The procedure which you must adopt to Cure Yourself may aptly be termed "house-cleaning."  The cause of disease, as previously stated, is poison, dead matter, food waste, accumulated through years of improper feeding of our bodies, which is stored in the tissues and organs. When we stop taking into our system the kind of food material which has caused this condition, healing begins--just as healing begins in the case of a cut or bruise immediately.

  Nature will heal your internal ills just as she heals your external ills, i.e., cuts, bruises, etc., if you give her the chance. This is the first thing to understand in sickness.  The tendency of your body is to get well.  It is unnatural to be sick, and every force of Nature fights against it, works to restore the natural state.  You have every chance in the world of getting well if you will only stop making yourself sick! Stop putting the disease poisons in, or at least stop putting them in in such large quantities.

     The method of internal healing is like a general house-cleaning.  When we fast, or change our diet to one nearer natural, the unwanted foreign matter which has been deposited in the tissues, loosens and is picked up by the blood stream, the natural vehicle for carrying off impurities from the body.

    The blood in turn rids itself of its poisons, becomes purified through the lungs, kidneys, skin, liver, intestines, ears, eyes, nose and throat. Stop consumption of the artificial, devitalized foods in greater or less degree, and you institute healing in proportionate degree. As you remove the cause of any physical ill, Nature sets at once to correct that ill.

  The logical assumption to be drawn from the above course of reasoning seems to be that the quickest route back to health is the complete fast. That is true. However, there is a danger in long fasts, which I will explain presently.  And aside from that, there is a slower but equally efficacious method of reaching our goal which is with out the attendant disabilities and unpleasantness of the fast.

    Why are we weakened, feeble, distressed, during a fast?  Because there is a cleansing process going on inside our bodies. Quantities of poisonous, virulent substances are being eliminated from the tissues and heaped upon the blood stream to be removed from the system.  The blood, in its function of body cleanser, becomes loaded with poisons loosened from the tissues.

  While this noxious waste is coursing through our veins we undergo all sensations incident to a poisoned blood stream. When the fast is broken by food being taken into the digestive tract, the "elimination" process of Nature, the house-cleaning, is halted. The flow of waste into the blood stream ceases, and we feel better at once.

   In a long fast the burden of poisons in the blood, eliminated from the tissues, often becomes so great that normal function not only of the blood, but of liver, kidneys, and other organs through which the blood purifies itself, is made difficult.  This is the reason I do not advocate fasts of more than five or ten days' duration.

    A similar reaction to that produced by the fast is brought about by the eating of fruits and vegetables.  Besides being the splendid vitality-yielding foods which they are, fruits and vegetables perform another action in the human system which causes them, often times, to seem to be working ill rather than good.

   For instance, in the spring of the year after a winter of meat, fish, potatoes, bread, pie, hot cakes, coffee and tea, people will begin to eat the luscious new strawberries appearing on the market.  What happens?  A rash appears, or there is a headache or some other evidence of poison in the blood. Should we conclude then that strawberries are a poison-berries, the food of the gods? Some will say it is due to an idiosyncracy of certain people for a particular article of food.  That is true in a way. But this is the fundamental reason:

      Fruit and vegetables act also as cleansers in the body. That is, they stir up old poisons and set them loose into the blood stream-the natural medium for carrying off impurities from the system. A certain amount of noxious matter can be handled without causing any disturbance, as in normal life the venous blood is constantly carrying poisons of which the body is ridding itself.  But when a quantity of fruit to which the individual has not been accustomed is taken, the amount of virulent matter thus loosened by the action of the fruit and loaded onto the blood stream is so great that many unpleasant symptoms are usually experienced. Disease products-encumbrances in the body due to years of incorrect eating (the curse of civilization) -that have been stored in the various organs and tissues, are loosened by the chemical action of fruit and, to a less degree, of vegetables. This foreign matter is, through natural process, picked up by the venous blood, and causes the same bodily reactions as any poison freshly absorbed into the blood stream through the process of digestion.

   It is highly important that this process be plainly understood before any steps are taken toward making a change in one's daily program of food consumption.

