Catherine Lynn O'Kelly

Born     October 26, 1962

Murdered  June 14, 2004

Vaccines destroyed her body and mind.

Injections of cortisone crippled her.

Dr. Shelton's treatment added 30 years to her life.

The Allopathic drugs killed her.(Deliberate)

Picture on the right-before vaccination.

And  after "modern medicine" treatment.

​Proof at the end of this page.. 


When I was young I believed in the medical profession. Like most people I was programmed to believe doctors actually cured people, and drugs were a good thing. This belief was nourished and fed to me by my school officials, neighbors, the school nurse, Doctor T.V. shows and well meaning friends. What I didn't know was that they too were victims of all the brainwashing promoted by those who make money by selling drugs. I really thought the Government protected its people from predators. What a wake-up call I had.

     My step-father used to tell me when I was a teenager that this country was all about money. I didn't believe him and would argue with him all the time. Here was a man with a 6th grade education. What could he know. I would later find out he knew a lot. I now realize he had a great deal of experience and common sense. Common sense seems to be educated out of most people today. It took me a long time to realize that the masses were being programmed by the medical profession via the school system, media and drug companies. Then at some point in my life I realized that a person could be considered an expert in their profession, the Arts and Sciences, be intelligent in many subjects, but be totally ignorant about the cause of disease. Our lifestyle would make us sick and we were taught that germs and viruses were the cause. All we had to do was take some drugs and we would be healthy again.  This idea was promoted by those who knew that about 80% percent of all diseases go away even if you do nothing. We have been misled by the drug companies for a long time.

    I have dealt with the medical profession for over 40 years. In just a few pages I will explain why I have become Anti-Vaccine, and Anti-medical which promotes the antiquated barbaric treatment of poisoning the body to "prevent disease" and restore health.

    When my daughter was about six years old, we took her to a doctor for a small-pox shot. Why did I do this. Because everyone said we should do it. Well-meaning but brainwashed friends and relatives said it was a life-saving thing to do, that it prevented small-pox, a terrible disease. This is what is still happening today, (2004) (2016)some 40 years later. More people are aware of the damage vaccines do now because unfortunately more children are suffering from VCD-DD (vaccine caused disease, disability and death.

     Shortly after the shot her knees became swollen. She developed a lump in the side of her neck about the size of a small egg. She couldn't turn her neck all the way to the right and her right index finger wouldn't close all  the way. We didn't relate these problems to the shots at that time and no one mentioned it as a possible cause. So we did what any programmed person would do. We took her to a medical doctor. I had never heard of any other type of doctor at that time.  He said she had some fluid on her knees and he would drain the fluid. He then said he was going to inject cortisone into her knees. He said this would reduce the swelling and prevent any pain she might have. We totally trusted him as we were programmed by the medical system to do. We had no clue as to how dangerous this drug was and the doctor never told us about the effects this drug could cause. Every month we brought Cathy back for more injections. This was done for about a year. She was looking worse after each injection. Her eyes became dull. Her skin color was pale. After all those injections, both kneecaps became dislocated. I asked the doctor, why was she getting worse with what your doing? I got my first, where did you get your medical license from. He wasn't happy with my questions and I wasn't happy with his answers. Then he said she had Arthritis , which he said was an old people's disease and had no clue as to cause. When he admitted that he couldn't cure Cathy, I thought that I should go to the experts, the Arthritis Foundation. I reasoned that the experts in arthritis would know how to cure her. I was referred to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. They said it was the best hospital in the country.

     On admission day a young doctor came over to my wife and took her by the hand over to a chair and began firing questions at her( My wife was as they say today, hot.) I walked over to him and he looked up and ask me if I needed help? I said yes, you can, I am her husband and Cathy's father, and you should be including me in this conversation. ( My wife was easily influenced and didn't like confrontations) He got up and walked away. A few minutes later a woman came up to me and said in a very stern tone, I am Dr. Loraine Pockman, the doctor in charge. She then told me in no uncertain terms that if they needed any information from me they would let me know and told me to go wait in the hall. My Irish was boiling over, but I really thought they could cure Cathy, so I did what I was told. I went into the hall. I turned around and spotted a framed newspaper story with Dr. Pockman's picture in it. The main point in the story was Dr. Pockman saying that she believed that the most important thing between patient and doctor was communication. That was my first wake-up call. I couldn't believe the way I was being treated. But I still trusted them.

