"Pediatricians especially endorse certified milk for the growing child.  Authorities such as Dr. E. V. McCollum of John Hopkins University, after lengthy observation and experience, assert that infants,children and invalids derive the greatest benefit from raw milk. "

Jim's comment. And then the money over health took over.

Benjamin Franklin and Public Health.

" He was instrumental in establishing the first hospital, the first medical school, the first fire company and the first library in America. Among Franklin's friends was Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, the first physician in America to practice vaccination for smallpox. It was Franklin whose formal schooling amounted to two years, who conceived the idea of an academy for the compleat education of youth in Philadelphia.  Franklin originated bifocal spectacles.  He brought about the paving and cleaning of Philadelphia's streets.  Fresh air was perhaps Franklin's favorite subject.  From the praise of fresh air, the philosopher proceeded to consider colds and expressed the then heretical opinion that people often catch colds from one another.  When he was 16 he embraced the doctrine of vegetarianism. And returned after a while to the main diet.  He formulated a set of rules, advocating what are still urged as the cardinal points in preserving health, fresh air, exercise and a sensible diet.   The use of water internally and externally was one of the principal ideas in which Franklin was in advance of his time.  His habit of drinking water exclusively so astonished his beer-guzzling companions in the London print shop in which he worked that he was called the Water American. This was at a time when persons with fever were forbidden to have water.

​Jim's comment. Why is it even today that the smartest people are so dumb when it comes to health?

HYGEIA  November, 1926.  Great story of how schools  programmed  children on the myth that germs cause disease.

They had a school play. There was an epidemic of typhoid. The story centers on flies as the cause and vaccines as the cure. Here are some quotes. "With a typhoid fever epidemic due to dirty water."  The merits of the play were so enthusiastically recognized in the author's own state that the Oklahoma health officer is planning to have it presented throughout the state, where he feels there is need for stimulating interest in typhoid immunization."  Jim's comment. a vaccination against dirty water. lol

"The story deals with his subsequent difficulty in overcoming the superstitions, but he finally vaccinates them all.  The health message is applicable to all towns and cities in which infected water is a danger to life and in which the citizens need to be convinced that vaccination is a protection against typhoid."

"This play on health helps Jack a responsible boy and Jill an understanding girl."

In the script a fly says," Oh, how we can spread germs to humans."

Mary the grocer's daughter tells her father," I can't keep the store clean with all those old flies. I tell you, the nasty things carry all kinds of diseases." Mary says, " Oh, father, you don't mean you are going to let little children eat that mess of germs.?" 

Fly says, " We can cover the candy with germs too."  "The flies finish scattering the typhoid germs."

Grocer talking to kids about the candy, " Sure help yourselves. Right over there. He shows them the candy with the typhoid germs on it."  His daughter Mary says, " Children, don't eat that! It's not clean. You'll catch all kinds of diseases." 

A verse said by a fly," All we did was give the kiddies typhoid." 

Jim's comment.   The play was really creative. Those people were honest but ignorant of the cause of disease. But what about the people today? Are they still ignorant?  Can you imagine teaching those myths today. (2018)  Oh, I forgot, its called science.  They also blamed the flies for polio in the 1950s too.  Why not, if it worked before.


How your parents, grand parents and the whole world got mis-educated. 

The schools actually did plays with the kids acting out the parts.

​Jimmy the Germ.  That is so fitting. Now its Jimmy unmasking the germ nonsense.

​Hygeia The Health Magazine--Published by the American Medical Association--November, 1927. Today I call it the American Murder Association.

Page 571. Cancer---an Unsolved problem.  " Cancer is fundamentally a disease of the cell." Page 572. " The foul odors frequently associated with advanced cancer are due not to the tumor itself but to the action of bacteria living on dead tissue."  Jim's comment: The bacteria were living on the dead bacteria in the attempt to rid the body of diseased cells. They were not the cause but the result of the disease.  Page 573.  " Martyrs to X-ray Knowledge.  "Men devoting themselves to this work (X-Rays) had no idea of the dangers they were running; therefore they took no precautions to protect themselves from the action of the rays. Repeated exposure to the action of the rays resulted in the production of x-ray burns, deep, painful, ulcerated areas usually on the hand, which almost invariably progressed to cancer and usually led to amputation after amputation in a futile attempt to stay the course of the disease.  One of the thrilling chapters of medical history is presented by these men who continued their labors, although in intense pain and realizing they were facing slow death.  Fortunately, through the experiments of these pioneers, the necessary precautions have been learned and x-ray work at the present time is relatively safe.  Jim's comment:  Let me make sure I have this right.  The workers were ignorant of the dangers of radiation---but it was  good for the patient? SMH.   And the cure was to protect the workers while exposing the patient to a product that they KNEW caused cancer. Could these people really have been that stupid?  Page 574.  " The two lines of attack that have yielded satisfactory results are surgery and radiant energy in the form of either radium or x-ray.  This book was written 91 years ago. Who said medicine was modern?  

