Page 26. Medicines are inert substances with no more power to act on a living orgaism than they have to act on a dead organism.  They are passive substances with no wisdom, intelligence or purpose.  They are capable of only chemical and mechanical actions under certain conditions.

   Only the living organism possesses the instruments of action, the intelligence for purposeful action and the energy for effecting the action.

   What is mistakenly called the actions of medicines are, in reality, the actions of the living organism.

    It must be recognized as fundamental and irrevocable truth that it is exclusively within the domain of a living organism to receive and appropriate useful substances and, likewise, to reject and expel useless and injurious substances.

  It is a fundamental power of an intelligent purposeful organism to select and reject. Either process is employed by the organism to serve its life sustaining objectives.

   Thus we must learn that vomiting is a body action aimed at ejecting injurious substances, not the function of an emetic  the physician has administered.

  Likewise, diuretics do not act. The kidneys are the body organs. THE BODY SELECTS to eliminate drugs called diuretics. Laxatives and cathartics  do not move the bowels.  The bowels move the laxatives  and cathartics.   Constipated bowels, tired, rundown and nearly functionless like a tired near-dead horse, are whipped into action by the vital economy to rid the body of something injurious, that is the laxative or cathartic,  Thus it is with all so-called medicines. The body acts to expel them and the body's actions are mistaken for the drug's actions.  Certainly in expelling drugs the body expends so much vitally that its disease symptoms, evidence of internal vitality employed for purification and repair, disappear for the energy that was used therefor has been diverted to an emergency, the expulsion of the drugs. Apparent "cure" is actually a condition that is worse! The body now suffers the toxemia and the poisonous drugs!

Drug delusion Sustained by Those Looking for Magic of "Cure."

Page 29.  Because humans insist on indulging perverted practices and refuse to recognize their sufferings to be the results of their flaunting the laws of life-because they believe that the human body, like mechanical contrivances, can be "fixed up" because they believe that they have been invaded by devils of some sort, germs, viruses, or evil spirits, they believe in the voodoo of exorcism through drugs. They believe that drugs have some magic qualities to seek out trouble spots, rout invaders and make things right again.

The power of the drug delusion is protected by ignorance, depravity and the wish for easy deliverance from the effects of transgressions.

Drug Delusion Embedded in Our Economic System.

 A monstrous industry, our second largest, involving some $200 billion per annum, is built around the drug and allied delusions. Americans are pitifully exploited for adherence to such absurd beliefs, not only economically, but more tragically, physically.  The drug delusion is protected by billions upon billions of wealth. An industry, be it tobacco, alcohol, drug or other, is not about to suffer the loss of a single bit of business even if the business is based on glaring absurdities and superstitions.

But the whole fabric of the drug delusion depends upon a solid base-believers, those who subscribe to it and slavishly pay homage to it with their self. If the minds  that embrace the drug delusion could be enlightened, the base upon which it is built,  a massive structure, crumbles away and it dies a deserved death.

Page 30. The drug delusion was born of the hocus pocus of voodooism and voodooism it remains. The medical profession hasn't "cured" one thing since its inception.  It hasn't even cured such a simple malady as the common cold. It doesn't even know what a cold is.  What the profession and the huge industries allied with it have cured is their public relations problems. They have solved this problem so well they can, in truth, commit mass murder, ascribe the results to disease, and not even be held responsible for having done anything wrong.

Page 31. Everyone knows that drugs will make a person in health quite sick. The successfully fostered delusion is that drugs which will make a well person sick will, if administered when the person is sick, restore health.

How the Organism Treats Drugs in the Body

Page 32. Drugs, or medicines if you will, are said to be a laxative, antibiotic, tranquilizer, antidepressant, stimulant, emetic, cathartic, or have other special properties. Let it be distinctly understood that these describe body reactions to drugs and are not the properties of drugs. Drugs do not act. They have only the capability of making chemical combinations that interfere with or destroy vital body functions.

   All the actions are those of the living organism. If drugs acted in the human body they would act in dead people as well as living ones!

    It is the bowel that expels its contents and with it the poisonous laxative, for this is the avenue of expulsion the body selects for medicines called laxative. It is the body that musters the resources to vomit, not the emetic given.

  Thus, no matter what the standing of those who administer drugs, be it even a physician of the highest professional esteem, the organism abhors the drugs and initiates the actions of protection and expulsion. The actions of the body are mistaken for the actions of the poison.

Page 37.  Comes forth a medical researcher, Dr. Hardin B. Jones of the University of California Department of Medical Physics, with this startling and revealing finding after 2 years of study:  People who develop cancer and refuse treatment live an average of 12.5 more years. People with cancer who submit to medical treatment live an average of only three more years.

Page 38.  How many remember the physicians' strikes? It is noteworthy that, during those strikes, the undetakers were nearly idle! The death rate dropped over 50%.  Other than rare cases where they can mechanically aid the injured, the whole profession is a hazard to health. If you patronize the medical practitioners you're taking your life into your hands! Literally, they have a license to kill. All the evidence indicates they're many times more deadly than the diseases they treat.

Page 39.  Disease is, very simply "not at ease." Any thing that lowers vitality, interferes with organ function is the cause of disease. pains, aches, lassitude, suffering, discomfort, weakness, lowered vitality etc., are some of the effects or symptoms of bodily processes which we call disease.

