You have been told, or you know, that you have stomach trouble, prolapses, gall bladder trouble, goiter, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, nervousness, pleurisy or any of the many classifications in the category.  And you want to learn what to do for  your particular trouble. You are a little disappointed, perhaps, in being told that the treatment for your very special disease is no different from that for every other physical ailment.  The average patient wants the complicated and mysterious, and feels that there should be something different done for him.


    But before you can make any progress toward curing yourself you must thoroughly understand that Your Ailment is nothing more than poison, obstructions, filth, food residue, in your system, no matter by what name it may be called.

   The name merely denotes the location of the encumbrance in the body, the kind of sensation produced by it in the brain. If there is accumulation of poison in the legs and you feel pain in that section, your trouble is diagnosed as rheumatism; if the poison is diffused through the blood and you are weak and toxic, you are called "run-down," anemic; if the obstruction is in the kidneys, you have kidney trouble; if it has settled in the organs of regeneration, you have female disorders or prostate gland troubles; if it breaks out on the skin, it is called eczema; and there is a collection of pus and poison which we term 'cancer." And so it goes. The name is according to the symptom--the manner and location of the manifestation of the disease.

   But always the disease itself remains the same--poison, obstruction, in the body. There is only one disease, and but one cure.

    If you essay to be well, you must, as a prerequisite step, realize the fact that there is but one disease, and that if any real lasting cure is to be effected, that disease itself must be attacked, and not the symptom, i.e., the manifestation of that disease. You must learn that the only disease of the human race is poison accumulations somewhere in the body, and that suppressing the symptom by treating it, paralyzing the nerve reaction through use of drugs, or the more violent cutting out of an organ, in no sense CURES.  General body cleansing, removing the body poison, the cause of all disease, alone cures.

   The treatment for Your Ailment, then just as the treatment for every other physical illness, is house-cleaning of your body, cleansing of the general system of its poison, giving Nature the chance to heal.

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