   They checked Cathy out and put her legs in a cast. This they said would allow the swelling to go  down and they could put pins in her knees to hold the kneecaps in place. At that time it sounded reasonable, but I no longer trusted the doctor.

   This doctor also said that Cathy had arthritis, but they said it could be Collagens disease or maybe Lupus. They couldn't be sure. Later in life I sold health Insurance. Many of my customers had similar stories to tell. Unless you have a definite cancer or dropped dead of a heart attack they really don't know. The majority of " modern medicine" is just a guessing game. As I have learned over the years that "modern medicine" was born hundreds of years ago in superstition and ignorance and remains there today.

   So I asked Dr. Pockman what she would do to cure Cathy. She told me there was no cure for arthritis and we would have to learn to live with it. I was shocked by her answer. I remember saying, but she is a child. Arthritis is a disease of old people. How could she get it?  Dr. Pockman said that it was rare, but kids get it too. I left that day in despair. I kept saying to myself, there must be a reason for this. There has to be a way to cure my daughter. I refused to accept it.

   Dr Pockman said she was going to give Cathy 10 aspirin's a day. She said that would bring down the swelling of the knees down. Then they could put some kind of pins in to hold the kneecaps in place so she could walk. My gut feeling kicked in. I had never heard of any adult taking that many aspirins in one day, much less a child. It just didn't sound right to me. The next day I bought a book just on aspirin. I read the whole book that night. The main message of the book was that aspirin could be so dangerous that if it were just invented it would be available by prescription only. I drove to the hospital the next day. I asked the doctor who was going to do the operation, if Cathy was deficient in vitamin C? He said yes. Little did I know that she was probably deficient in everything. So I asked the question that I had read in the aspirin book. Doctor, doesn't aspirin kill vitamin C? He said yes it does. Then I asked why would you give it to her? His answer was wake-up call number two. He said because that is standard procedure in these types of cases. I must have had a dumb-founded look on my face, as he said its ok, trust me. I walked away thinking yea, right. I was beginning to form the opinion that these people had no clue as to what they were doing. I didn't need a degree to understand that "We don't know the cause and we can't cure the disease, but we will give drugs and operate" was an admission of gross ignorance.

    So I headed straight up to Cathy's room. I told her that they were going to give her a lot of aspirins. I told her they could be bad for her. I said when the nurse brings them, tell her you will take them soon and just leave them. I told her to flush them down the toilet. About a week later, the nurse came in and said to me "I have great news". She said that the aspirin had brought the swelling down and they would be operating in a week. That was my 3rd wake-up call.

    In the meantime I had stumbled on a strange book. It was called," There is a cure for arthritis." I read the entire book that night. Its author was Paavo O. Airola, N.D. He said things that I had never heard in my life. At first I thought he was a nutcase,  but the more I read the more it made sense to me. The main points were that the wrong diet can cause disease and that fasting could cure disease. After reading the book I went to a Health food store. In those days people were called health-nuts. I felt funny going in there, but I was determined to investigate these claims. I knew in my heart and soul that there was a common sense answer to the cause of my daughter's problem. I was rock solid that she wasn't going to learn to live with her condition and spend her life taking drugs. So at the health store I bought a couple of books on health. These books also hammered home the idea that the wrong food was the cause of disease. Growing up on what I now know was wrong food, I fed my daughter even worse food. To me food was food. But then I thought that I and everybody I knew grew up on the same food, so why didn't their kids have illness like Cathy did.( update. Actually the food my friends were fed were good compared to how I was raised)

  Then it hit me like a lightening bolt. One of the books talked about how vaccines can cause disease. I thought of when they gave Cathy the small-pox shot. The nurse said the first jab wasn't good and gave her a second shot. I remember the stuff running down her arm. That was my 4th wake-up call.

