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Vaccination is probably one thing that plays a part in the production of cancer.  The introduction of crude, unhealthy matter into a healthy or unhealthy system must be invariably attended with great danger. To vaccinate is little, if any better than to poison.



THE LAST SCAB THAT DROPS FROM THE NOSE MONTHS AFTER THE ATTACK, IS JUST AS CAPABLE OF TRANSMITTING THE POISON AS IN A DROP OF PUS, ONLY LIABLE BECAUSE DRY AND NOT SO EASILY ABSORBED. I reduce the scab to powder, mix with pure glycerine; this will remain in a gelatinous mass for a week or more.


JUNE, 1879

Page 506. Art. II.  Vaccination the Greatest Mistake and Delusion in the Science of Medicine.

There is steadily arising in this country a rebellion against the compulsory vaccination law, which is not unlikely to seriously involve the general faith in Jenner's discovery. By prosecutions and punishments of some respectable and intelligent families the authorities have been the means of constituting an anti-vaccination society, with two newspapers (Inquirer and Anti-Vaccinator), and the country is flooded with facts testing on high authority which can not fail presently to produce a panic.  Peter Taylor, M.P., who was one of the Parliamentary Commission which nine years ago considered the subject and signed the unanimous report in favor of compulsory vaccination, has been convinced that he was in error, and on a bill just brought in by the government to extend compulsion to Ireland, made a statement which convinced others of the impolicy of the law---notably Professor Fawcett John Bright has already opposed compulsion, and Gladstone has expressed himself as suspicious of the law.  Since MR. Taylor made his speech on the subject, I have had an opportunity of conversing with him.  He informed me that the bill will be strenuously fought on going into committee, and he was good enough to let me freely examine the facts and evidences on which he means to resist the new bill and urge repeal of that existing. It  is hardly possible that such facts as the subjoined, selected from a larger mass, can fail to excite alarm.

  Dr. W.J. Collins, for twelve years vaccine physician in Edinburg and London, writes: "If I had the desire to describe one-third of the victims ruined by vaccination, the blood would stand still in your veins."  Dr. Stowell, with still longer experience, declares vaccination " not only an illusion, but a curse to humanity."  Dr. Hitchman, of Liverpool, says: "I have seen hundreds of children killed by vaccination." The Medical Times and Gazette declares that " consumption has widely spread since the introduction of vaccination."  The physician of the great London Cancer Hospital declares that many of the cases of cancer which have come under treatment in that institution have originated with vaccination.  "At first I  repelled the idea that syphilis could be transmitted by vaccination. The appearance of facts appearing more and more confirmative, I accepted the possibility of this mode of transmission---I ought to say with reserve, even with repugnance.  But today I hesitate no more to proclaim this reality."  Dr. Henderson has testified before a Parliamentary Commission that out of thirteen children whom he vaccinated with lymph from a public vaccination institution, eleven exhibited the primary sore of syphilitic contagion two months after.   Dr. Brudenell Carter declares that " a large proportion of the cases of apparently inherited syphilis are in reality vaccinal, " and that" the syphilis in these cases does not show itself until the age of from eight to ten years."  Dr. Thomas Wilson, officer of health to the Akton Union, writes to the Lancet (and it is significant that so conservative an organ should have printed his communication): "It is useless to deny that vaccination by human Lymph involves danger of scrofulous, syphilitic and erysipelatous inoculation."  Dr. Edward Ballard, Medical Inspector of the Local Government Board, one of the most important medical offices in the country, wrote a pamphlet of the utmost importance on vaccination.  The government, when appointing him, may not have known of this pamphlet, and since he was made inspector his essay has suddenly disappeared from all book shops. Diligent search for a copy failed to find one except in the British Museum. Speaking of some case at Acqui, Italy, Dr. Ballard says: " Put the cases how we will, we can not escape the inference that the child Chiabera had become constitutionally syphilitic at the time when his vaccination was performed.  Forty-six other children were vaccinated from him.  Of these thirty-nine became affected with syphilis.  Among these thirty-nine was Lousia Manzone; from her seventeen other children were vaccinated, of whom seven became syphilitic.  She died; the nurse who suckled her got ulcers in the breast, and from the various other children who were syphilized the disease spread by contagion to eighteen mothers and nurses and to their other children."  In October, 1856, M. Marone got some lymph in the tubes from Campobasso.  A large number were vaccinated, of whom twenty-three, whose parents were known to be healthy, were infected with syphilis.  "The nurses," says Sr. Ballard,: were infected in their turn with indurated chancres on the breast.  

