In the Medica Curricula some four hundred diseases are listed according to name. In reality there are four hundred (and more) symptoms, but only ONE disease. It is a symptom, or group of symptoms, to which the medical name is given.  There is only ONE disease manifesting itself in innumerable different kinds of pains, aches, distresses and annoyances. The name merely indicates the location of the pain or distress. The manifestation, the symptom which we feel, is not the disease. It is only a warning, a danger signal, that disease is present.

  The word DISEASE means simply dis-ease--absence of ease and as originally applied to the body meant absence of ease in the body.

It is a popular conception that in the process of digestion the blood absorbs from the alimentary canal enough nutriment only to supply the cells of the body with the fuel "needed to carry on." This is an erroneous belief. The blood has no such determining power. It has no brain, but simply a function of absorbing matter from the alimentive tract, and the amount it absorbs is in proportion to the amount put in (by our act of eating).

   This process of absorption is what is called digestion. The matter taken up by the blood stream in digestion is carried by 200 miles or more of tiny hair-like capillaries to the various cells and tissues of the body and there deposited.  A very small portion of this deposit is burned up for energy.  The great balance remains, causing congestion and usurping the place of oxygen, which is our life.  It is this fact that is not understood: That only a part of the food matter brought by the blood stream to the different cells and tissues is used for the needs of living--that the remainder is stored in the various tissues and organs of the body, there forming the basis of disease.  In this accumulating deposit of dead matter throughout the system germs breed, putrefaction, fermentation and rotting take place, pus, mucus, poison encumbrances form, and it is thus we have Disease. This poison, filth, obstruction in the body, and not the much berated germ, is in reality what we suffer from in illness.

   The poison or obstruction may center in the arms and shoulders and we call it neuritis, in the legs and we call it rheumatism, in the joints and we call it arthritis, in the kidneys and it is Bright's Disease or diabetes; it may collect in the female organs and we have female troubles, in the prostrate gland and we have impotency, in the muscles of the intestines and we have the weakened conditioned resulting in constipation, ulcers, hemorrhoids, piles, colitis; it may settle in the lungs and we have tuberculosis or pneumonia.  Colds, boils, skin eruptions, etc., are all efforts of Nature to throw off this unwanted poisonous matter--they are Healing Crises. What we term catarrh, asthma, influenza, high blood pressure, and so on down the endless list, are not different diseases in reality, but only different manifestations, different symptoms of the one disease, which is simply Poison, or in other words, Obstruction in the body.

  There is no so-called "disease," no physical disability, with which pus or mucus is not associated.  This poison is easily apparent in colds, boils, pneumonia, cancer, colitis, leucorrhea, tuberculosis, etc.  In such diseases as rheumatism, neuritis, arthritis, the pain is caused by poisonous pus bearing on the nerves; in heart troubles the derangement is caused by the matter in that organ interfering with its normal function. This foreign matter, this obstruction, is to be found in every case of "disease."  It is the disease.

  How else can this mucus that is present be explained? The germs certainly do not manufacture it, and if they do, out of what? The living body cells?  The quarts and quarts of pus drained out of the lungs of a tubercular patient manufactured out of his live tissue by the germ which "caused" his disease?  Do germs work in living tissue? No, indeed.  Germs breed and ferment only in dead, foul, rotting matter. Our disease comes first; the germs follow the disease. They are the scavengers.  We would never have any trouble from germs if we did not present a proper bed for them to work in. The germs do not cause our disease; they only take advantage of the breeding place of filth which we provide. It is the filth, and not the germ, which is the disease.

   therefore it can be easily seen that little is gained by attempts to exterminate the poor germ.  If we succeed in halting the ferment which he generates the filth (mucus, poison, obstruction) is still there to cause us trouble later.


   This is where the error arises in orthodox medical treatment.  Medicine treats the local agitation, the symptom, as though it were the disease and directs all efforts toward getting rid of it, regardless.  If a certain drug is found to banish a pain, this drug is administered; the pain ceases, and the patient is considered cured.  But is he? Cured of the pain (temporarily) yes, cured of the symptom but not the disease.  he disease, the poison or rubbish in his system, is still with him, and if his constitution is strong enough, Nature institutes another healing crisis later to get rid of it.

   Drugs only paralyze Nature's healing force, deaden the nerves so that the brain ceases to feel the pain. The disease remains, unaffected.  If the cancer is cut out, that particular symptom is cured.  But the disease--poison in the body--is still there, and eventually breaks out somewhere else, either in the form of another cancer or as some other symptom. We hear so often of heart affections, weak eyes, or other troubles following a sickness such as scarlet fever, typhoid, measles, influenza, or following an operation. This is due to the drugs administered to stop the scarlet fever, typhoid, measles, influenza etc.

   The procedure of Natural Healing, on the other hand, is to cleanse the body of its obstruction, its poison, thereby relieving the symptom orrrrr pain by relieving the cause.  Nothing could be more simple.  Orthodox medical treatment, by filling the system with drugs, serums, etc., only adds to the obstructions of the body and the eventual dis-ease.

    If people will only believe that when they are sick their systems are trying to get rid of impurities and rubbish which if not eliminated in time will suffocate them, then they can proceed intelligently to use Nature's remedies.

   What we call being sick is in reality a Healing Crisis--an effort to heal the body by cleansing it of poisons.  The only disease is the poison and filth in the system. When Nature tries to throw it off, when she sets loose this deposit of waste from the tissues into the blood, and we have fever and illness, we are being healed; but that is when we think we are sick.  Before, with the poison nicely packed away in our tissues and organs, we consider ourselves well. But when these poisons break loose and we start to eliminate them, then we call ourselves sick! We don't realize that when we are just as "sick," more so really, before the poisons start coming out, and that when they begin to come out we are being healed.

  Illnesses are what save our lives; they are healing crises. If allowed to progress unhindered they remove obstruction and poison from the body. If we didn't have them, if our tissues did not discharge their waste into the blood stream and thus out of the system now and then, the accumulated impurities and poisons would suffocate the tissues unto death. We would be smothered in our own poisons. Sickness is our salvation-that is, if we let Nature alone; if we do not hinder her healing process through the use of drugs, serums, and other medical measures to suppress elimination.

   Therein lies the only danger when acute disease strikes--interfering with the elimination by the use of drugs, etc., or by stuffing with food under the false impression that nourishment is necessary.  That is why people die of acute illnesses.  Because Nature's tremendous effort to cleanse the body is violently interrupted.

    Let Nature clean. Don't try to block her; let the filth come out. Instead of taking drugs and frantically trying to halt the house-cleaning process of Nature, help her through fasting, natural laxatives, and enemas. Then the visitation, instead of being a cause for great alarm and bewailing, becomes a blessing in disguise.

   For there is but one disease, and only by treating that disease by ridding the body of accumulated filth and poison, and not by suppressing the symptom, can real lasting health be secured.

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