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In ALL sickness or departure from the state of vibrant health, this is the first thing to think of: Nature is the only one who cures. The best we can do is help and not hinder (as we do) her process of healing.

  This force of Nature to heal is one of the greatest factors in our lives. For instance, you cut your finger. What happens? Does the Doctor who sets a broken arm and puts it in a plaster cast heal it? Indeed not!  Nature, alone does the healing.  Without this great healing force of Nature the broken bone would never knit despite the plaster cast, and the mutilated tissues would remain torn. The physician could never patch them up any more than he could set the broken pieces of a China doll together, bandage them and expect the severed parts to knit. In the case of a broken arm or leg the Doctor assists Nature, but he does not do the healing.  Just as in the case of a cut we help Nature by keeping the area clean, but we would never be so foolish as to believe that we, or any of the salves put on as disinfectants, are the healing agent. Nature is the healing agent.

   Nature is the only Doctor, the only true Healer. The human body heals of itself. And this is true in everything that is wrong with us.  One of the most powerful forces in our lives, if we would only realiiiiize it, is that of the body to heal--just as soon as the causative agent is removed.

     The Natural instinct in case of bodily illness is to fast, to remove the cause of the trouble, and give the body a chance to cure itself.  But in the human being that instinct has become almost entirely lost during civilization.

   If you are at all familiar with the animal in his natural state you will know that when anything becomes wrong with his body, the animal fasts immediately. He will not take food, or anything but water, until his illness has passed.  And this is also true of little children in good health.  They will stubbornly refuse food when they do not feel well.  One of the worst crimes we can commit is to force children to eat when they do not want to, or urge sick people to eat "for strength."  It is the natural instinct to permit the body unhindered opportunity to heal, but we have grown so civilized, so far away from the natural, that we tend more to stuff the sick person, feed him frantically to "keep up his strength."

   When we fast, wholly by taking but water, or partially by reducing the quanity of food intake, Nature at once, relieved of the great burden of taking care of food, sets about to heal, to restore to Health.

    there is a tremendous force at work in the human body to constantly preserve the healthy state, and when this instinct to fast is observed Nature is right on the job to heal, just as she knits the broken bones together, or closes the wound in the finger.

    Cure lies within the body itself, in life, in Nature, and not in any outside factor such as doctors, drugs, operations or serums.

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