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​Page 2. The disease is so uncommon that a score (20) or more recognized cases out of every 100m000 population is regarded as an epidemic.

Our enemy is a tiny virus which can't be seen. 

Sister Kenny deserves much of the credit for the modern treatment of polio." You know why most people have never heard of sister Kenny? Because she died in 1952.

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The story behind the polio vaccine  THE NATIONAL FOUNDATION for INFANTILE PARALYSIS  JAN  1955

Page 2. "It was known that the cause of the disease was a virus.  In 1949 Dr. John F. Enders found a way to grow polio virus in non-nervous tissue." From his own mouth. "The virus consisted of suspension of infected mouse brain."  Google The Cultivation of the poliomyelitis viruses in tissue culture. John Enders December 11, 1954

So then I googled Ebay. I searched for everything listed with smallpox, polio and virus. Here is a list of books I found.




                                 (INFANTILE PARALYSIS)




"The specific cause of poliomyelitis is a minute microorganism, The so-called virus, capable of cultivation vitro on suitable media."  He calls it the so-called virus, sounds like he doesn't believe it either.

Sources of the Virus.

In the human body the virus has been found: (a) in the tissues and secretions of persons dead of poliomyelitis, namely, in the brain, the spinal cord, the mesenteric glands, the tonsils, and in the mucous secretions of the nas0-pharynx, the trachea, and in the intestines. (b) In the secretions of persons acutely ill with poliomyelitis, namely, in the naso-pharyngeal secretions and in the washings of the rectum. 

Monkeys may be experimentally infected by injection of the virus directly into the brain"

In the source of his virus remember that he doesn't understand he is talking about the result of the disease. The infection. And the infection did not cause itself. Then he speaks of artificially creating disease by injecting the result of polio into an animal. So you have 2 causes of disease, the natural cause and the artificial cause, The artificial cause is them injecting poison into an animal. The natural cause is something they had no clue about.

​​To those who fought and died so that we may learn the truth about vaccinations.  My 50 years of research.  A small part of my library.

How they make animals sick with drugs and than lie about the virus being alive. what they are calling live virus is fresh pus as opposed to dried pus. Fresh pus they call alive, dried pus they call dead pus. What a con.


They didn't miss a trick, targeting high school kids. I am glad I quit school. I didn't get brainwashed with this shit.

Now here they give a little truth.  On page 5. " The number of cases in the whole United States has little to do in deciding whether you contract polio or not. It will depend upon your own body condition and immunity." But then on page 7 it says," Infantile paralysis is caused by a special type of infective agent called a virus. "  If a germ or so-called virus was the cause of disease it wouldn't make any difference as to how strong or weak your body was.

"It will pas through a filter fine enough to separate out all bacteria and is classed, therefore, among the filterable viruses."    Again they are referring to Beijerinck.

They now quote Karl Landsteiner succeeding in 1908 in demonstrating that the disease was caused by a virus." They just fail to explain how he did it. Landsteiner cut out the spinal cord of a dead child. he ground it up to a sap. He cut a hole in a monkey's head and injected the poison. He created artificial disease.

                                               NEW INFORMATION FOR PHYSICIANS on the SALK POLIOMYELITIS VACCINE

Edited by Hart E. Van Riper, M.D.  Medical Director, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis

NUNBER 3 - JUNE,  1956

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The administration of cortisone to test animals makes them more susceptible to poliomyelitis virus (and in fact to most other kinds of infections ).  Hence they are more sensitive to infection from vaccine samples should the sample contain LIVE virus.  However, the sensitivity of monkey tests used in testing the trivalent strains of Salk vaccine has also been greatly increased by simultaneous inoculation of the animals intramuscularly, intraspinally, and intracerebrally. 

Once I discovered who the main players were in the vaccine virus deception I was determined to find out everything I could about polio, smallpox and the living virus bull shit. So I went on ebay and bought as many magazines as were available. Look, Life, Harpers, Wisdom just to name a few.​

Here is what Life magazine had to say in February 22, 1954.


