The doctrine of vaccination is based on the false branch of science called isopathy.

​Isopathy is the false theory that the product of a disease injected into a healthy person will prevent disease. This theory stated that not only was the product or result of disease the cause of disease, but also prevented disease.  Isopathy is what Edward Jenner practiced when he injected smallpox pus taken from the running matter of a sore of a sick person and injected it into a healthy person. Jenner's practice of injecting the product of disease into a healthy person to prevent disease was named isopathy in 1823 by Dr. Joseph W. Lux. Dr. Lux actually taught this theory in medical schools.

Dr. Lux made a simple but wrong conclusion, as did Jenner, about the cause of disease. They thought by injecting the result of disease into a healthy person and if that person didn't develop the disease, it was because of the poison that was injected. Jenner and Lux confused the result of disease with the cause of disease. 

​In order to justify this theory when the operation caused disease or death they provided the following excuses. The reasons for failure was either that the pus was bad or the operation was not performed correctly or the vaccine virus was given too late, that the germ that they wrongly believed to cause disease had already taken hold and the vaccine was powerless to protect.

​This is how they excused the failure of the vaccine.    Tom was injected with cowpox pus. Tom got small-pox.  The excuse, why it must have been impure virus or a bad batch. So Jerry was given pure cowpox virus pus. Jerry got small-pox.  The excuse, the pus was pure, but the operation wasn't performed correctly. Then they injected Joe with pure pus and it was injected correctly. Joe got small-pox. The excuse, Joe must have     had the germ in him already, so it was to late to give protection. These same excuses were used for the Salk polio vaccine in 1955, with the great Salk vaccine massacre when 200 kids were paralyzed and ten more died from his vaccine.

​Evidently it didn't occur to Jenner that he was just poisoning the people. So what happens is this. If you inject a little poison into the body, the body will do one of two things depending on the strength of the immune system. If the immune system is strong it will eliminate or neutralize the poison. If the immune system is weak, the body could develop a disease from the poison or die.

​This was the foundation of medical ignorance based on the absurd theory that Isopathy . The theory of injecting the product of disease into a healthy body in order to prevent disease and is still being done today. Jenner was ignorant. Can todays "modern medicine," plead the same? Ignorance of the Laws of Health is no excuse in todays enlightened world.