   By this time I was investigating a place in Texas called Dr. Shelton's Health School. His method of treatment was fasting and organic fruits and vegetables. Because I learned to research and investigate things that were important I called the County Better Business Bureau in Texas. The second I mentioned Dr. Shelton's name, the lady came un-glued. "No don't go there! They starve people to death. Shelton has been indicted for murder and she ranted and raved. Well I can tell you my feathers don't get ruffled easy, but this lady got to me. When I calmed down I called the BBB in Florida. There was another place listed in the book there. The lady on the phone was very business-like and said the place had been in business so many years and their treatment was all about fasting and food. After I hung up I figured Shelton wasn't real popular with the people in his city. So I read a few more books. I made the decision to send Cathy down there with my wife. I was not going to put Cathy through an operation while she still had the disease. That just didn't make sense to me.


    So I made an appointment at Dr. Shelton's. Then I went to the" greatest hospital in the country" and told them they would not be doing any operation on Cathy. I told them it didn't make any sense to operate if you can't cure her disease. (I believed in cures then) I did not tell them what I was planning to do.

  All hell broke loose. Dr. Pockman came storming in the office. In front of Cathy this woman said," you had    better take your daughter home and work with her mind because she will never get out of that wheelchair." My temperature hit the boiling point. As a salesman I knew the power of suggestion. To say something like that to a child, well I can't say the words to describe my feelings toward Dr. Pockman. I still get angry when I think about it. I just looked at her and blurted out bull shit. You people haven't got the slightest idea of what caused Cathy's condition or how to cure it, and left.

   I had to fight with my wife to take Cathy to Texas. In the 1970s the idea of food or vaccines being the cause of disease was ridiculous according to the medical profession and fasting was the same as starvation. I felt in my heart and mind that what the then called quacks were saying made more sense than what the doctors were doing.

   So I went to my boss and told him the story. His name was Howard Kauffman, a very smart man. I said I needed an advance to send my wife and daughter to Texas. He talked with me for a long time. He thought it was foolish and a dangerous thing to do, but if my mind was made up, he would lend me the money. To put this in perspective the hospital charged $3000.00 for a month. Dr. Shelton charged $600.00 for a month.

  I told my wife what harm would it do to go without food for a few days. If you get concerned just hop on the plane and come home. I told her about my Irish Setter that I had when I was a kid. One time the dog was sick. He went and laid down in the field next to the house. I brought him both food and water. He drank the water but didn't touch the food. I was afraid my dog would die if he didn't eat. When I expressed my concern to my mother, she said don't worry, Mother Nature knows what she is doing. My mom was right, in a few days the dog was his old self again.

    When Cathy came out of Children's Hospital she was in a wheelchair. She walked with a limp. Her eyes were dull. Her face vey pale. She had limited motion in both her neck and right index finger. Right before I told them we were leaving they wanted to give her gold shots. There is no question in my mind that if I would continued with their treatments that she would have died before she was a teenager.

    My wife had never read any of the health books, and thought I was crazy, but agreed to go. On the second day of the fast, I received a phone call from Dr. Vivian Vetrano from Dr. Shelton's Health School. She said I have good news and bad news with a slight laugh. The good news is that your daughter is vomiting black bile and the bad news is your wife is out of control. Now its funny, but wasn't at that time. I asked her what do you want to do?  She said I want to break the fast and calm your wife down and resume the fast again. I said ok and had a talk with my wife. Cathy fasted for 14 days(water only) then was fed fruits and vegetables for two weeks. My money ran out and I had to bring her home. Otherwise I would have kept her there for as long as it would have taken to train her and my wife in healthy living. She came back looking the picture of health. She could move her neck and finger all the way. Her eyes were bright and clear as the stars. Her skin color looked very healthy. They were even able to move her kneecaps in place, but they couldn't stay in place as the cortisone had eaten away the part that held them in place.

