Infantile Paralysis and poliomyelitis were not the same.

The pictures below are from Dr. Robert Lovett, M.D. He was the first doctor to write a book on infantile paralysis. The year was 1917. Dr. Lovett wrote this the year the country had  the highest number of cases of infantile paralysis. The name of the book is, "TREATMENT OF INFANTILE PARALYSIS." I have shown these pictures to many people over the years, including chiropractors. No one has ever seen this condition before. Those of you who have my book have seen a few of these pictures which I included in the book to give you an idea of the greatest fraud ever committed.

The three pictures of kids below them on crutches are from the 1950s. They were promoted by the National foundation for Infantile Paralysis as having polio. There were two frauds involved in the infantile paralysis -polio kids. One in 1955.  Jonas Salk led by Thomas Rivers of the Rockefeller company deceived the entire world as to the cause of polio. In 1955, 200 kids were made sick and 10 died after being injected. There were probably more, but were suppressed as President Ike said he didn't want to hear of another vaccine damaged child. The government stopped the program and met in secret with Salk, Rivers and others. Their plan was how to save their ass. How to save the medical profession from losing the trust of the American people. This was accomplished by blaming the Cutter company for improperly making the poison. The truth is ALL the vaccine company's reported cases of kids being damaged. The Cutter company was the only company that was independent of the Rockefeller company.

The man who lied to save his ass  as well the medical profession, Salk and Rivers was Dr. Leonard Scheele, the United states Surgeon General. See page 312 of the book, Breakthrough  THE SAGA OF JONAS SALK by Richard Carter. (1965)  The government then, like now didn't care what happened to the kids as long as they saved their reputation.

Again here is the virus farm. Taking pus from the cow and putting it into a child. This is the origin of ALL vaccinations. Which is not done anymore. The word vacca means cow. They used cow pus to vaccinate. That is not done any more. Now they use other poisons(virus) (pus)to make their shots up.

This was in Harpers Magazine 1894.

This is what they called polio in the 1950s. It was not paralyzed limbs,  The majority of these cases were muscle weakness. See Sister Kenny page.

Polio in the 1950s was promoted on television, radio and all major magazines. Because of that people were led to believe that it was a widespread disease that was caught.

​Here are figures reported by the POLIO NETWORk NEWS in the WINTER of 1991. Vol. 7, No.1.

​1952 was promoted as the worst year of polio. Two years before the field trial of Jonas Salk.

​Number of Paralytic cases, 21,269----Non-paralytic cases 36,610.

​First line of deception is these two numbers are added and reported as 57,879.

​What most people don't think of is what the population was in 1952. It was just over 160 million. Even if those figures were factual you can see how rare the condition was. But the fact is that most of those cases as seen by the pictures were not infantile paralysis. Read the page on Sister Kenny who proved that the 1950's cases were just muscle weakness.


Notice the huge difference  in the number of cases from year to year. The "virus that they said caused polio must have had a severe reproduction problem.

 Here is the real virus, before the definition was changed by Rivers. A bucket of pus and scabs.   Cow pox pus is the poison.(virus)