Suppressed Facts About Vaccination. $10.00

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Collector Plates. Barbie $5.00 Holly $15.00 James Dean $20.00 or all 3 for $35.00 No boxes

1961 Calendar Indiana. Each month has a pocket. Has original pencil on top. (Not shown) Excellent condition. $25.00

1950s TV Lamp. Goes with any d├ęcor.

When TV's first came out you had to turn the lights out to see the screen. They made these lamps to place on top of the TV. I have about 20 that I collected over the years. I have a double pair of owls on my table. The eyes light up. I have a large black panther standing on a rock in my office by the window, and I have a palomino horse on my dresser in my bedroom.

They are a conversation piece, a night light and a security light all rolled into one.

I have many more animals and figures to choose from. This horse is just  $20.00

Carnival chalk ware 1950s Make offer. by the piece or whole lot.

Elvis. Frame is 20 x 20 Charcoal. It is signed by Haiyan. 50.00.

The smartest nurse in history.Anyone will learn a bunch from her. $2.00

All in boxes with certificates of authenticity.
jailhouse Rock $15.00 M.M $15.00  Elvis Moody Blues $20.00 or all 3 for $45.00.

A pair of kicks from the late 50s or early 60s still in the box, never worn. not sure if you can wear them now, but a great display and conversation piece. yes they are Cubin heels.

Dated 1959 Standard Oil thermometer.

Excellent condition.


M.M. calendar 1955 in plastic-mint 75.00

Herbert Shelton, the man who added 30 years to my daughter's life. $3.00

1955 Calendar. Gary Indiana. complete-$12.00

Green River dispenser.  

Great book on food combining.$2.00

Polar Express train. Used 3 seasons. Like new. 2004

Large 40' by 60' inch track. G-31960

Puffing smoke-headlight-Die cast metal-Silhouettes in car.


Other Calendars.R.C. Anderson grocery store. 1955. Chesterton.== Jack Weiss INS. Co. Lacrosse Velvet with Peacock 1959-==Hobart Standard 1961-==Crawfordville Farm Supply 1954-==Hofmann Appliance Gary 1958==-First Federal Savings Gary 1957-==Munster Lumber Co. 1952-==First Federal Valpo with pockets 1960-==Ist Federal of Hammond 1957===Meyers Department store Gary 1956-==Dixie Dairy Gary 1965 and 1964==-Slicks Laundry Gary 1956 and 1955-==Casbon Electric Valpo- 1948-== Lake county state bank-East Gary-Hobart 1961

Porter hardware 1953-and 1950-k.Parry groceries valpo 1945-Pennant gas and fuel Gary-crown Point-Hebron-knox pockets 1959.


 $10.00 each.

1960s green T.V. Lamp. Only 20.00

These were the people that were called "Health nuts" in the 1950s. They were way ahead of their time. $2.00