The West Nile virus scare that came out in 2002 got its start in 1940. I wonder how long it took the deceivers to dig this up.

Not to mention that they injected her blood into the brain of a mouse and presto a virus appeared.


Susceptible again. -----


He tells the truth in a deceptive way. Men in the lab are the only source of the mythical virus.


 1898 is the year that the experiments were done on tobacco leaves. Google- Concerning A Contagium Vivum Fluidum As Cause of the Spot Disease of Tobacco Leaves. By M. W. Beijerinck. To find out the truth.

​Horsfall, was the vice president of the Racketfeller Instute. Rivers brought out the big guns for this con-job.

​See above Beijerinck.  Once the virologist (Rivers) established that Beijerinck had made a stupid mistake all his friends got intothe act of finding so-called viruses.

And remember that "fixed virus" is made in a lab, in this case out of rabbit brains.


They forgot to mention that Landsteiner cut a hole in the head of the monkey and injected the spinal cord directly into its brain, thus creating artificial disease. Not to mention that the kid who died of polio didn't have anything injected into her brain.

In 1939 Dr. Charles Armstrong of the U.S. Public Health Service gave white mice polio.  The virus he used came from the brain and spinal cord of a young man who had died of polio in Lansing Michigan, Lansing strain. 

​Armstrong was appointed to the general advisory committee of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Another Racketfeller stooge. 

Two underlined points. "Remains to be determined." They still to this day say that they don't know if viruses are alive or dead. This keeps the game going. Keep the public minds on life or death instead of do they exist or not.

​And remember this scope only sees dead things which are the infections and poisons that the virologist used.

The deception of strains. When they talk of virus strains they are not talking about different shapes, sizes etc. They are talking about the SOURCE. See above. Turkish tobacco--Tomato-Bushy-Stunt-Tobacco Mosaic etc. 


This would be Thomas Francis, the man they brought in to oversee the 1954 Salk vaccine field trial and taught Salk how to make vaccines during WW2.

​​Note the word susceptible again.

The Centrifuge machine and the electron microscope.  The two machines that make it possible to pull off this fraud.  


"There is a need for a book on viral infections of man to which medical students and practicing physicians may turn to for "---MISINFORMATION and lIES. Google, Filterable Viruses A Critical review.  Thomas M. Rivers. January 31, 1927.

A sick experiment by sick people.

Another example of your so-called virus.

Rivers took ("borrowed" the functions of bacteria (killing, weakening, mutating bacteria) and applied it to the mythical virus. Then to answer the question, what stops the virus from its killing spree, they made up the antibody myth.

Jim's comment. Notice the word susceptible. If the experimental animal became sick it was susceptible. If it didn't get sick it was immune and the vaccine was good. 

They take infected monkey brains, mix it with other poisons and centrifuge the poisons. This machine separates the solids from the liquids And below is your so-called virus. It is a virus with the original definition of the word being poison before Rivers changed the definition to a submicroscopic particle that only lives in a host cell. They pulled off a hell of a con-game.

More shit sifting. They knew that this subject would turn off most American doctors. Who would try these experiments back in the day?  Nobody. There secret was safe.


​Notice the word susceptible again.

.Your proof that Beijerinck was the source of the virus as a cause of disease.


​Fixed virus means made in the lab.

Fake News History.

1976-1996 Swine Flu virus.

2002 West Nile virus.

2004 Sars.

2005 Bird Flu virus.

2009 H1N1 virus.

2014 Ebola virus.

2016 Zika virus.

2018 Measles virus.

2019 Coronavirus.

​What will be the next fake news virus?