HYGEIA   March 1930.  And your doctor doesn't know this?  If people did this the medical mafia would be out of business.

​Note--antibodies are also a lie. They make the animal sick--they may or may not inject or give a drug. If the animal gets well they extract blood and claim there are antibodies in the blood.

HYGEIA   November , 1926.   This article is about sleeping sickness---but he ties in  infantile paralysis.

" On the other hand, infantile paralysis affects children much more than adults and occurs mostly in the summer.  Both these diseases are only mildly contagious, and it is unusual for more than one member of a household to be affected.  Nevertheless, they seem to spread along the lines of human travel, and the infection most likely gets into the body by way of the nose. 

 "Neither disease has been found to be spread by drinking water, articles of food or by domestic animals or insects.

" However both diseases can be produced in animals by inoculation, but other animals even in the same cages are not infected by contact with them. It is quite certain that both diseases are caused by germs, and several germs have been found and described as the cause but the evidence is not yet complete.  Until the causative germ is known, it is not likely that any curative serum or preventive vaccine will be discovered, but some efforts have been made along those lines. 

Jim's comment.  Either these people are stupid or they were bought and paid for by the Rockefeller gang. (Thomas Rivers)  It was Rivers and company that pushed the notion that infantile paralysis was caused by everything from insects to milk in the 1950s.  So now we have a thought. Rivers, Salk and the gang knew polio wasn't contagious, knew vaccination could cause it---what was the real plan they had to vaccinate the world?

​HYGEIA---March, 1927.

The Conquest of Disease.

"The prevention and cure of disease is the proper purpose of every citizen and of every government, be it local, state, federal or international.  But to one great group of trained men is set aside the custody of the public health. From a physical standpoint, at least, the medical profession has the most important job in the world." 

Jim's comment: today we have the sickest nation in the civilized world. This was written  91 years ago. Lets see how it improved. 

" There are two great groups of disease: the transmissible and the non-transmissible. The transmissible, or "catching," diseases are definitely on the run.   Three divisions of medical science deserve credit for the decline in contagious disease: (1) epidemiology, the science of the manner of contagiousness. (2) immunology, which seeks to find a way of making us individually insusceptible to the attack of disease, and (3) sanitation, which seeks to make living conditions such that no disease will find in them the opportunity for an attack on the race of man. 

Here is their epidemiology. " Germs cannot walk or run or fly; they must be carried. What are there vehicles? 

Excrement, discharges from the mouth and nose, contacts and the bites of certain insects are the vehicles, and it is the function of the epidemiology to trace these routes of infection and to stop this traffic in germs. "  Jim's comment. 91 years later they still push the same germ theory crap.

Immunology is based on the germ theory and is also wrong. There is no fight. " Immunologists are constantly finding new antitoxins and vaccines that will enable those using them to laugh at the possibility of harm. They are setting the bacteria against themselves. "

"Sanitation has made an immense difference in our world. It is to be thanked for the clean water and milk that we drink, for clean food, clean, well ventilated and well cared for homes, and for the decent attempt to dispose of the sewage, garbage and trash that man tends to accumulate about his place. It even washes the streets."  Jim's comment: Here the truth is told. But notice how the medical profession tries to take the credit.

" Physics has presented us with all sorts of rays-x-rays, etc. Botanists have sought the world over for new drug-bearing plants."

Jim's comment:  First of all it is easy to understand that EVERYTHING they do, that EVERY treatment is for symptoms, not causes. The conclusion is obvious, the medical profession was born in ignorance of the cause of disease and remains there today. (6-30-2018) Except that a few at the top know exactly what they are doing. You can't make money from educated intelligent people who understand cause and live a healthy lifestyle. See page "Cause & Effect"

HYGEIA  October, 1928 "Tropical Disease Here is the truth and proof of what the scientist do in a lab to animals to make them sick and then give a drug or vaccine and when the animal gets well claim it was their vaccine or drug that got the animal well.

Page 564.   " As a result of the brilliant conceptions of Ehrlich and his associates one of the greatest advances resulting from experiences during the World War was the production of "Bayer 205," a synthetic aniline compound which possesses a remarkable lethal action on the deadly trypanosome of sleeping sickness.  Although the action of this drug on ARTIFICIALLY INFECTED ANIMALS had already been accurately gaged since 1921."

Jim's comment. 