On page 121.  First they show a picture of Dr. John Enders. It says under his picture," Enders and his associates at Harvard made crucial breakthrough in 1949 with a method for growing the polio virus in test tube tissue cultures. Here is what they actually did. 


Page 454. "The virus consisted of suspension of infected mouse brain." 

Page 450." Viral increase was easily followed by measuring the amount of hemagghutinin (type of antibody) that emerged in the culture fluid after inoculation of small quantities of the agent."

This test is a mixing of infected mouse brain or shit and if it clumps that is supposed to mean there are antibodies. 

Also in the book POLIOMUELITIS 2nd conference 1952 Enders says For the direct isolation in tissue culture of poliomyelitis from stools of patients, a 10 per cent suspension of feces in saline was prepared.  This guy was sick as well as a liar.

In another page it says about Enders growing the polio virus, "Many other researchers had tried to make the virus grow in nonneural tissues. Dr. Enders, has no explanation for his own success except that he tried hard and in different ways.  

Dr. Thomas Rivers, director of the Rockefeller Institute and dean of virologists can think of no reason either except that John Enders is a very stubborn man."            Unbelievable. 

Then it says," In 1892 a Russian named Iwanowski the infectious material was so small that it passed through the finest filters; so small that even when it could be isolated it could not be seen because it lay beyond the power of the strongest microscopes. These infectious agents were called filterable viruses and in time just viruses. "

Jim's comment. Iwanowski performed the same experiments as Beijerinck. They both ground up diseased tobacco plants ran it through a filter injected the poison into a young growing plant and Beijerinck concluded that there was something in the sap that came alive and attacked the plant. Iwanowski was smarter than Beijerinck he went out and talked to the farmers. They told him that they had been planting the tobacco in the same spot for years. Iwanowski told them to rotate and space their plants. Google Dmitri Iosifovich Ivanovski 1864-1920 by Herbert Lechevalier. 

This reporter was told that "antibodies circulate in the blood."  If they saw them in 1954 it would be a piece of cake to see them today with all their modern equipment. Ask your doctor to take a sample of your blood and put it under the microscope. LOL

"Nobody could find polio virus in the blood of polio victims at any stage. (But they found antibodies LOL. " One may ask: Since the virus was invisible, how could they know?  Because rhesus monkeys--the only animals then known which could contract the disease---could not be infected by blood samples from polio patients.  Indeed, the only way the disease could be passed from monkey to monkey was to take brain and spinal cord material from an infected animal and inject it into the brain of another.

" Dr. Maurice Brodie of the New York City Health Department tried to inactivate his monkey-cord fluid with Formalin, a solution of formaldehyde. By the end of the year some 17,000 children had been vaccinated. After a time disquieting reports began to be heard by the U.S. Public Health Service. 12 of the children receiving the vaccines had very soon come down with polio, and six more children died. "

Jim's comment.  Thomas Rivers was in charge of the National foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the head of the virus research program for the Rockefeller Medical institute. He controlled everything and everybody and he was there in 1935. Salk used the same poison in 1854 as Brodie used in 1935. 

"The other advance, which came in 1939, was the work of Dr. Charles Armstrong of the U.S. Public Health Service who succeeded in infecting cotton rats and subsequently white mice with polio. The virus Dr. Armstrong used came from the brain and spinal cord of a young man who had died of polio in Lansing Michigan, and was know as the Lansing strain."

Jim's comment. 2 points. First they are using the product of disease to create artificial disease. This is called Isopathy. Isopathy is defined as the product of disease will prevent disease. Google it.  It was coined in 1823 by Dr. Joseph Lux as a tribute to Dr. Edward Jenner who died in 1823.  A tribute from a quack to a con-man. And notice he called the virus the Lansing strain. A strain in virus talk is the SOURCE of the virus. Beijerincks source was tobacco leaves. Flexner's source was ground up spinal cord of a kid who died of polio as was Armstrong's.  And then the reporter makes this statement. 