   So I called Children's hospital and asked to make an appointment for a checkup. I never told them where she had been or the treatment. I just wanted their opinion to find out what state of health Cathy was in. They did some test. Doctor Pockman came up to me and said it was a miracle. There was no signs of arthritis. All test results were good.

   In my joy, I foolishly thought I needed to tell them where we had been. I actually thought  that they must not know about fasting. When I told Dr. Pockman my story, she got right up in my face and said," if voodoo works, so be it" and walked away. That was my 5th and final wake-up call. I knew right then and there that these people had no clue and didn't want to know the cause and cure of disease. After all you can't make any money telling people to eat fruits and vegetables to build and maintain health and go to bed when you are sick and let mother Nature do her house cleaning.

   So with a diagnoses of restored health we took Cathy to Shriners in ST. Louis to have pins put in her knees. This was done. However no one told us that the pins would only be good for about 10 years. It was about 25 years before the knees began to hurt when she walked. So she quit walking. She laid in bed and her husband carried her to the couch and they watched TV all day, day in and day out. Her husband was legally blind and their lifestyle was TV, eating Frankenstein foods, and for a while drugs. They had two children. Christina and Jenny. They should not have had any. The two kids, both girls grew up in a home atmosphere that I cannot explain. It was what you would see in the movies. So I will fast forward a few years. The oldest one(Crissy)  would sit in her room and stare at the wall for hours at a time. Jenny with the blessing of her father was running the house. My daughter would lie in bed and scream at the husband to take care of the kids. It was so bad that they were evicted from three different apartments, because Jenny was throwing fits all the time. Jenny was in control of the house. There weren't too many days that my daughter didn't call asking me what can she do. The police were called in many times. After a while my daughter's hands crippled up. I believe this was caused by extreme stress from the frustration she was having in trying to maintain some kind of order. I can remember how Cathy used to clinch her fist when she was angry. People came in to clean from a state agency. They did as little as possible besides helping themselves to the food.

    Finally it got so bad that I was able to convince my daughter and her husband that the kids should be removed from the home and placed in a Christian home. They were both improving in the Christian home. A year later Chris turned 18. That was the maximum age to be in the home. She had to go back home. She suffers a lot of problems to this day.(2016) Jenny came home for a short visit. She convinced her father to let her come back home. She said she was a new Jenny and had changed. Every day I took the father for a walk. I tried to convince him that it was a bad idea to let her come back. It was like talking to a wall. He let her come home. They let the kids watch movies like Freddy Kruger and the Exorcist. Jenny who was controlling the house said she was seeing images in the house. They took her to Porter Stark, a place for people with mental problems. They said she had a chemical imbalance. They put her on drugs. She became more controlling. They diagnosed her with Schizophrenia. It was soon after that she was placed in an institution, where she is today(2016). Another life wasted by the drug and medical business.

    The condition of the home was unimaginable. I went there one day to visit. It was summer. The door was open. I heard my daughter screaming from her bedroom at Chris. I stayed by the door to listen. The screaming never stopped. It was Crissy did you do this.? Crissy did you do that? It was pure badgering. I now knew why Chris was like that. My daughter was in bed. She was lying in filth. I went home and told my wife that Cathy had to go to a nursing home. At least she would be taken care of. We did that. Chris eventually moved in with some guy. Jenny was transferred from one facility to another and kept on drugs. She has tried to kill herself a number of times.

     This was a 30 year ongoing day to day situation. My daughters life was ruined by vaccines and drugs.My grandchildren's lives were ruined, not to mention the toll it took on my wife, son and myself. (update) ( Cathy's husband also has died. He spent the last two years of his life in a nursing home.  In order to explain all the stupidity  of the medical profession, I would have to write a book. My daughter went to doctors many times in her life. But she would never change her lifestyle. Maybe because of vaccine damage she couldn't reason or think right. I have been thrown out of more doctor's offices than most people go to.