There it is in black and white. Animals in the wild don't get the diseases that humans get. So they take these poor little guys and inject them or x-ray them until they get sick. The ones that don't die are than given a drug or vaccine. If the animal survives they claim the animal survived because of the vaccine or drug given. If the animal dies they  place the blame on the animal instead of the poison given or injected.

​HYGEIA  August, 1928.

The Latin that Doctors Speak. P. 438.     " Latin is a valuable lanquage from which to select basic elements for scientific words because it is a "dead" language.  For this reason the basic meanings of Latin words are fixed forever; there are no living tongues to alter those meanings or vary them in any way. "  Jim's comment, Rivers violated that rule and just made up a new definition for the word virus which meant and means poison--and poison is not and does not have life.


" Whooping cough occurs at all ages. But its higgest incidence by far is in children under 5 years of age. In one year 96 per cent of the total deaths from whooping cough in the United States were of children under 5;  90 per cent were of children under 3.  The younger the patient, the greater the danger.  It is the first year of life that the disease is most likely to prove fatal."

" Whooping cough is contagious.  The germs are everywhere.  The infection by sneezing or coughing may occur at distances up to five feet. Physicians are less certain now than before that this germ is the primary cause of whooping cough.  Some doctors believe that a filterable virus also plays a part. "

"Coughing is spasmodic. During the paroxysms, explosive coughs follow one after another so rapidly that the child has no time to inhale.  The face becomes purple and is bathed in perspiration.  The veins of the neck stand out.  The tongue protrudes, the eyes bulge, the tears flow.  Finally, as the child draws in a long breath through his half-closed larynx, a shrill whistling sound, the whoop, is heard.  If you have ever strangled over a swallow of water and choked until it seemed impossible to draw a breath, you have experienced a similar sensation. 

" In pertussis, thick mucus is expelled after such a paroxysm,  vomiting follows, and the patient is exhausted.  Whooping cough is one of the diseases against which you want your child to be immunized. "

"It is during the first year or two of life that whooping cough is deadliest."

" If the child has never been immunized and comes into close contact with someone who has whooping cough, injection of whooping cough serum is used to reduce the severity of the disease if and when it develops. 

Jim's comment.  Babies in their first year die more. Does that mean the "germs that cause it" don't like older kids and adults.  Where do you think this "thick mucus" came from?  Did the germs manufacture it? 

​The filterable virus. This is the lie Rivers and company was promoting, and no doubt this doctor received this lie from the men at the Rockefeller institute. 

​HYGEIA  February, 1928  The AMA is doing a story about a woman who didn't vaccinate her sick baby. The baby died and the doctor said she was a criminal--kind of like they say today---but check out the truth of what the vaccine is made of.

" The doctor says why didn't you call me when the baby was sick?  The lady says," Because I knew the first thing you would do is to inject a lot of horrid horse serum into my child, and I'll not have it'   After the doctor accuses her of being morally guilty of killing her baby the doctor says, " The diphtheria toxin is the poison produced by living cultures of diphtheria organisms obtained from throats of persons suffering from the disease."

The doctor says," Injection of toxin and removal of the resulting antitoxic serum later is no more painful than the setting of a shoe by a blacksmith."  

Jim's comment.  Read that carefully again. They take the result of a disease from the throat of a sick person and inject it into a horse---then take blood from the horse and claim that the horse made a protective substance that will be injected into a well person and prevent that person from the disease. That protective substance would be what they call antibodies. The poison they took from the persons throat was not the cause of the illness---it was the result of the illness. Waste-- the body was attempting to eliminate. The big lie is that protective substances are made in the blood of the horse. Today these are called antibody's. No one has ever seen an antibody, because they don't exist.  Try finding a picture of these antibody's. Today I doubt if these criminals even inject anything into the animals at the lab--just say they do.  

​​HYGEIA   July,  1928

Measles Serum

" The consensus of opinion is that the serum of patients convalescing from measles is of definite value in preventing and modifying an attack of measles provided the serum is collected and given time in a suitable dose"     Jim's comment. it is amazing how they get away with this crap. I call it built in protection or excuses when the injections cause disease, disability or death. Number one. Their science (proof) is a "consensus of opinion"---Think that might have come from the Rockefeller gang? (Rivers)  And it only works if it is given at a certain time and the right dose.  So ANYONE who has a reaction or dies--they just say it was a bad batch--wasn't given in time---not the right dose. These "doctors" were taking blood from a sick person who got well and injecting it into a person--stating it would prevent or modify a disease. This is the beginning of your "modern medicine."  92 years later not so modern.

"If any of the children contract measles (after the injection) it will generally be in a modified form."

" When human serum is not available the serum of goats immunized with green producing measles germs  appears to be effective both in preventing and modifying measles. Serum of horses immunized with measles germs has been used in a few cases with similar results, although the reaction is more severe.