  The effort to suppress this pamphlet will be in vain.  When the bill to extend compulsory vaccination to Ireland is fought, the government will have to meet these statements, made by one of its chief medical officers. 

  One of the most remarkable facts is that since vaccination was made compulsory, the death-rate by smallpox in London has increased: in 1849-53, before compulsion, and when only ten per cent were vaccinated, the death-rate from smallpox was 292;  but since compulsion,  1869-73, the death-rate from this disease was 679.  Since the agitation began, the support which it has received from eminent authorities abroad has been remarkable. Dr. Josef Hermann, head physician of the Imperial Hospital, Vienna, writes:

    " My experience of smallpox during these six years of bedside attendance has given me the right, or rather has imposed on me the duty, of taking part in the bold and spirted onslaught on vaccination, which is now being carried on in Switzerland, Germany, England and other countries, I am convinced that vaccination is the greatest mistake and delusion in the Science of medicine; a frightful illusion in the mind of the discoverer, a phenomenal apparition, devoid of scientific foundation, and wanting in all the conditions of scientific possibility."

  At Leeds a surgeon named Corrie certified that a child had died from vaccination.  The coroner refused to accept the certificate, saying, "vaccination is not a legal cause of death." He therefore ordered the jury to return a verdict of "Died by visitation of God."  But illegal and improper as it may be for a baby to die of vaccination, the cases are now so numerous that the false returns which have been made so as to alarm parents are no longer possible. And this especially as it is conceded that vaccination does not entirely protect.

  Between 1870 and 1878 the number of small-pox patients in the great hospitals of Liverpool, Glasgow, Homerton, Dublin and Metropolitan (London) aggregated 22,465; of these the number that had been vaccinated was 17,056. These figures are startling enough if read beside the life of Jenner. According to the statements of Jenner, and many medical authorities in his time, persons who had been vaccinated were again and again vaccinated with the smallpox and without any effect whatever. These experiments led to the belief that vaccination was a preventive.  That has been proved a fiction and the plea for compulsion now that vaccinated suffer more lightly when attacked.  But since this medical tenet follows an ancient orthodoxy of inoculation (now penal) and a modern orthodoxy of complete immunity, no new theory has any right to claim infallibility.  This latest theory appears also to be mistaken. The London death-rate has increased since compulsion.  But even if it were otherwise, the policy of coercion can not be sustained in the absence of any possible security (the matter being unanalyzable) from the accompanying perils.  But it is an interesting question---even a puzzle--how Jenner's reports can be made consistent with contemporary facts.

Medical Council


November, 1909

Table of Contents

Influence of Cretalin (Rattle snake Poison) on Pulmonary and Respiratory Diseases.


Thursday, March 15, 1860

variola and vaccinia

Experiment 1st--Nov. 26th, 1859.  Inoculated four young kine with variola-virus taken on Nov. 19th, from one of my own patients, at about the eighth day of the eruption. The virus was introduced upon quills and covered with isinglass plaster, as in the ordinary mode of vaccinating the human subject. At the end of the week, no effect like vaccination was produced. In fact, there seemed to be nothing more than a moderate inflammation, just such as would result from a non-specific puncture.

Jim's comment. After 14 tries and 14 failures here is what the good doctor had to say. "The question has been asked whether the virus from the cow, thus obtained, is any better than the ordinary virus in use. To this I would reply, that in my opinion it is no better."