  Disease is a broad term insofar as it covers all phenomena relating to "unease." But, with the exceptions of injuries and permanent "unease" begotten of irreversible organic degeneration, diseases are crises of toxemia.( See page Toxemia the cause of all disease.)

Disease A Body Purification and Healing Process.

  Diseases are eliminative or purification crises wherein the body devotes itself intensely to ejecting toxic matters from the vital domain.  In disease the body is purging itself of morbid matters that are destroying cells and/or tissue; the body is freeing itself of toxic material that is antivital in character such that it interferes with normal life processes. The body is discharging extraordinary amounts of poisonous matters that threaten body integrity and smooth function.

Disease is Beneficial, Therefore, Treating the sick is Wrong.

Page 41. Let's get this straight once and for call: Disease is a beneficial process, a healing process.  It is the body's rescue effort, an effort at unburdening itself of garbage and of repairing damaged parts. IT IS SHEER INSANITY, CRIMINAL INSANITY IF YOU PLEASE, TO INTERFERE WIRH THE PROCESS OF HEALING!

  Drugs cannot remove toxic matters for they are themselves toxic.  Drugs cannot create destroyed cells, replace contaminated fluid or mend damaged tissue--they are the causes of such results and it is insane to administer them as "remedial agents" expecting them to accomplish or help accomplish such an end.

Page 42. Is it wise to give drugs to a healthy person? If not, why not? Does it not make more sense to give drugs to a healthy person than to a sick one? Does not a sick person have enough infirmities with which to contend without the added jeopardy of drug poisons?

vomiting is the actin of the body, not the drug. Vomiting is a vital action to expel obnoxious matters through the mouth.

Diarrhea is the action of the body, not the drug. Bowel action is the vital action to expel unwelcome substances through the colon.

Sweating is a vital action. The drug does not sweat. The actions observed when drugs are put into the vital economy are always body actions except where chemical actions occur. The end product of drug action is ALWAYS DEATH and never life!

Page 47. Medical practices are worse in their effects than voodooistic rites to drive out evil spirts-it is of the same fabric but far more deadly.  The absurd belief that bacteria cause disease is giving way to the belief that "viruses" cause disease. Invoking the term virus explains no more than invoking the term evil spirit.  Bacteria no more cause disease than flies cause garbage-in fact, bacteria play the role of scavenger. The medical profession is fundamentally ignorant of the causes of disease, and all treatments are at best voodooistic practices that are murderous in their effects-therefore are criminal.

Every physician who treats a patient with drugs commits a crime-not against the law for that is legally condoned, but against the patient and humanity. It is truly said that the medical profession is a criminal profession, made so by the insane and murderous practice of administering poisons.


The word "quack" means anyone who pretends to knowledge, powers and abilities he or she does not have. It means in short, a charlatan. It was originally applied to members of the medical profession and all physicians were referred to as quacks.

Page 65. Honest physicians are busy day and night, in their offices, clinics, and hospitals, taking money from the suffering, for whom they know that they can do nothing. When they tell the patient who has a cold that they have no CURE, they do not hesitate to prescribe and to accept a fee.  If this is honesty, I do not understand the true meaning of the term.

Page 66. No group of men in all history ever preyed upon the sick for profit to the extent that the "legitimate" and organized medical profession now does.

Page 72. Medical ignorance-They are blind leaders of the blind and fall into the grave with their dupes. Men who do not themselves know how to live and maintain health cannot teach others. They cannot impart knowledge which they do not possess.

The folly of Checkups.  Right here is the basic fallacy of the checkups. They are searches for symptoms, for effects, endpoints; not searches for causes. With his many tests and instruments of precision the physician is adept at discovering symptoms and pathology (physical signs), but he is a babe in the woods when cause is mentioned. Without a knowledge of cause this cannot be removed, without the removal of cause, health cannot be restored.

Page 73. Fear Often Worse Than Disease.  Fear is a killing complication in any so-called disease.  Fear and apprehension are the two most common results of medical checkups.


Page 78.  This is the age of chemistry and physics. The laws of biology are laid aside and chemistry is resorted to to solve problems of health. For three thousands years hope has dwelt in mankind that some mysterious remedy will be found to counter disease. The view that chemistry will solve the problem by hitting upon some drug which will fulfill this three thousand year hope.


Page 91.  Now it will be readily granted that if the head is removed from one who suffers with chronic headaches, he or she will have no more headaches, but it is not granted that removing the head removes the cause of the headache. If a toe is cut off there can never be another corn on that toe, but the removal of the toe is not the removal of the cause of corns and there is every likelihood that corns will develop on other toes.

   There is no recovery where cause is not removed. He who putters with palliatives, treats effects and ignores causes, is a pretender, a charlatan. The man who cuts out affected parts and organs and permits cause to continue until it destroys the patient is a criminal.

Page 92. Medical "Science" A Fraud Upon Mankind.

Page 96. Dr. Shelton says," 1. That the Medical System is ENTIRELY FALSE. That it is untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to natural principles, contrary to common sense, disastrous in results and a curse to humanity.

2. That the Hygienic System is TRUE. That it is in harmony with nature, in accord with the principles of vital organic existence, correct in science,sound in philosophy, in agreement with common sense, successful in results and a blessing to mankind.


Back cover.  Beliefs are just that-beliefs ! Neither hoary age nor billions of believers make them true.

Truth does not require belief. We do not use the word believe in setting forth what we know.

Truth is not something that is verified by popular vote.