    When we placed Cathy in the nursing home, they did take better care of her, however I bumped heads with the nurses and Doctors constantly. Cathy had only taken aspirin and ibuprofen for her discomfort. She was never in pain until the last, when her joints were sore and weak.  She had refused  steroids as she knew what the cortisone had done to her knees. In the nursing home she had to be lifted  in and out of the wheelchair whenever she had something to do. The problem was the doctor and nurses; they wanted to give her steroids. They were always telling her that she would die or get brain cancer if she didn't take them. I got into it with these people on many occasions. Cathy was wasting away. She always had mucus in her throat and lungs. About twice a year they would scare her and take her to the hospital. At the hospital they would do more of the same, tests, threats and intimidation and then bring her back to the nursing home.


What you are reading from this point on are the notes I took while they were planning on how to end my daughter's life.


On April 27, 2004 Cathy was admitted by the nursing home to our local hospital. The reason for admission, fever with temperature of 100 to 103. Decreased appetite. Test bone marrow biopsy. CT scan of chest. Released on May 6,2004.

On May 16, Cathy was ordered back to the hospital. The reason, high grade fever. At 8pm I had a phone conversation with Dr. Shaw. He said Cathy should have a blood transfusion and if she didn't he would discharge her back to the nursing home. We went to the hospital at 9 pm. Cathy was her normal self. She said she was hungry. We went home, thinking everything was ok. Dr. Shaw had been telling her for over a year to have a blood transfusion. After doing research on it we decided it wasn't worth the risk. Dr. Shaw called at 1.50 am. He said if Cathy didn't have a blood transfusion right away she would die. I knew something was wrong, but said do it and rushed to the hospital. Something wasn't right. We rushed over there. Dr. Shaw was waiting for us in the hallway. He said Cathy needed blood and surgery. He held out a paper and said sign this. Then they brought Cathy out of the room. I went to her. She was unresponsive. Her eyes were open. It was like she was dead. The next thing I remember was a Dr. Knowlin telling us he was going to do a tracheotomy. He said he didn't know if Cathy would survive the operation. He came out about an hour later and said she is alive but had suffered a heart attack during the intubation. We had no idea of what they did or what happened and when we saw Cathy she was on life support, unable to speak. We weren't getting any answers and what they were saying didn't make sense.

May 23. We still had no answers. They were avoiding me. I talked with a nurse who had been there for 27 years. She advised us to go to the ethics committee. She said that even she knew that Cathy's mouth wouldn't open wide enough to insert the tube. She stated that this would never have happened if she and her Dr. were on the case. When I told the doctor this, that nurse was said to be on vacation.

May 24. We had a meeting with Supervisor Lynn Kowert and a nurse. I demanded to know what happened. I asked for the records. I asked why was she intubated in the first place. I wanted to change doctor's. She said she would look into it. All we got were excuses.

May 25. We had a meeting with Dr. Shaw and Lynn Kowert. Dr. Shaw said Cathy had cardiac arrest while being intubated. Dr. Shaw said he was not in the hospital that night. He said he received 2 telephone calls that night. He said he came to the hospital about 1am. He was talking a mile a minute. It was difficult to question him. He said Cathy was given no drugs that night.(update) That was not true.

May 26. A doctor called. He wanted to test Cathy's cortisol level and give her ACTH. When I said no steroids, he wanted to give the test anyway. He said there were no side effects and it would extend her life.

