This is the man who lied to save the Salk vaccine program in the great Salk vaccine massacre of 1955 when hundreds of kids got polio from the vaccine and many died. His reward, made president of a drug company.

Bodian and Smadel. Two more who conspired to mislead the entire medical profession and the world as to the cause of polio.

This is the man who was put in charge of the 1954 field trial to prevent polio. The little known fact is Francis taught Salk how to make vaccines in 1942. It was a stacked deck.

The medical people in the government have been a part of this since the 1930s.

This is the mastermind liar who changed the definition of the word virus from "A poison substance produced in the body by a disease" to a submicroscopic particle that takes over a cell.

The poison produced by the body in every disease is the infection, mucus etc. That waste product is the ingredient used to make vaccines. It is called virus meaning poison. Today they may have substituted a synthetic for the product of disease. This of course would expose the whole con-game as the vaccine is defined as being made from the causative agent of the disease.

The original vaccine like Jenner used was the product of disease. (cow-pus) This was named Isopathy by Dr. Joseph    Lux in 1823. 1823 was the year Jenner died. I say that was a tribute from one quack to another. 


By T.M. Rivers (October 1927)  The lie begins.

How much disease, disability and death did these vultures cause to how many children, and still cause?

This is the man who said the Cutter company had live virus and caused the great 1955 Salk vaccine massacre of all those kids.. The little known fact is he worked with Salk on the B.S. virus typing program. He was part of the team.

This is the liar who said he grew the polio virus.

This is the book that exposes the whole sick way they made vaccines.