" Polio was caused by a virus which nobody had seen. This virus attacked the nerve cells directly." Jim's comment. And the people in the 1950s had no way to call this bull shit out.

" The first vaccination in history was done in 1796 with a live virus when Dr. Edward Jenner, observing that dairymaids who got cowpox were thereafter immune to smallpox, took material (pus) from cowpox pustules and vaccinated a small boy. "

Jim's comment. And there you have it the foul beginning of vaccination. Isopathy, taking the product of disease and injecting it in a healthy person and claiming it will prevent disease. vaccination is the wrong term they use today. They don't use cowpus anymore. Nor do they inoculate any more. That was outlawed in 1840 because it caused so many diseases and deaths. So what are you immune from if germs are the result of disease and viruses do not exist? Could Dr. John Tilden be right? When he said all disease is caused by toxemia? Find the book he wrote called Toxemia explained. 

I owned a restaurant with a 1950s theme. I frequented antique stores a lot to find collectibles for the restaurant.

One day I found this book. THE GREAT SALK VACCINE FIASCO. The story was in the   Herald of Health Magazine, Dec. 1960.  It was written by Ernest B. Zeisler. Dr. Zeisler was clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Chicago Medical School. He also holds a Ph.D in mathematics from the University of Chicago.  He exposed the lies and false reports about the vaccine and the National Foundation of infantile paralysis (The March of Dimes)/ Go to the page above death of the Salk vaccine.



CAUSE OF DISEASE  The virus which causes infantile paralysis is a form of organism too small to be seen under even the most powerful microscope. It will pass through filters fine enough to hold back all bacteria. Hence, it has been frequently called an ultra-microscopic or filterable virus." 

​You know what they say. Tell a lie over and over and long enough and the masses will buy it hook line and sinker.







THE NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR INFANTILE PARALYSIS? 1940. By PAUL de KRUIF. de KRUIF is the author of many widely read books including MICROBE HUNTERS and THE FIGHT FOR LIFE.  He is Secretary of the General Medical Advisory Committee of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis."  So he was an expert on polio. I am listing this book for one reason. Polio was rare. I went to 4 schools in the 1950s and only saw 2 kids with polio. Today in 2022 I see a hell of a lot more with polio. 

Page 4. "Even though the incidence of infantile paralysis is low compared to certain other diseases."

In fact in 1952 there were 21,269 cases. There were 160 million people in the U.S.A. Do the math. And those figures came from a man who worked for the National Foundation. So they were most likely  hyped. 

1947 Annual report  The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.


"There is reason to believe that the structure of the virus particle is similar to the structure of certain chemical compounds such as proteins, amino acids, etc." The con game goes on. Proteins and amino can not be seen either. They are just substances (particles) of plants, animals or man seen under an electron microscope which can see nothing but dead functionless material.

NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN NEW YORK CITY.    This grant will aid investigators in their search for a pencillin-like substance capable of destroying or weakening the virus of poliomyelitis.  $225,000.00


"This laboratory was making detailed studies of the brains and spinal cords of human beings who died of poliomyelitis."   Again they are looking at the result of disease not the cause. This was Isopathy.  The list of university's is endless.


"During the past fiscal year the National Foundation made the largest single appropriation since it was organized in 1938 and awarded a five-year grant for $300,000.00 to The Johns Hopkins University to establish and conduct a Center for Research in Poliomyelitis and Related Virus Diseases."  Johns Hopkins was used to kep the world misinformed about the covid 19 bull shit. 