The Frankenstein scientists a long time ago used to make vaccines out of bacteria, but than Thomas M. Rivers of the Rockefeller Institute decided to blame the non-existent virus as people were discrediting the germ theory. I have a book that explains it in detail. Its a corker.



11th Edition (1948)



Page 848.  "Bacterial vaccines which have come to play an important role in therapeutics are suspensions of definite numbers of dead bacteria.  While in many cases prepared or stock vaccines are satisfactory, it is usually desirable, and often imperative for best results to use vaccines which are especially prepared for each patient from bacteria which have been freshly isolated from his own lesion.  These are called autogenous vaccines.  It is only in this way that one can be certain of getting the exact strain of bacterium that is producing the disease."

Note stock vaccines are made from an infection of an animal in a lab.

Many medical books lump germs and viruses in the same paragraph.  This is done either out of ignorance or an act of deliberate misinformation to confuse the reader. 

In 1948 they were teaching us in school that germs were the cause of colds and disease. The schools actually put on plays with the kids play acting out. One kid would be the bad germ another would claim that washing your hands or coughing into your sleeve was the way to avoid spreading the germs around.




City Government should apply to the Legislature for an act giving power to the municipal authority, or school committee, of any town or city in the commonwealth, to make it a condition of admission into the public schools, that children shall exhibit satisfactory evidence of having undergone the cowpox. 


This book tells the story of the life of Edward Jenner.

I will quote just one passage from the book. 

" In the midst of those trees is a small mansion, built in the cottage style; it consists of one room only, and was erected for the purpose of giving a rural appearance in that part of my garden.  I have lately converted it into a place of utility; and, the people who come to be inoculated assemble there, and wait until I come among them.  It is this reason I have given my little cottage the name of the Temple of Vaccina; and like a faithful priest, added he, smiling, I am always anxious to find it filled with worshippers."


Wednesday January 17, 1838

Smallpox among the Indians---MR. Catlin, the celebrated painter of Indian portraits, gives the following relation, " Only one year and a half ago I was at Prairie du Chien, on the Upper Mississippi, where I witnessed the frightful effects of smallpox amongst the Winnebagoes and Sioux. Every other man amongst them was slain by it; and O-wa-pe-shaw, the greatest man of the Sioux, with half his band, under the fences, in little groups, to which kindred ties held them in ghastly death, with their bodies swollen and covered with pustules, their eyes blinded, and hideously howling their death song in utter despair affectionately clinging to each other's neck with one hand, and grasping bottles and tin pans of whiskey in the other. 

Jim's comment. Still think they gave smallpox to the Indians by way of an infected blanket?  Think about this. The Indians were isolated. They had no or little food and lots of whiskey to drink




It is true, the sore may inflame; pus, healthy or unhealthy may ooze out, dry down, and form a scab. But instead of being vaccine virus, it is dried pus, and, if unhealthy, it may develop all the terrible consequences of a poisonous dissection wound. Hence the importance of all vaccinations being performed by a physician, from matter saved by himself.  Every pains should be taken to procure positively specific lymph, and not dried, unhealthy pus, for purposes of vaccination. 

Jim's comment. Oh I get it pus can be good or bad for you. 

The Medical Record

​A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery

New York, June 23, 1883

Notwithstanding the apparently well-authenticated cases of the introduction of syphilis  into the system by the process of vaccination, I doubt whether this or any other disease would be conveyed were proper caution exercised.  I regard the introduction of specific virus into the system in the light of seed-planting. 

​Jim's comment. This admission that vaccination causes syphilis and other diseases comes from a pro-vax doctor. To show you how he is incapable of thinking seeds are the beginning of life virus pus is the end of life or death.


