It is impossible to secure and maintain good health, strength, vigor and immunity to disease while living on the conventional diet-that is meat, potatoes, eggs, bread and desserts. A great deal can be accomplished through exercise, but exercise alone will not do the trick. This has been clearly proven by the example of hundreds of well know athletes who have succumbed to epidemics and diseases of all kinds. Exercise alone will usually keep the individual in what is called "good condition," meaning feeling "fairly good" as a rule.  But unless the diet is also restricted, illness of some sort or other eventually overtakes the athlete, nor does he succeed in putting off Old Age for any great length of time.

  If you wish to cure yourself of some affliction you already have; if you wish to insure yourself against the attack of disease at any time; if you wish to be well and hale and hearty to a ripe YOUNG age-then you must make up your mind that you will have to follow a constructive diet.  However, I want to assure you here that you will not suffer any great gustatory deprivations from this abstinence. You  will find that after the first denial, and the habit of eating certain foods has been broken, the proper foods will have a much more delicious taste and a higher flavor. For instance, you will get a great deal more delight from eating a bowl of fresh fruit after your taste buds have been cleansed and brought nearer the natural condition, than you ever did from the choicest piece of pastry or other artificial tidbit, or from the juiciest steak.

    The ideal diet for mankind, undoubtedly, is the exclusive fruit diet. But because the race has lived on cooked and prepared foods for so many centuries, we cannot in one generation become fruit eaters. The most we can do is to change over to a diet of fruit combined with raw and cooked vegetables, and even this change must be made gradually through what is called "The Transition Diet System.

   The principle of this Diet System is the step by-step elimination from the diet of concentrated, artificial, prepared and devitalized foods, and the gradual substitution of fresh fruits and succulent vegetables. As previously explained, fresh fruits and vegetables stir up many of the old poisons in the system, and when the heavy foods to which an individual has been accustomed are discarded for fruits and vegetables too suddenly, the eliminative organs of the body are not able to handle all the mucus and poison thrown upon them. The individual should begin, gradually, to eat more and more of the raw and cooked vegetables (the raw ones in the form of salads) , and less of the concentrated foods. The nearer the diet approaches that of simply fruits and non-starchy vegetables, the better the state of health will be-always on the condition that the poisons set loose in the body by the restrictive cleansing diet are not more than can easily and quickly be disposed of by the organs of elimination.

   Understanding the phenomenon of a "crisis" understanding that on the one hand too much concentrated, unnatural food causes disease, and that, on the other hand, too much of the good food (the fruits and vegetables), introduced into the diet too quickly, opens the flood gates and discharges poisons into the blood stream, causing also many symptoms of distress, the person who undertakes to reform his diet must, to a large extent, guide himself.

   The End. Now read Toxemia-The true cause of disease.

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