May 26. Dr. Shaw had a conversation with Cathy. After he left, Cathy wrote on paper, the doctor said if I didn't take the drugs I would die. She didn't want him to be her doctor. So I told him he was fired The next day he is still there. I went out and asked him why he was there. I went down to the records office and asked for the records. They said they couldn't give them to me. I went back to her room and was told Suzette Mahneke, vice president of the hospital and Amy Patterson wanted to talk to me. Miss Mahneke said there was a problem and things could not continue going the way they were going. Miss Patterson said the staff was on edge and couldn't do their job. Miss Patterson said they didn't want to get permission every time they wanted to give a drug or do a test. Miss Patterson said they contacted their lawyer and he said getting admitted to a hospital is giving them permission to be treated by what the doctors feel is best. She said standard practice doesn't require permission. Miss Patterson stated their lawyer said I could be charged with practicing medicine without a license. She finished by saying we could take Cathy somewhere else.

May 27. Janet Pakish, patient advocate returned my call. She started off by saying if we were not happy with them or what was going on, why don't we take Cathy to another hospital.

May 28. I gave a copy of Cathy's bill of Rights to Lynn Cowert, Floor Director. I had bought and read a copy of the patients rights by a lawyer.

May 29. Dr. Mohiideen called and asked if I wanted to have another meeting. By this time I had decided that I would not deal with these people and spend time with my daughter and help her make the best decisions as she was constantly being intimidated. I said I was writing a letter that Cathy will read and sign about her rights and I will give it to you. At no time during this conversation did he tell me that he was the one who did the intubation.

May 30. I had a meeting with Dr. Mohideen and two nurses. He admitted(under pressure) he was the one who did the intubation. He said Cathy had been given two drugs before the intubation. He didn't take my paper with questions I had written down.

Cathy was still on Difucan today. I told the floor nurse to take her off as Cathy never consented to it. Nurse Shiela said they put Cathy on Gentamycin.  Cathy is afraid because they keep telling her she won't get better or she wil die if she doesn't take the drugs. Nurse Sheila said Cathy was also on vancomycin . The printout says gentamycin increases the risk of kidney damage when taken with vancomycin. My wife said no one to this day has explained what happened the first night. I asked what happened at 10 and 11 that first night when Dr. Shaw was called. I wanted to know what the nurses notes said. If Cathy's condition was getting worse, the nurse would have written it down. And why did Dr. Shaw not show up till 1am if she was in danger. They  never answered the question I gave Dr. Mohideen  a copy of Cathy's Bill of Rights.

May 31. Dr Mohideen called, he said Cathy refused all medications. Cathy said tonight a nurse wanted to give her nine different drugs.

I met Dr. Bill Nowlin, the doctor who did the surgery, in the hall. I asked  him why did you say before the operation that you didn't think Cathy would survive? He said because she was in critical condition. He said he didn't know she had cardiac arrest. He thought she had respiratory failure, He said she still had the tube in her throat when he operated. I asked him what condition she was in? I told him I didn't know what happen to her. He was surprised.

June 1. Lynn Cowert  introduced me to Cathy Price who would be taking her place. Miss Price began saying that I was making decisions for Cathy and I had no right to do so. My wife at this time was talking to nurse Lisa. My wife thought Cathy's tooth was broken because of draining the mucus. Nurse Liz said no, it was probably due to the tube forced down her throat.

June 3. I called Dr. Mohideen. I asked him what happened the first day. He said Cathy stopped breathing because of her sepsis. He said he gave her an iv with fentanyl and succicline. He said he couldn't get the tube down. Later that night I received a message from the social worker. She wanted to talk about discharging Cathy. I said are you crazy. Release her to where?

I asked Cathy about that first night. She said she couldn't remember anything. Why?

June 9. Staff wanted to meet with us. There was Dr. Mohideen, Amy Tharp, Amy Patterson, Lynn Covert, Suzette Mahnexe,(vice President) Janet Packash,(advocate) and a few nurses. I asked Dr. Mohideen a lot of questions. He was very evasive. The others tried to protect him. He did admit (under pressure)that he had never informed Cathy about the side effects of the drugs he gave her. Amy Patterson said not informing the patient about side effects was standard practice. I then said so what good is your Bill of Rights?  Dr. Mohideen said Cathy's condition was shallow breathing when he intubated her. I asked him if her breathing was any different than it was a few hours before. He said he didn't know. He said her heart stopped because he was not able to put the tube in. Before this meeting a nurse named Karen said their lawyer would be at the meeting. She asked me if I wanted to cancel the meeting. I said no. I said you should have told me, I would  have brought mine. Their lawyer wasn't there. It was just another intimidation ploy.