Wednesday, August 16, 1837  This is about "live virus." Learn the truth. You can scroll down to his 2nd choice,


I noticed in your paper of Wednesday last some remarks respecting an unfavorable result in introducing the vaccine virus into Siam, in consequence, probably, of the length of the passage, and the virus not being properly prepared to preserve its activity and freshness during the changes of so log a voyage; AND, ALSO, Dr. Bradley's  urgent request that some means be devised that the vaccine virus might be transmitted to him, without undergoing a loss of its ACTIVE PRINCIPLE.  Having given the subject some little reflection, I am prepared to say that I can conceive of no very great difficulty that would attend the introduction of the virus to that place.  Two very probable modes suggest themselves.  The first is the following, viz: let a phial, sufficiently large to contain the virus, be coated with tin foil, in a similar manner to the Leyden jar, on the whole of its external surface.  Charge the phial with the fresh matter, and instantly cork it tight, and tie over the cork a cap of new bladder, coating the same with wax.  Have ready another phial, coated in like manner, and sufficiently large to admit the one containing the virus, with a space of an inch or more both around and at the top and bottom of the phial, which space is to be filled in a careful and compact manner with chloride of sodium, or common sea salt.  The salt is to be moderately powdered, so that it may be more closely and compactly pressed about the inner phial.  The mouth is to be well corked, and covered in the same way as the first.  Some caution should be given in selecting the pure chloride of sodium, as it is often the case that it is contaminated with muriate of magnesia, which will cause the salt to deliquesce, and therefore render the packing too incomplete. to preserve the matter from the warmth of the atmosphere.  Light as well as heat. possesses the property of decomposing very readily any active matter subject to chemical influence.  By coating the phials with tin foil, it not only entirely excludes the light, but, by stopping the pores of the glass, the deteriorating effects of the atmosphere also. The chloride of sodium possesses the property of rejecting and repelling heat, and when properly prepared in the manner prescribed above, vaccine matter or almost any substance may be kept a long time, and It should conclude that, with an ordinary passage, it would be sent to Siam, in a fit and perfect state for use.  I need not suggest, however that all possible care should be exercised in keeping the package in the coolest part of the ship-also well packed in saw dust, in a box, so that the phials should not be exposed, nor be liable to be opened. 

  The second and most eligible mode, which has been suggested to me by my learned friend, Benjamin Crowninshield, Esq., is to transmit the matter alive; or, in other words, by successive or continued vaccination in a ship's crew or a company of missionaries bound to that part of the world.  The process of vaccination is now well known to the simple, and devoid of danger or inconvenience. and would in no ordinary case deter the patient from attending to his business or duty about the ship.  An average passage being not over five months, and the time of taking the matter from the arm not being generally under the sixteenth day, we should readily conclude that out of a ship's crew or a company of missionaries, which goes with nearly every vessel bound to that place, might be found subjects enough for vaccination, to carry the matter to Dr. Bradley alive; or, if it not reach there entirely in this state, it would in all probability be so near, that, with a little care in its preservation, it would arrive to him in a state which he so much desires, and which in all probability would be the means of saving the lives of thousands of our fellow beings.  August, 7, 1837.  Respectfully yours,  Andrew Stone.

Jim's comment. There was another paper where they actually carried out the experiment transferring the smallpox pus from man to man. I was snipered at the last second on the bid. That was the first time I lost a bid and the last time. I learned from losing the bid and used the person's method to win every bid from than on.

The Vaccination Cases at Westford--Much excitement has lately been caused several cases of vaccination in that town.  From the report made at the last meeting of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, it appears that the matter used consisted of crusts, taken from healthy persons, and having every appearance of being perfectly good.  In preparing these for use, two or three were dissolved in a small quantity of snow water, this solution being kept in a vial, which was carried in the pocket.  A thread soaked in this was the median of introduction. 

   From this solution twenty-eight persons were vaccinated on the day it was thus prepared (Feb. 11th, and no bad results followed. On the 18th, one week after, twenty-seven others were vaccinated with the same material.  Five of these were seriously affected with constitutional symptoms, followed by violent erysipelas of the whole arm, both had external and cellular and sloughing. Three days later, two more persons were vaccinated from the same vial, both of whom have since died. 