     I will try to make it clear in a little different manner. Fruit and vegetables are "eliminators" of old body wastes.  They tend to stir up this foreign matter and eliminate it from the tissues (into the blood).  Let me digress a minute and say right here that if you object, as so many people do, to the idea that your body is full of stored up poison which has been accumulating in your tissues since you first began to eat, you must overcome that prejudice at once.  There is not a civilized man alive who is not a walking storehouse of rotten food residue, and until you admit the fact and go to work on this premise, there is no hope for you.

     Why is it that a person can be apparently well and strong one day and flat on his back with a fever the next? Fever means toxins in the blood. Where do the amount of toxins necessary to produce a feverish condition all come from in the space of a few hours?  Often there is a tightness in the head one night and a heavy cold will break the next day, with a copious discharge of mucus from the nose and throat. Were does this mucus come from overnight?

    If you believe you are internally clean, try going on an exclusive fresh fruit diet for two weeks. Luscious, ripe, delicious fruit, and nothing else, is the ideal diet for mankind in a perfect state of health. If you believe you have no poisons in your body, and therefore that you are in a perfect state of health, you should flourish on a diet of fresh fruit. You will not as the experiment will prove to you-unmistakably.

    "But," you will say, "you are wrong; fruit is not the ideal diet. here is not enough nourishment in fruit alone." Then try this experiment: After you have recovered from the effects of the fruit diet, go on a complete fast for two weeks, take nothing but water. You will find that you feel one hundred per cent better on a complete fast than you did eating fruit!  If your nourishment theory were correct, wouldn't you be supposed to feel better with taking even a little nourishment such as there is in fruit (fruit sugar, energy producing) than you felt while taking no nourishment at all, as on the complete fast?

    Let me tell you, Reader, why a prolonged diet of fruit alone, such as two weeks or more, will render you weaker, exhibiting more disease symptoms, and generally in a worse state than a prolonged diet of nothing at all.  The reason is that you have an untold amount of poisons and noxious waste stored in the tissues of your body, whether you like to believe it or not, and the chemical action of fruit loosens these poisons and dumps them into the blood stream to be expelled from the body. Naturally when the blood stream is over-loaded with poisonous substance you feel ill, whether this substance is old matter which the body is eliminating, or whether it is fresh poison newly absorbed by the blood through the process of digestion.

        Perhaps it is well right here to explain the use of the word "elimination" in this text. To many persons "elimination" is a nice word to use when referring to bowel evacuation. But that is a narrow concept of the term and not its proper meaning. Physiologically, elimination is "To expel from the system"-to expel poisons from the system generally, not just fecal waste through bowel evacuation. When I make use of this word therefore (unless stating specifically intestinal elimination), I refer to general elimination of the poisons and waste in the cells and tissues of the entire system. As these poisons are let loose from the cells and tissues they are picked up by the blood stream in order to be expelled from the body. When the blood stream is thus burdened, we experience many unpleasant symptoms until  it succeeds in purifying itself through the lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines, etc. Thus, while this process of releasing poisons, or general elimination, is going on, we often feel depressed and this indisposition is called an "elimination crisis."

   The process which I am trying to elucidate, "elimination," may be better understood by using the analogy of a spring housecleaning.  The organs of the body are rooms cluttered with filth. The fruits and vegetables are the workers who do the cleaning, and they are admitted  at the front door (the mouth). They go to a front room (the stomach) where the mistress of the house receives them, relieves them of their outer garments and gives them working aprons; in other words prepares them to go via the halls (the circulatory system) to the different rooms (organs of the body) and do their work.

   These house-cleaners then set diligently to their task, scrape the waste matter and dirt from the dark corners of the rooms    and throw it into the hallways (the circulatory system). The little boy of the house (the blood stream) runs down the hallways with his big packing box, fills it with waste and carries it down the halls and out of the house.

    Thus, if too many workers are hired (too much fruit and vegetables eaten), the hallways soon become too overloaded, and the little boy (blood stream) cannot clear them as rapidly as they are filled with the waste stirred up by the  workers.  Some of the filth he empties out of the windows down the nice clean white outside of the house. his may be likened to skin eruptions, rash, boils, etc. Some of the dirt the little boy pours down the front lower hall and thus out of the house-which is comparable to our colds, head eliminations, catarrh, etc.