Again Dr. Mohideen wanted to know what to do if Cathy were to stop breathing. I said I believe that is a legal question. They decided to ask Cathy. Everyone was told to put on mask and gowns, all nine of us. Up to this day no one wore any masks. Cathy didn't want to be bothered. She had been like that for a few days. Dr. Mohideen asked Cathy, do you want to be resuscitated. She shook her head no. He then asked do you want to change your feeding tube? She nodded no. He then asked do you want to take antibiotics?  She nodded no. My wife than talked to Cathy.  Cathy changed her mind about the first two. My wife asked her about the drugs twice more. Cathy clearly shook her head no. My wife called me that night and said a nurse named Karen told her that because ICU costs 8 to 10 thousands dollars a day and Cathy refused to take the drugs the government might step in and have Cathy placed in a rehab center. Cathy's husband asked Dr. Mohideen why after Cathy had taken antibiotics for two weeks they didn't take care of the problem? The Dr. said he didn't know. I then asked if a person is sick and has symptoms like fever and swelling of the lymph nodes and you give a drug which can cause the same symptoms, how would you know which caused the symptoms, the disease or the drug? He never answered. They just gave her the drugs anyway.

June 9. Dr. Mohideen admitted Cathy's heart stopped because he was not able to put the tube in. He said he didn't know about the tooth being knocked out or her split lip.

June 11. Meeting with the ethics committee. At this meeting which they made us wait for a half hour. There was Dr. Mohideen, Suzette Mahnxe and Amy Patterson. I asked the chair-person if it was standard practice to have these people at the meetings?  I asked if they had already been told their side of the story? She was obviously nervous and said yes. This was obviously planned to intimidate us. One moron said that I was influencing my daughters decisions and suggested that I stay away for a while. Another suggested that Cathy sign an agreement to take drugs for a certain number of days. Another said that I didn't have faith in the doctor. This idiot said that after I said that the medical profession deals with symptoms and hasn't a clue about cause. We weregetting nowhere. Dr. Hilmo, the chair person asked, what do you want us to do for you. I said I want you to review the charts that first day and talk to the nurse who called Dr. Shaw that night. I said we wanted to know what happened. We said we wanted a second opinion on Cathy's swollen stomach(her weight had doubled) and we wanted to take her somewhere else. Amy Patterson said no Dr. would take the case. A few days ago they were telling us to take her somewhere else.

June 12. My wife talked to Dr. Mohideen today. He said Cathy wasn't going to make it. I am thinking now as I type this 2016. He knew she wasn't going to make it. He had a plan.

June 13. Cathy was unresponsive, her arms were jerking in the air. No one told us the jerking was seizures. (update) There was 3 times the amount of vancomyacin in her blood this day. June 13. They were repeatedly told no drugs.

June 14. Cathy died.

June 30. I received a letter from Dr.Hilmo, the chair lady of the ethics committee.  It said" Everyone seemed in agreement that Cathy was competent to make her own decisions. WTF.

I bought all the records. There were no notes on the ethics committee meeting or any incidence reports. I wrote for those and was told they were not part of the patients records. So if they give you an overdose of drugs and you die, that is pulled from the record. They literally bury their mistakes, and no one ever knows, except them.

The hospital book says," you have a right to refuse any treatment and ask a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate and know the medications you take and why you take them and participate in ALL decisions about your treatment and know the risks, benefits and side effects of treatment and on and on. What good is this policy if its not followed?  What good is it if you live in a state where the patient has no legal rights?

