​Natural or artificial. Active or passive. immunity only exist in the mind of the believer. There is no fight between germs and antibodies. There is no fight to be healthy.  Bacteria are the result of disease, not the cause. And viruses are not alive and in fact do not exist.

​Health is built by healthful living. Keep the blood, tissues, arteries, and organs clean and clear equal health.

​Example. Dirt in oil or gas, car doesn't work right. Dirt (toxemia) in blood, tissues, arteries and organs, body doesn't work right.

​Health is not complicated. Eat right. eat light, take a daily walk, and read positive thinking books.

The so-called cure is in the body itself. There are no cures from the outside. If you don't believe that, watch your next cut heal. On your next cold, take nothing and see what happens.

The facts in disease are obvious. Its the conclusions you have to question.

​P.S. Antibodies have never been seen either. Titer tests are just color test. Google vaccicheck.com.

A lie doesn't become truth.

A wrong doesn't become right.

Evil doesn't become good.

​Just because the majority believe it.

"I hold these truths to be self-evident, or, least, susceptible of positive proof and absolute demonstration : That the doctrines and theories commonly entertained among men, and taught in medical schools and books, and practiced by the great body of the medical profession, and which constitute the so-called "Science of Medicine," and on which the popular practice of the so-called "Healing Art" is predicated, are untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to Nature, and in direct conflict with every law of the vital organism; and that these are the reasons, and the only reasons, why medical science does not progress as do all other sciences; why success in the healing art bears no due relation to the advancement of all of the collateral sciences, and to the progress of intelligence among mankind; why medical theories are ever changing; why all of its assumed principles are in controversy; its hypotheses in dispute; why its fundamental rules and primary premises are wholly overlooked or misunderstood; and why its application to the cure of disease and the preservation of health is so uncertain, so dangerous, often so fatal, and on the whole, so vastly more injurious than useful to the world."

The True Healing Art. by Russell T. Trall, M.D. 1880


This accounts for the periodicity of the perennial infections that we call diseases of childhood, such as measles, whooping cough, scarletina, diphtheria, chicken-pox (too often confounded with small-pox), influenza, colds, all an evidence that there are in each community susceptible cases, those who have acquired a susceptibility since the last epidemic, representing so much new material on which these germs feed, rubbish to be destroyed.

  In this sense these germs are simple scavengers, whose duty is to destroy one particular sort of pabulum in all the susceptible bodies.

P.62. Question: Do you believe it necessary that children have the so-called children's diseases?

Answer: In no sense, for children that have not a toxic soil cannot take these so-called diseases of childhood, so every such attack is evidence of a toxic state.

The Medical Millennium

William Howard Hay, M.D.

reprinted 1963.

A must read for doubters.


Germs cause disease like flies cause garbage.

There have been many scientist in the past that have proven that germs do not cause disease by drinking a glass of germ filled liquid. I myself have done this many times with family members and my employees when they had a cold.

Here is an example. 

Page 51. " Dr. Pettenkofer, a celebrated physician, and professor of the University of Vienna, also arrived at the conclusion that bacteria, by themselves, cannot create disease, and for years he defended his opinion from the lecture platform and in his writings against the practically solid phalanx of the medical profession. One day he backed his theory by a practical test. While instructing his class in the bacteriological laboratory of the University, he picked up a glass which contained millions of live cholera germs and swallowed its contents before the eyes of the students. The seemingly dangerous experiment was followed only by a slight nausea. Lately I have heard repeatedly of persons in this country who subjected themselves in similar manner to infection, inoculation, and contagion with the most virulent kinds of bacteria and disease taints, without developing the corresponding diseases.

A few years ago Dr. Rodermund, a physician in the State of Wisconsin, created a sensation all over this country when he smeared his body with the exudate of smallpox sores in order to demonstrate to his medical colleagues that a healthy body could not be infected with the disease. He was arrested and quarantined in jail, but not before he had come in contact with many people. Neither he nor anyone else "exposed" by him developed smallpox.

   During the ten years that I have been connected with sanitarium work, my workers and myself, in giving the various forms of manipulative treatment, have handled intimately thousands of cases of infections and contagious diseases, and I do not remember a single instance where any one of us was in the least affected by such contact.

Nature Cure 1914

H. Lindlahr, M.D.