" The virus has been purified and been reported as possibly occurring in a crystalline form/ At least, it has been so purified that material obtained from the brains and spinal cords of animals dying of infantile paralysis could be diluted many millions of times and still produce typical infection when injected into susceptible animals."    Stanley crystalized the virus infection.  Man was the only animal that got polio. The animals they used got polio by them injecting shit into there brains. See Simon Flexner. Then they took the infection and created more artificial disease.  What a fucking scam. Then the book lists all the university's that were set up with virus centers. It was easy, Thomas River's just said to the head of those university's if I give you so much money can I set up a virus center, but on one condition my men will run it.  And that is how the university's became corrupt.

FOR YOUR CHILD'S GREATER SECURITY   A HANDBOOK ON INFANTILE PARALYSIS  Condensed from an article in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. Reviewed and approved by leading infantile Paralysis Authorities. August 1950.​

Page 2. Polio is caused by a virus, an organism so small that it has never been seen, even through the electron microscope.  A virus must have a living cell in which to multiply. The only proven sources of the virus of infantile paralysis are the nose, throat, and bowel discharges of an infected person."   It is the cells that multiply. Virus material has no movement. 

Medical Council A Monthly Journal for the Physician and Surgeon. Philadelphia, PA. November 1909.

Listed on the Table of Contents.

Influence of Crotalin (Rattle snake poison) on pulmonary and Respiratory Diseases


July 1942. But now in 1942 we have the method of treatment introduced by Miss Elizabeth Kenny, the Australian nurse, in which early physical therapy replaces splinting."  Sister Kenny explains the cause of polio in her book. The Kenny Concept of Infantile Paralysis And Its Treatment. 1943.

The National Foundation is on a mission to miseducate doctors.  Page 5. " Many who have been exposed become "carriers" of the virus without developing any symptoms of illness."

Now hold on to your hat. On page 8 the author says, " The virus which causes infantile paralysis is a form of germ too small to be seen even under the most powerful microscope. It will pass through the finest filters; hence it has been frequently called an filterable virus."

Can you believe that the doctors in that time period were so stupid as to believe that.  Then he calls virus a germ.  And the filterable virus they are talking about was Martinus Beijerinck and his loony tobacco leaf experiment.


Edited by Hart E. Van Riper Medical Director National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis July 1955,

Page 1. " The availability of vaccine for clinical use by physicians depends upon the six manufactures of the vaccine and the U.S. Public Health Service WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR LICENSING IT AND CONTROLLING ITS STANDARDS OF SAFETY AND POTENCY.

" A total of 113 polio cases with 5 deaths were recognized among nearly five and one-half million persons within one month after injection of polio vaccine." And they blamed it on the Cutter company. Wouldn't you do the same?

Page 34. Thimerosal combined with sodium and other poisons were in the polio vaccine.

Very important. " Page 9. the administration of cortisone to test animals makes them more susceptable to polio virus infection and in fact to most other kinds of infection. " 

So they make the animal sick with drugs then kill it and make the vaccine out of the infection, the result of disease and claim that the result of disease will prevent disease. This is Isopathy. I can't think of more fucked-up thinking. 

Then I found another book written by J.I. Rodale of prevention Magazine written in 1962. The book was called the Encyclopedia of Common Diseases. On page 834 the title said, " The Slow Death of the Salk Vaccine. On page 841 its titled <" Scientific Experts Reveal the Salk Vaccine Hoax.' The exposer was Dr. Herbert Ratner M.D. and others. Dr. Ratner was the Director of Public Health in Oak Park, Illinois, and Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, at Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago.  I will just quote the opening sentence. "In a series of two articles, the respected Illinois Medical Journal (August, 1960 and September, 1960 has had the courage to expose the Salk vaccine as a frank and ineptly disguised fraud. It took courage, and it took a solid foundation of proof furnished by qualified reputable experts whose opinions and statements could not be discredited."  I will just post the sub-headlines. You can probably get a copy of this book on the used book stores. Go to same page as above.

All these books led me to dig deeper into the virus fraud as I knew that the word virus means poison, snake venom.