June 29. I can visualize what happened that first night; Cathy had an incredible fear of falling when she walked. When both Bryan and I had her on each side. Her face would actually change shape. These people were brow beating her for two years to take drugs and get a blood transfusion. They were fed up with our philosophy of health. They decided to take action. Something happened that first night in the hospital. Maybe she was being forced to take drugs. She resisted. Maybe she was having a reaction to the drugs. They tried to force that oversized tube down her throat. She resisted still. They broke her tooth and split her lip and the tube got stuck in her throat. That's why they needed to operate. The surgeon didn't expect her to survive. But she did. She survived all their barbaric methods of treatment. They had to load her up with an excessive amount of drugs to kill her. She was tough all the way to the end. God bless and keep my daughter safe. God dam the doctors who killed my daughter and the nurses who covered it up or were silent.

June 25. I wrote a letter to the chief of police. I filed a complaint. A detective Horn was assigned to the case. He called me and said he had never had a case like this and had no idea what to do. A few days later I thought I would cover my basis and filed a complaint with the state of Indiana. When Detective Horn heard about it he said he would wait for the state to answer. I insisted that he investigate. He finally said flat out no. He would wait for the state to respond.

July 22,2006 I received a letter from Detective Horn. He said Linda Lay of the Attorney General's office has determined that there was no criminal wrongdoing in my daughter's death. Therefore, based on their findings, we have no recourse to conduct a criminal investigation into the death of Cathy.

I also wrote to Ron Winger, CEO of the hospital. I enclosed all my notes. He never responded.

At last resort I had an autopsy done. I wanted a toxicology test done. I contacted a Dr. out of Chicago. I thought I would find one who wasn't in bed with these people. As bad luck would have it he did have ties to this hospital. After waiting 6 months for the report, he never did the test for the drugs. I could not believe it. He was the doctor doing the autopsy at the funeral home. The minute I had mentioned they gave her vancomyacin, he said that is what knocked out her kidneys.

November, 2004. I called Indiana university Tox. Lab. The lady said the test for vancomyacin is an easy test. Any amount will show in the blood.

The doctors killed my daughter. They gave her drugs they knew would cause her kidneys to stop working and cause her death. They gave her these drugs in spite of both of my telling them on a day to day basis not to give them. The hospital covered it up. The hospital refused to give us the incidence report. The hospital refused to give us a copy of the notes from the meeting with the ethics committee. The hospital denied my daughter's right to make her own decisions. The hospital tried to deny me from being my daughters advocate. The hospital administrator threatened to charge me with practicing medicine without a license. The CEO refused to talk to me. The hospital refused to investigate the death of my daughter. The state health department says that in this state the patients have no rights. How can this be? Hospitals and doctors can cause disease, disability and death, and no one cares. There are no checks and balances to protect the people from the medical mafia? If you defraud someone out of a few dollars you can go to jail, but a doctor can get away with murder.

My daughter didn't just die in that hospital. She was deliberately killed. I wouldn't make that accusation  if I didn't have proof. Every day my daughter told the doctor and nurses that she wouldn't take steroids. This was backed up by me also everyday.  They gave them to her without consent. After they killed her it took me 6 months to get her records. Take a look at it. Anyone who has been in the medical profession knows exactly what happened, because it happens every day in every hospital.There is nothing that I have posted that I don't give the source or the proof. Those of you who really know me know I don't make shit up.

Now you know why I am in this, and will be until the day the good lord takes me out.

If you need help, don't hesitate to email  me.

Jim Novax O'Kelly

Founder of the new,

Anti-Vaccination League of America.



Every doctor in killer memorial hospital was told by my daughter that she did not want any drugs. I followed up confirming her wishes, both verbally and in writing. They gave her the drugs without our knowledge. 

Every day when she was alone and had no family members at her side, they would browbeat her into taking drugs. They said she would develop brain cancer if she didn't take them. That she would die if she didn't take their poison. There is your proof in their own words. I call it premeditated murder. They planned and knew exactly what those drugs would do. Before I could finish telling the doctor from Chicago who did the autopsy they gave her vancomycin, he said of course that's what knocked out her kidneys.

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