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Ihave the original book. These  quotes  are from those who taught and practiced Homoeopathy.

The University Homoeopathic Observer.  Vol. V. January 1907.

Lancaster, Pa., and Ann Arbor, Mich.

Supervising Editor

W.B. Hinsdale, A.M., M.D.

Associate Editors

R.S. Copeland, A.M., M.D.                                                                                                C.B. Kinvon, M.D.

W.A. Dewey, M.D.                                                                                                              D.T. Smith, B.S., M.D.


" Homoeopaths have been accused of being worshipers of a hero and bowing down to a man with the blindness of an Arab who turns his face daily towards Mecca and salaams to Allah. It has been said they deify Hahnemann with an unreasonable devotion. To this let it be replied: It does not follow because one by the Hahnemannian method has been able to benefit his fellow men that he is a blind fanatic in his desire to divide the honor.

   During the past few years there has been a marked disposition, upon the part of those who do not practice Homeopathically, to appreciate the attainments of Hahnemann and to accredit his methods, if not his system, as having been in advance of his time and in accord with the scientific spirt of the present.

   With this introduction, the following paper is presented which was prepared for and read at the celebration of Hahnemann's birthday.--Ed.

"And Samuel Hahnemann was the first to break away from this established order or rather disorder, which he did, after fifteen years of incessant toil; when he stated amplified, explained, developed and promulgated the law of similia. He was the first to make any extensive and accurate experiments upon animals and man, himself included, by noting the effect of DRUGS upon the HEALTHY."   (Caps mine)

"In passing, allow me to call attention briefly to two great principles which were his constant guides, experiment and induction. By the former he noted facts. These facts were made clear by the only rational method, namely, by giving drugs to the healthy.  Allow me to quote from Dr. Wood's preface again, where he has in mind this same idea of drug experimentation on the HEALTHY.  "It is certain that in these experiments lies the only scientific ground work for the treatment of disease. We must discover what influence a drug exerts when put into the body of a patient before we can use it rationally, and we can gain this coveted knowledge only in the method indicated."

"While a student in the University of Michigan, I remember very distinctly hearing Dr. Dunster, than whom a more scholarly, gentlemanly man never graced the platform of the medical teacher, use substantially these words: If there is any science in the application of DRUGS to the healing of the sick the Homoeopaths have it, because they first prove their DRUGS upon the HEALTHY.

"From the results of these numerous experiments he could and did, by the application of the inductive method of reasoning, formulate and elaborate his rules for the use, or rather for the application, of DRUGS in the CURE of the sick, which have stood the test of experience."

The book gives a few cases of treatment. I will cite one.

"Protracted case of Pneumonia Following operation.

Mrs. X., aged 30, housewife, was operated upon November 17, 1904, in the gynecological clinic. The operation comprised perineorrhaphy, trachelorrhhophy and Alexander's operation. The patient reacted fairly well from the operation, but soon developed a cough, a slight degree of fever,     vomited at times, was restless and suffered from pains in various parts of the lungs. Belladonna 3x, every hour, brought some relief, but in a day or so the patient became more nervous, had flushed cheeks, cyanosed lips, numbness in limbs and cold feet and the medicine was accordingly changed to Ipecac 3x, followed in the evening by Iris versicolor 3x, one drachm every fifteen minutes. The remedies for the next few days included Rhus tox and Bryonia as the symptoms called for their use. Kali iodatum was prescribed on the tenth day, and Ferrum phorphoricum on the day following.

   Upon the twelfth day the surgical wounds were examined, found healed and the stitches removed. At that time, however the temperature was 103.6. Frequent coughing and raising of mucus were annoying.  Physical examination showed consolidation of the lower lobe of the right lung. The breathing was short and labored. Herpes labialis developed extensively. Micoscopical examination showed the presence of pneumococci. On the eveing of the fourteenth day after operation, or two days after the pneumonic symptoms were present, the temperature went to 105.8.  The respiration then was 40, and the pulse rate was 130. There were severe, and patient complained of pain in the side and an exasperating headache. Large quantities of thick yellow purulent material were coughed up. The patient seemed almost in a state of collapse. During this period Veratrum viride, Ferrum phos and Bryonia comprised the treatment, in connection with applications of hot water bags and hot foot baths.

   On the fourth day of the pneumonia the temperature decreased two or three degrees and yellowish-green material in large quantities was raised from the lungs. Here the remedy was changed to Phos. every two hours. The temperature again arose on the sixth day, the distressing pain in the side was worse, and vomiting accompanied the other symptoms. The expectoration was blood-streaked and somewhat rust-colored. As Bryonia failed to bring relief it was changed to Sanguinaria.

   Three days later the patient expectorated a pint of thick yellow matter of a terrifically foul odor. A chill followed, and the temperature again went above 105. At that time the respiration was 38 and the pulse rate 130. Under the use of Hepar Sulphur 3x, these grave symptoms became less intense in a day or two. The microscope showed the matter coughed up was almost entirely pus and blood. Percussion demonstrated the presence of a considerable cavity in the center of the right lung, and abscess of the lung was diagnosed. The case at this point had the typical symptoms of Silica, and it was accordingly prescribed.

  After another violent fit of coughing on the fourteenth day about four ounces more of foul purulent matter were coughed up. Chills , accompanied by a temperature of about 105, followed. Thenceforth the patient seemed to gain strength and to enter  upon convalescence, but annoying night sweats developed. The apprehension was that tubercular infection had entered to complicate affairs. Samples of sputum were examined almost daily for two weeks for the presence of tubercle bacilli, but with negative results each time.  Aside from various pyogenic germs and an abundance of pus cells, nothing of a particularly suspicious character could be discovered. In the treatment of the patient at this stage Silicea was continued until the pain in the right lung reappeared and caused much annoyance when the remedy was changed to Sanguinaria.  Frequent coughing spells, provoking much foul smelling mucus, appeared to call for the use of Lycopodium, but this was soon discontinued for Bryonia.  Henceforth the temperature gradually decreased, although there were several periods of variation. The patient soon began to show marked signs of improvement in other respects, ate heartily, and by the time that she had been under treatment for a little over two months, was rapidly convalescing. Cale. phos., Lyco podium, Silicea, Phosphorus, Sanguinaria and Kali iodatum were prescribed on different days, according to the prevailing symptoms. On Februrary 3d. seventy-nine days after operation the patient was discharged as CURED and allowed to return to her home."

Wow. So if you have read Cure Yourself you know what was wrong with this woman. She was severely toxic. And what did these "experts" do. They operated. Then they loaded her up with drugs. The woman lived in spite of being cut on and drugged. And they said she was cured. This is just how the medical profession does it. They give drugs and if you don't get better, they give you another and another. If you survive that barbaric treatment they credit the drugs. If you  die, they blame you.   That's modern medicine for you. Looks like its not so modern. The only difference between allopathic drugs and homeopathic drugs is the dose.