The Medical Mafia claims that germs cause dis-ease, like the common cold.

And they claim that these germs are everywhere-in us-on us-around us-on doorknobs-on our money-everywhere.

And they claim that we can be healthy one minute and the germs attack us and we will be sick the next minute.

If you believe that let me ask you a question-why don't you have a cold right now? 

Once in awhile some smarter than the average bear will say Jim I do not have a cold right now because I eat lots of good nourishing food, I take my vitamins, I exercise, so my immune system is strong. And that is why I don't have a cold.

And I say so you admit that germs are not the cause?

And now that non-thinking person has a puzzled look on their face, and says huh?

I respond to that person if the germ can't break through a strong immune system, then the germ cannot be the cause.

Because if the germs were the cause it wouldn't matter how strong your immune system was.

That is not fake science, that is pure unadulterated logic and common sense.

I repeat if the germs were the cause it would make no difference how strong or weak your immune system was.

What a joke.

‚ÄčNote the date, 1949. That is how long this virus hoax has been going on.

Sir Edward Mellanby---The Man, The Research Worker, and statesmen By B.S. Platt. Page 6.

                                                          Background to British Biochemistry

The chemist of 1905 was not interested in Biological phenomena, and he never for one moment considered it possible that the future of chemistry itself would be revolutionized by knowledge of the chemical processes which were encountered in biological material. it can be said with assurance, that those of us who were actively engaged in the study of physiological processes at that time realized to the full that the essential condition for progress was the enticement of first-class chemists into the biological field as active collaborators. Our prayers have been abundantly answered, indeed, MORE THAN ANSWERED, for the pendulum has swung the other way, and whereas chemical skill in biochemistry has become predominant, BIOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE AND OUTLOOK IN THE SUBJECT HAS EITHER TENDED TO FADE AWAY OR TO ISOLATE ITSELF FROM THAT OF CHEMISTS.

This present-day dichotomy is an address given by the Rt. Hon. Lord Hankey at the Memorial Service to Sir Edward Mellanby, March 11, 1956.

Jim's comment.  I have suspected for many years that Biology was hijacked by the chemists. This confirms it. The chemist gave life to the dead.