I have no idea what Smadel was talking about finding in the blood, but it sure wasn't circulating antibodies.

There is that word susceptible again. You inject the poison in the animal, it gets sick or dies you claim it was the germ, not the vaccine, and if it doesn't get sick you claim the vaccination worked.  What a con job.

In 1961 they got rid of Salk's vaccine. They couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Sabin tested his vaccine in Russia. Sabin came back and said his vaccine saved millions. (sugar Cube)

The Cutter incident as it is called. What most people don't know is that Louis P. Gebhardt is the liar who claimed he found live virus in the Cutter vaccine. Gebhardt just covered for Salk's failure and deception. He was connected to the Racketfeller group.

Gebhardt worked with Salk on the typing program.

They said the date April 12 was the 10 year anniversary of Roosevelt's birthday but was in reality 13 years to the day when Salk went to work for Thomas Francis at the University of Michigan. 

And there you have it the saga of Jonas Salk. A liar, a cheat, a criminal. What was his motive? What were the motive of Rivers, O'Connor, and the rest of the gang of criminals?

Was it to make the children sick so as to secure customers for life for the medical profession?


Was it depopulation? Like Bill Gates is trying to do today.  Salk wrote another book called the survival of the wisest. It should have been called the survival of the criminal mind. What went on in California that O'Connor financed for him. Where did the money come from, the American people? The Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla California.

We may never know, but I do know one thing. That Salk is responsible for all the vaccines that are given today and causing many diseases, disability and death. And he prevented no disease and saved no lives. And the science is definitely not settled. And won't be until the truth comes out, which I fear will never happen as evidenced bu the media spreading the lies about the Coronavirus today. (2020)

​No viruses seen, just a color test.

​Jim Shannon worked for the NIH. He questioned the vaccines. Due to pressure from the vaccine proponents, he was drowned out.  He said the only safe vaccine ---was one that never was used.

​This refers to Flexner injecting ground-up spinal fluid from a child into the brain of a monkey, thus creating artificial disease. The monkey's brain nerves were destroyed by the injection causing it to limp around. 
​The child didn't get polio by having anything injected into her brain. 

​Well, that should be able to be proved today with all the modern instruments.  Find the circulating antibodies in the blood today.

It will never happen because it didn't happen. Yet Salk never claimed his vaccine would cure polio. He said if antibodies were created polio wouldn't happen. A great con.

​The virus of polio was the infection like Flexner ground up the spinal cord of that young girl who died of polio. So you can guess what the flu vaccine is made from. Snot. I call it the snot shot. Making vaccines out of anything other than the infection of the disease would violate the medical profession of the cause of disease and void making vaccines. So today if they used other ingredients it would be even a bigger scam. 

​Lie after Lie.

​This is the reason why they did the cover-up. Everybody's reputation was at stake. 

Jim's comment. ​By now you should know that the only thing living about viruses is the living lie that they are alive.

​"Erroneous connotation"  WTF. It was worse than an experiment. It was murder.

The real reason they brought them in was to bring in outside support so that if anything went wrong they would be covered, which plenty went wrong as you will see. 

The biostatistician was on his payroll.

Rivers  was a key figure in this fraud.

Tom Francis taught Jonas Salk how to make vaccines during WW 2 and Tom Rivers controlled everything and everybody.

The reason the scientist concluded that vaccines could not work was that Broady and Park in 1935 vaccinated a bunch of kids with the same vaccine that Salk used 20 years later and some of them died. At least they had enough sense to stop the program. And Thomas Rivers was right in the middle of that fiasco. Time makes people forget and Rivers knew that only to well.

The first and only filterable virus (poison) was the one Martinus Beijerinck made when he injected ground up tobacco leaves into fresh young plants and claimed that the poison had something in it that came alive and atack the plant.

​Salk was in league with the drug companies.

​Tom Rivers was the man. He controlled everything and everybody. he was the worst of the worst.

The Cutter Incident. Cutter had about 100 cases of polio. Ely Lilly had over 50, but that was ignored. Other companies had a few cases also. Why did they pick on Cutter? Because it was the only company that had no ties to the Rockefeller Institute.

​Rivers was tough. He was going to ram that vaccine as safe down the throats of everybody no matter how many children got polio or died from it.

​​To see if it was safe. They told the media that it was as safe as safe could be.

Very freaking clever. If you get one or two shots and get polio they will just say that you were attacked by the 3rd virus.

​I wonder if those meetings are stll protected by law.

​O'Connor was a smart cookie. He brought in the biggest and best of businessmen into his group of supporters.