Every drug prescription, every serum, every glandular extract, every medicinal tonic, every pill, power and patent nostrum, by the rule of Right, should be labeled in large letters POISON, and marked with the significant skull and crossbones underneath.  POISONS they are, every one of them! Do not take them. The action of drugs upon the human constitution is nothing more nor less than that of paralyzing.

   The force of Nature to heal, to purify, to cleanse, is simply paralyzed by drugs; its operation ceases.  In some cases there is a primary stimulation of the nervous system caused by the powerful effect of the drug, but unless the poison is continued in ever increasing doses and intensity, an ultimate reaction ensues, which is deadening in its effect.

  Drugs and medicines suppress the symptoms through paralyzation of the healing force of Nature. The encumbrance in the system which caused the trouble--the disease--remains, though it is no longer being recorded in the brain. Eventually, if the individual has enough vital energy left to institute another house, cleaning process the attempt of Nature is repeated to drive out the unwanted matter, either through the same avenue of elimination (which is the case in chronic disease) or through some other channel.

   For instance, a patient will go to a Doctor complaining of pains in the legs (excess foreign matter in these parts which the blood is laboring to carry off).   The Doctor pronounces the trouble dropsy and writes a prescription for a drug which the patient accordingly  takes in the prescribed doses. The drug paralyzes Nature's machinery for throwing off poisons and the pain goes is no longer felt.  If the drug is not continued, there may be a recurrence of the trouble; or, as is often the case, the waste matter will continue to drain into the blood in too great quantities for it to handle, and will consequently be deposited somewhere else in route---many times in the heart tissue. That is the explanation of the frequent occurrence of heart trouble following treatment for some other disease.

    The danger in taking drugs, serums and nostrums lies in two things: First, the paralyzing of the natural effort of the body to rid itself of any annoying obstructions; and Second, increasing the load of harmful matter in the body by the addition of so-called "medicine" (or poison), which must eventually also be eliminated if the patient is to remain in health. 

    Remember, if you have the impulse to take a drug, that you are only adding to the disease of your body; that your relief (if at all) will be only temporary, and the price for this temporary relief will be more than you probably care to pay, in future suffering.

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