the Manufacture.

"The electron microscope is capable of revealing details as much as 1000 times smaller than visible in light microscopes because the wavelengths of electrons are much shorter than those of light. Transmission electron microscopes make it possible to explore cell structures and large protein molecules. Because beams of electrons can pass through thin samples, cells and tissues MUST BE CUT INTO ULTRA THIN SLICES BEFORE THEY CAN BE EXAMINED UNDER A MICROSCOPE.  With scanning electron microscopes, a pencil like beam of electrons is scanned over the surface of a specimen. For images, specimens do not have to be cut into thin slices to be visualized. The scanning electron microscope produces scanning three-dimensional images of cells. Because electrons are easily scattered by molecules in the air, samples examined in both types of electron microscopes must be placed in a vacuum in order to be studied. As a result, researchers chemically preserve their samples first and then remove all the water before placing them in the microscope. This means that electron microsopy can be used to visualize only non-living preserved cells and tissues."

One doesn't have to be a scientist or doctor to understand the way an electron microscope works.  Any intelligent 10 year old can understand the words, "THIS MEANS THAT ELECTRON MICROSOPY CAN BE USED TO VISULIZE ONLY NON-LIVING PRESERVED CELLS AND TISSUES.

​No one has EVER seen a live virus, because they don't exist.



The Medical system is corrupt and  rigged  in order to control the people and make money by keeping people sick.