   The waste stirred up by these excessive workers is so much that it crowds the hallways, fills the atmosphere everywhere with swirling dust and dirt, prevents the circulation of fresh air (oxygen) through the house, necessary to keep the place from becoming stagnant, and in general causes great distress throughout. The condition of the whole house would have been much better were the waste matter left neatly packed in the dark corners of the various rooms-until, of course, the amount in any one or more rooms grew so large that it overflowed the room into the hallways, down stairs, into other rooms, out of the windows, disturbing and upsetting the whole house-hold, such as is the case in the human body when acute disease strikes.

    The logical and reasonable way of working out the difficulty would be to hire just a few workers for every day, just enough so that the dirt they stirred up and emptied into the hallways would be only what the little boy (the bloodstream) could efficiently and comfortably and consistently, each day, carry away and out of the house. And this is the method I will follow in instructing you how to proportion the amount of "cleansing" or "eliminating" food (fruits and vegetables) in your diet each day to secure the maximum amount of "elimination" of encumbrances in your tissues with the minimum bodily disturbance, and at the same time gradually discard the bd foods which cause the waste matter in the first place.

     "Elimination" than means that condition of bodily distress occasioned by the "workers" (fruits and vegetables) stirring up more filth in the rooms (tissues and organs) than the little boy (blood stream) can clear out of the house. In this case the "workers" must be stopped from coming in and the little boy given a chance to get rid of his excess burden.

    This eliminative or cleansing property of fruits and vegetables is so often misinterpreted as a poisoning by these foods that the explanation cannot be over-emphasized. I could not put this explanation in better words than those of the Lindlahrs in Natural Therapeutics:

   "Writers of the Woods-Hutchinson type on hygienic subjects have created a popular superstition that strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and other medicinal fruits and vegetables are poison foods, because they sometimes produce skin eruptions, diarrheas and other forms of acute elimination.

      "Cucumbers as they come from the garden are medicine to the human body, especially in diarrheas and cholera morbus. hey are homeopathic to such conditions. It is wrong to soak them in salt, pepper and vinegar. In their natural state they are great purifiers, counteracting the poisons of flesh foods, alcohol and tobacco. Because they eliminate the noxious accumulations of these poisons in a somewhat drastic manner, many physicians, as well as the laity, regard them as harmful and poisonous. This is "blaming the broom for raising the dust.' When properly prepared, or rather when not prepared at all aside from cleansing, they rank among the most wholesome products of the soil.

    "The rinds of the cucumbers contain a valuable kidney tonic and should not be removed if tender and palatable.

    "Grapefruit does not contain quinine, though like all other acid and sub acid fruits and vegetables, for reasons elsewhere explained, it is an excellent remedy in all inflammatory febrile diseases.

    "Tomatoes do not make cancer, but help to cure it. Most of our cancer patients, at one time or another while undergoing treatment, usually during the healing crises, develop a strong appetite for tomatoes, and we always encourage them to satisfy this craving to the fullest extent.

     "Lettuce is a splendid remedy for soothing tired and irritated nerves, and for relieving insomnia. Its sedative qualities, however, are not due to opium. Lettuce does not contain the slightest trace of opium, but is mineral rich in the positive, alkaline mineral elements. These neutralize and eliminate the poisonous acids and alkaloids which irritate and over-stimulate the brain and nervous system, and cause all kinds of nervous troubles.

    "Peaches do not contain prussic acid. It is true that the seed of the peach contains minute quantities of this poison-not enough to be harmful-but the luscious flesh of the peach does not contain the slightest trace. It is regrettable that people should be frightened from enjoying one of Nature's most delicious and wholesome products through this foolish superstition.

  "Neither do watermelons cause malaria. This is awidespread superstitious belief among Southern people, for whom plenty of fresh watermelons in their season would be best possible preventive of malaria. True, watermelons in a condition of decay may, like all other such foods, become dangerous to health, but when ripe and fresh this delicious, juicy fruit is one of Nature's finest cooling and purifying medicines-one of the best known cures for malaria and other febrile diseases peculiar to hot climates. If the Southern people would use more watermelons and other juicy fruits during the heated seasons instead of so much lard and other greasy foods, for which they seem to have a curious fancy, they would not be prone to these maladies."

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