  It was the opinion of nearly all present at the time of the report, that the cause of those results arose from the decomposition of the animal matter in the solution, and that to this, and not to any inherent peculiarity in the matter, nor to the mode of its application, were to be attributed the unlooked-for and dangerous results which have followed.

  That the symptoms were due to some change in the matter, subsequent to the preparation, is evident from the fact that those first vaccinated exhibited nothing unusual, while the symptoms of blood poisoning were most marked in those last inoculated with the virus.

  That the matter had commenced to undergo the putrefactive change, was evident from the odor, which was extremely offensive, so that the opinion generally entertained is obviously the correct one, that the symptoms were due to the introduction of putrid animal matter, and cannot be attributable to anything in the matter itself as originally obtained, nor in any peculiar atmospheric condition, of which there was no evidence. 


(virus) n.  Venom; a poison that is produced in the body by a disease; something that poisons the mind."  I would say that the media poisons the mind with fear today about the covid 19 fake news virus. Now what is the poison produced in the body by any disease?   It is the infection, the pus or the inflammation.

Now let me expose the beginning of the living virus fraud. This dictionary goes on to describe it.

Virus Diseases.  However, some diseases seemed to be caused by organisms too small to be seen with a microscope, organisms small enough to pass through a porcelain filter.  The organisms were called filterable viruses. Viruses can be observed with the electron microscope.

​Two points. Now in 2022 some people have woke up to the virus fraud, I can point out for the ten thousandith time that the filterable virus experiment goes back to 1879 or about there, That was Beijerinck grinding up tobacco leaves and injecting them into young plants and concluding that there was something in the sap  that came alive and attacked the plants.                         And how many people in 1957 knew that the electron microscope was incapable of seeing anything alive.


MARCH 19, 1887

We have an animal which has a disease---whether it be rabies or not, it is some disease given to it--and then the disease is cured by the inoculation of other masses of the disease-material of less virulence.  There has quite recently  arisen in Southern Europe a school of therapeutists which teaches that we are to cure smallpox, scarlet fever, and certain other diseases by inoculation of the same disease. I confess that I have never thought the matter worth investigation; but we are now in the presence of positive and scientific evidence that we can cure disease by inoculating with an attenuation of the poison.

Dr. Dulles wishes to know how it is possible to have the virus ready at all times. This is perfectly easy.  I have proved by experiment, and the rabbit exhibited to-night is a visible proof of this, that if the animal be properly frozen the virus will retain its strength for a period of at least six months. The rabbit before you was inoculated with the cord of a rabbit which was inoculated July 11, 1886, and died the latter part of the same month.  It was frozen ever since until ten days ago. I have repeated this experiment a number of times. 

​Jim's comment. Isopathy at its best. They take a healthy animal, inject the infection of a sick animal that they made sick in the first place and think that this poison will be a cure. Notice the words poison and virus. The virus is the poisonous material taken from an animal they made sick in the first place.


"New medical terms are springing up like toads after a shower.  They are usually long words, quite difficult to pronounce, but they mean nothing whatever, and the less one knows about them the better he is off."

​Truer words were never spoken.




Thus, at this early period, when the dissection of a human body was looked upon with horror and as an act of desecration, the enlightened and far-sighted Ptolemies, in spite of vulgar prejudices and religious scruples, enabled the School of Medicine of Alexandria to make a great stride forwards in learning, knowledge and reputation.  It is said that Herophilus dissected 700 bodies, and that both he and Erasistratus made a common practice of OPENING  LIVING BODIES IN ORDER TO DISCOVER THE ORIGIN OF LIFE."

Jim's comment. And W. Stanley in the 1950s said that viruses were the origin of life. And the stupidity goes on today in 2022.

And on page 438 it says, THE ANTI-VACCINATION LEAGUE

There is the usual howl about the natural rights of man and liberty. Right to give smallpox to their neighbors, and liberty to send thousands to an early grave. Why, they might as well advocate the right of any man to set fire to his house, and so, perchance, destroy the property of his neighbors; but it is useless to argue with such people. Their disbelief in vaccination does not arise from evidence, and will not yield to evidence.